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Design your business logo in a way that reflects your business mission and vision, and your brand personality.

Your logo is your identity, talking in terms of your business, of course. Logos hold immense power in creating brand loyalty and enhancing a brand’s credibility. Businesses, small or large need to assert themselves and build some kind of emotional bonding with potential customers in order to succeed. That’s why brand positioning and recognition are crucial to enterprises. A creatively designed logo that reflects your business vision and model is a vital element in establishing your business’s unique identity. As the best logo design agency in Dubai, Volga Tigris can boost brand power with a stunning logo.

logo design in dubai - Volga Tigris

Subtle art

The logo is the soul of any business, defined visually. That’s why logo design is called subtle art. And it’s always better to hire the best logo design agency to create your logo. Let’s delve deeper into the world of logos. We are a trusted logo design company in Dubai that can greatly support the branding efforts of any kind of business. Our talented logo designers in Dubai can cleverly craft logos that command immense brand recall power. We provide unmatched logo design services in Dubai with the firm belief that professional and creative smart logos can generate the first and best impression about your business.

Our creative designers rank among the best logo designers in Dubai. Having gained deep insights into the art and science of logo designing and with a wealth of professional experience crafting stunning logos for diverse businesses, our logo designers in Dubai frequently set new benchmarks in the graphic design industry. Call us for the best logo designs that perfectly reflect your brand and business model, and that easily attract the attention of the public.

Logo: a growth element

According to Finance Online, 75% of people recognize a brand by its logo; and as such, all marketing and branding efforts have the logo at their core. Obviously, logo plays a key role in ensuring sustainable business growth, and our custom logo design Dubai service is centered on this fact.

In fact, it is the logo that introduces a brand to consumers. A powerful logo featuring brilliant design elements can inspire the public to explore more about the associated business. Businesses have just seven seconds to create the first impression, according to a Forbes report. Thus a logo that lacks creativity, and that fails to reflect the business identity can negatively impact the brand image. Creatively designed logos can help in generating traffic, leads and conversions if all other user-engagement elements are perfect. Read More

Today it is rare to find businesses without a logo, good or bland. Your business might be offering the best of products and services, and might have the best customer service, but the lack of a logo, or a badly done logo for that matter, can repulse prospective customers. Thus, if you are keen on efficient business growth, hire Volga Tigris, the top logo design agency in Dubai, and leverage the power of logos to your advantage. Read Less

logo design agency in dubai - Volga Tigris
Logo design company - Volga Tigris

Play around with styles and formats

Logos come in multiple styles and formats. It can be a simple graphic design or can contain a combination of image and brand name. As the best logo design company in Dubai, we focus on color tones, font styles and other finer details while designing the logos. The logo appears in all marketing collaterals, and also in emails and on landing pages, packaging, business cards etc. According to a Reboot study, if a logo contains one signature color, it can boost brand recognition by 80%. A single color drives brand recognition.

Gaining brand loyalty is quite a task. It involves consistent delivery of quality products, exceptional customer experience and innovation. A logo can feed on customer loyalty, and vice versa. Because, once people start trusting your brand, the logo gets strengthened in the process, and can wield enormous branding power. Read More

Research by Invesp shows that customer acquisition costs are almost five times customer retention costs. Ensuring brand loyalty among the existing consumer base is crucial, and an intelligent logo can contribute to this. This is because a logo acts as a highly evocative symbol that is linked to all that your business stands for. A popular logo can drive traffic to your site as well as physical stores. In other words, logos feed on trust Read Less

best logo design company in dubai - Volga Tigris

The color code

Specific colors have the potential to evoke certain emotions. For instance, red is chosen for brands that have an assertive, passionate, and youthful vibe. Blue, on the other hand, is all about calmness and understanding, while yellow denotes a feeling of energy, happiness and enthusiasm. Also, certain colors appeal to certain demographics. A logo needs to be designed keeping all this in mind, and as a creative logo design agency Dubai, we are cautious about color codes.

Representing a business’s overall personality and values, a logo has a corporate life. A logo with minimalist design elements points to a mature customer base. Round and bold fonts with soft curves are used in the logos of kids’ brands. Thus every customer segment has its own logo characteristics and involves psychological and cultural aspects. Logo designing is, in no way, child’s play.

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logo designers in dubai - Volga Tigris

Have a logo

Now, what about not having a logo at all? It just creates the impression that the business has no character, no focus, and no ambition, let alone product quality and customer service excellence. In that sense, a substandard logo is better than not having a logo. What makes an amazing logo? Brevity, versatility, relevance and depth. A logo need not be complex to look professional. It can be simple, yet powerful. A good logo must have a strong brand recall feature. It must easily convey the brand's identity. It should also easily connect with customers.

As a logo is a visual identity of the brand, it should be relevant to the business. Scalability is another feature of a good logo. It should fit various marketing platforms and mediums without losing its essential character. Call us for the best logo design in Dubai.

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Positive, always!

We are voted the best logo design company in Dubai by our clients because of our exceptional design insights. We believe that every logo must create positive, loving emotions in the minds of customers.

Volga Tigris, a leading logo design company in Dubai offering custom logo design services, has a full-fledged team of creative designers and marketing experts who study your business and create an amazing logo that reflects your business’s vision and character in all respects. Our professionalism and creative talent have earned us the top rank among the many logo designers in Dubai.

We take up every logo design project with the seriousness and attention it deserves. Every creative logo design task is assigned to a talented team of graphic designers who have extensive knowledge of business logo design. Creative to the core, they are highly competent to design elegant logos that look professional, compelling and aesthetically appealing with unique and trendy design elements. Whatever your business is, hire us for your logo requirements.

Logo design company in dubai


Is logo design a long process?

It depends. From a few days to a few weeks, it all depends on the nature of your business, the values it stands for, the message it wants to convey etc.

What is the role of an agency in logo designing?

A logo is the soul of your brand and business. Only a professional design agency can craft the perfect logo design for you, as it involves a lot of creative thinking and technical design expertise.

How much it costs to design a logo?

Again, it depends on the agency and the expectations of the brand

My business caters to customers of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. Can you design a logo in that context?

Yes. We are a leading logo design agency in Dubai, and we can factor in all these elements and create the perfect logo for you.

Can I change the logo later?

You can, but it is not advised to change the logo every now and then. Take time and thought deeply before finalizing your logo.

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