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Ensure Business Growth Through Effective Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing Process Outsourcing is a strategic way for companies to grow their business and improve their services. Among the many companies operating in the region, Volga Tigris stands out as one of the best as it can perform a wide range of telemarketing services in Dubai. We are a seasoned industry expert and have extensive knowledge to complete complex projects with minimal effort.

We are one of the leading telemarketing companies in dubai and have worked with clients worldwide for telemarketing in English and other languages. Our well-trained telesales and telemarketing consultant provides b2b and b2c marketing call center services. Our overseas distribution centers have helped reduce capital and operating costs without compromising on business services and their quality. We take pride in replicating and growing our business from our existing customers.

The client list of Volga Tigris currently includes major e-commerce companies, SMEs, MNCs, Insurance, Health Care and Automobile Manufacturing Companies. We customize the solution to meet the requirements of the customer segment. Therefore, if you need call center services, Volga Tigris is an ideal partner for outsourcing your telemarketing requirements. Volga Tigris telemarketing services in Dubai helps you create a strong database, generate business leads, and ensure the best customer retention.

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A Smart Move: Outsource Your Telemarketing Project!

Outsourcing telemarketing to a competent BPO company makes immense sense for businesses due to multiple reasons. Not convinced? Read below to understand how partnering with Volga Tigris, the top telemarketing agency Dubai, can help you.

Saves Time & Resources

Time and physical resources are crucial for any business. By outsourcing telemarketing, you save considerable amount of time and costly resources. As telemarketing companies help you get more qualified prospects, your sales efforts bring you better results.

Significant cost-cutting

Do you still believe in building your own in-house telemarketing department? It may not be a cost-effective solution. Outsourcing your telemarketing can be much more cost-effective. Why and how? Because, you can save considerably in terms of additional employee costs, management, software and infrastructure. As the best telemarketing company Dubai, we have all the advanced software, hardware and reporting tools that ensure maximum returns from telemarketing.

Measurable results

By outsourcing telemarketing, you get measurable results every day. You also get ongoing support. You need not worry about performance monitoring and analysis.

Trained, results-focused telemarketers

Successful telemarketers possess many skills other than good communication. Hiring, training and inducting telemarketers who can guarantee success is a hard and long-drawn task. Our telemarketing team is well trained in the art of selling on the phone, and are passionate about working in a challenging, results-driven environment. You get instant access to a pool of skilled telemarketers when you partner with us.

Easy Scalability & Flexibility

In terms of flexibility and scalability of the telemarketing services, in-house teams struggle. The KPIs and goals of telemarketing may change according to market conditions and other considerations. Sometimes you may need to significantly increase the call volume. Outsourcing your telemarketing to Volga Tigris, the finest telemarketing agency in Dubai, can help you achieve all this without hassles. You can easily increase call volume and shift your focus.

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Our Telemarketing Services

Social Advertising

Unbeatable Sales Support: 24/7 Telemarketing Services Now Available

We’re providing 24/7 telemarketing services for valuable clients. We also providing inbound and outbound call services with our multilingual expertise staff.

Commercial Advertising

Affordable Price

We’re providing attractive prices for our all services, we provide from Dubai office. Customers can easily access our office and we can arrange direct communication with our calling staff.

Display Advertising

Multilingual telemarketing service

we also offer multilingual telemarketing services to increase product interest by bridging the language barrier gaps between different countries.

How Can Our Telemarketing Services Benefit the Growth of Your Business?

We as a professional telemarketing services provider in Dubai at Volga Tigris do not just believe in calling customers from a particular database. It also helps businesses build relationships with the general public in a variety of ways.

  • Manage your potential prospect database
  • Deliver a personalized message to your audience about your brand's availability.
  • Its need for the research market and the products or services offered.
  • Maintain reviews from potential clients.
  • Protect the environment by reducing paper and travel.

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Our Telemarketing Strategies

We Help You Manage All Your Telemarketing services

telemarketing services in dubai

Straight selling

In this strategy, our b2b telemarketing services in Dubai team advocates promoting the product to anyone who might need it. No attempt at tampering and the agent wants some trust to be established. We are one of the best telemarketing companies in Dubai.

Obviously, some potential customers who might benefit from the deal may give up early on the phone, so it's a great idea to ask qualifying questions first. Let's say you are promoting an auto insurance product. Our telemarketing company in dubai team can start by asking.

  • Do you own a car?
  • Are you satisfied with your current auto insurance products?
  • Can we send you a quote?

This approach leaves sufficient time for both parties.

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Object selling

It is a method of selling that relies on handling objections that potential customers might raise with confidence. All objections are the occasion to highlight the main advantages of the product in question. Make it seem relevant to your customer's needs and share additional information about your offering

Our telemarketing experts pay close attention to all the products offered by our clients to achieve this.

Object selling

It is a method of selling that relies on handling objections that potential customers might raise with confidence. All objections are the occasion to highlight the main advantages of insurance products. Make it seem relevant to your customer's needs and share additional information about your offering.

Insurers are on the verge of closing a sale by listening intently to all of their customers' naysayers, duplicating it, and then responding fully. Our telemarketing experts in Dubai pay close attention to all the products offered by our clients to achieve this.

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telemarketing outsourcing services dubai

Spin selling

With this approach, our telemarketing agency in Dubai:

  • Ask questions that highlight and define the problem.
  • Discuss with clients the unwanted consequences of not treating the complications.
  • Provides solutions to complications. For example, buying life insurance follows this model.

In fact, the combination of all of these technologies (and possibly others) can be used by our team to create the sales call side for all telemarketing strategies in insurance and all other industry sectors.

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Cold Calling

Cold calling is a way in which our telemarketing services agents in Dubai provide customers with information about your product or service over the phone. This is the most employed method as it helps in generating good business leads.

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Cold Calling

Cold calling is a way in which our telemarketing services agents in Dubai provide customers with information about your product or service over the phone. This is the most employed method as it helps in generating good business leads.

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b2b telemarketing services dubai

Why Should You Outsource Telemarketing to Volga Tigris?

Volga Tigris is a leading BPO company providing reliable telemarketing services in Dubai. We have the best in-house team of subject-expert telemarketers who have professional knowledge about the industry sector they serve. Further, we are driven by technology, and have in place the latest telemarketing software and tools for maximum efficiency. Our software is properly upgraded and updated to keep pace with the changing times and trends.

Being the best telemarketing agency in Dubai, we offer high quality multi-lingual telemarketing services. Our telemarketers speak multiple languages, enabling us to generate interest in target audiences by conversing with them in their native languages. We undertake a telemarketing project only after giving proper training to our telemarketers about the particular business and industry. Having served clients across businesses and sectors, we boast a talented pool of telemarketers with enviable multi-domain expertise.

Advanced Telemarketing software

We use world-class Telemarketing software that enables our telemarketing agents to work efficiently by allowing them to call prospects, leave pre-recorded voicemails, send emails and more. Featuring efficient lead management, call-back management and telemarketing script management, we can ensure the best ROI for our clients.

With a technology-driven approach to telemarketing, we are one of the most efficient telemarketing agencies in Dubai. We target more conversations through the power dialer feature, and ensure the right call at the right time through the auto dialer feature. Further, the software helps us with voice analytics to gather customer data, and key metrics that help you close deals faster. It also helps us scale up call volume, generate reports that help you measure key metrics and achieve KPIs, speed up responses, and set appointments and reminders for efficient follow-ups. With high-end expertise in telemarketing, we help in marketing your products to a high potential customer base. Ranking high in reliability, efficiency and competitiveness, Volga Tigris is your strategic telemarketing partner.

Efficient tracking of telemarketing campaign

We provide measurable telemarketing services and we submit reports of our telemarketing campaign on a daily/weekly basis using advanced analytical tools. This helps in efficient tracking of the campaign, and fine-tuning if required. Another key benefit of hiring us is our experience serving diverse industries – we successfully provide high-end telemarketing support to sectors such as insurance, medical, real estate, banking finance, and ecommerce including online food/grocery delivery firms. This strong market experience and expertise distinguishes us from other BPO firms.

Also, we provide the highest data security and data protection for all our clients. You may please call us to learn more.

No. 1 Telemarketing Services for Insurance Companies

As the No. 1 telemarketing agency in Dubai, we offer high-value telemarketing services to insurance companies. With us, you can rest assured of the best results. What are the benefits of our Insurance Telemarketing? It is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies to promote your insurance packages. We can help you with a report on the degree of interest of individual clients, which can help your sales team in a big way. Next, you can reach a wider client base through our telemarketing. Not only that, we empower you with more qualified leads, help your sales team to close sales faster, and make it easier to retain existing clients. With measurable results, you can analyze the telemarketing campaign.

Also, insurance agencies can save precious time by outsourcing telemarketing to us. With our Insurance telemarketing services targeting internet leads, your agents and licensed sales professionals (LSPs) can better focus on qualified leads and ensure higher conversions. Without our telemarketing support, your sales team is forced to work every internet lead themselves. However, internet leads usually take a month to reach successful closure, and the whole effort could be overwhelming and frustrating.

We can help with our professional insurance telemarketing services. Our team call up your internet leads and filter only qualified and genuine leads for you. Our Insurance telemarketing services are designed for insurance companies of all types and sizes, especially those agencies that are understaffed but that need to deal with high call volume. Hire us, and enjoy success with our effective insurance telemarketing services in Dubai.

Best Telemarketing Services for Healthcare Companies

The Healthcare sector in UAE is fast-growing, and is a bit complex with an array of rules and regulations related to medicines, patient confidentiality and marketing methods. Our telemarketing services for the healthcare sector take care of all the legal and statutory requirements. We serve hospitals, pharma companies, surgical manufacturers and more.

With an in-house team of highly qualified telemarketers having product knowledge and unmatched marketing skills, we can generate quality leads for you. Our top telemarketing services are optimized for success. Our telemarketing approach focuses on building trust and transparency with clients and customers. We provide you with actionable insights that help you close deals faster.

Our healthcare telemarketing solutions include:

  • Customer identification and database validation
  • Identifying customer preferences and needs, and fixing appointments.
  • Sales & account management calls.
  • Local and global “Sphere of influence mapping”
  • Wider geographical coverage
  • Complementing limited field resources.
  • Promoting awareness/educational events such as webinars,
  • Obtaining customer consent and following up.
If you are looking to increase customer engagement and sales and belong to pharmaceutical, medical devices or consumer healthcare sector, we are here to help you with professional telemarketing services. With a strong team of experienced tele-callers well versed in UAE healthcare, Volga Tigris ranks among the top telemarketing outsourcing companies in Dubai.

Cost-Effective Telemarketing for the Banking Sector

How can banks enhance their outbound telemarketing campaigns? Answer: outsource telemarketing to a reliable telemarketing company. Banks have limited resources, space, and personnel, and building an in-house telemarketing department is not commercially viable. As the leading banking telemarketing agency in Dubai, Volga Tigris can help banks achieve sales growth cost-effectively. Leave prospecting by phone to us, and you concentrate on your core business.

How outsourcing telemarketing to Volga Tigris can help banks?

Our position as the leading banking telemarketing agency in Dubai means we have the required infrastructure, the personnel, and the know-how to execute results-driven telemarketing campaigns that help banks acquire new customers and market their products better.

With our telemarketing support, banks can save much time, money and effort that would have been lost on getting their outbound calling effort operational and efficient. Banks can focus entirely on developing the best banking solutions and customer service, while our expert telemarketers support you with strong leads and product awareness.

Whether it is scaling call volumes, reaching the right contacts, listening to customer feedback, or providing professional responses, we can offer the most efficient telemarketing services for banks. As per the definition of the bank’s “qualified business,” we can design the best telemarketing strategy for the bank that is in total alignment with the bank’s brand image and stature. Our banking telemarketers act as an extension of the bank.

We lend a professional and authoritative voice to the bank’s telemarketing efforts with a focus on generating strong interest among prospects. Outsource your banking telemarketing to us, and we take care of the rest.

How can our telemarketing services enhance business growth?

Our efficient Telemarketing Services allow you to strongly focus on your core business functions. We promote your products and services among potential customers in the most effective manner. By outsourcing telemarketing to us, you can cut down on additional capital investments related to building and running a telemarketing team. Our Telemarketing experts can enhance your sales and lead generation output using innovative strategies. By hiring us as your telemarketing support team, you get immediate access to an unmatched pool of talent. As a professional telemarketing services provider in Dubai, our telemarketing campaign is not limited to calling customers from a database. We help businesses build long-lasting relationships with potential customers.

Our best-in-class telemarketing services help you to:
  • Generate highly qualified leads
  • Achieve operational excellence
  • Manage and build your potential prospect database
  • Deliver personalized brand/product messages to your audience
  • Get customer feedback about your products or services

Why us?

  • We invite the right customers to your business - Our telemarketing experts in Dubai provide a potential database of people who could have an interest in your products and services.
  • Our telemarketers continue to review your products and find out from people why they like or dislike them.
  • Volga Tigris and your brand work hand in hand to promote your brand and why they should your brand as compared to others out there.
  • Volga Tigris also works heavily with the aid of automation. A lot of repetitive tasks are therefore managed by software hence ensuring reliability, speed and efficiency.

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