A good design is a fundamental element of creating good graphics. Graphic design plays an important role in this competitive marketing world as a tool for communication with your clients. An attractive graphic design is a perfect mix of texts and pictures to create your brand awareness through different mediums. Volga Tigris, a leading graphic design company in Dubai, has been providing the best creative and innovative graphic solutions to our clients across UAE for years. We believe that an engaging and memorable graphic design is crucial for any business to build up brand identity.

To promote your business across digital platforms you need compelling graphic designs that attract and engage customers. Volga Tigris, a top graphic design company in Dubai has an in-house team of experienced designers who understand your requirements and craft amazing graphics. As a reliable graphic design company, we provide leading-edge cost-effective branding solutions with a vision of helping our clients achieve the full potential of the digital marketing realm.

Outsource all your graphic designing work to Volga Tigris-the finest graphic designing company in Dubai. We are committed to creating highly appealing and brand-focused designs that precisely represent your company and business goals. Volga Tigris graphic design services provide high quality graphics that are best in class not just in visual aesthetics but also in terms of powerful and engaging ideas that deeply connect with customers.

How Graphic Design Helps Your Business?

  • It is significant for individuals to know how expert your business is and everything, whether it is a business card or a website, shows your demonstrable skill through its illustrations.
  • Distinctive media require various graphics to give your organization a steady marking.
  • A good graphic design associates various crowds and relates them to business in a special manner.
  • A business is whether simple or complex it needs an infographic that is an informative design that decreases its intricacy of comprehension to its clients.
  • A well-crafted graphic design separates your business from a group of organizations.
  • A unique design is an effective way to expand your business service in an alternative manner.

Logo Design Service

A great brand stands out in a heavily crowded marketplace. To attain this; logo design is the most crucial step before any marketing activity. Volga Tigris Graphic Design Company collaborates with your needs and our ideas to represent your business through a logo to provide a distinct identity. Our expert and appealing designs have given us 100% satisfied clients across UAE. We have delivered hundreds of graphics design services projects in a very short span of time which is the result of our hard work and commitment. As we have a set of professional rules, logo design is our primary feature and identity. Precise and clear graphics are the way to the gate! Volga Tigris is one of the best graphic designer companies in Dubai, UAE who helps you to grow your brand through innovative and creative designs. Our team of imaginative designers provides you with a logo design that explains everything about your brand. Any business is incomplete without a logo and our professional team helps to attain this.

Our Specialty in Logo Design



Uniqueness is the thing that we really focus on. We endeavor hard to introduce your business to a logo design that is totally different from a large number of different organizations in your space. We offer you a logo that mirrors your business in a unique manner.



An adaptable logo can cause your business to do ponder! Individuals from various dialects should comprehend what your logo needs to pass on. As one of the best graphic design agency in dubai, we offer you a logo design that looks perfect in each medium whether it is a business card or a website.

reflects your business

Reflects your business

An ideal logo mirrors an organization's qualities and culture. On the off chance that your business is very clear about its intended interest group, at that point we offer you a design that nails down your target audience and transforms them into clients.

Types of Logo Design

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Custom Logo Design

As the leading graphic design agency in Dubai, Volga Tigris creates the most appealing logo designs that are customized to reflect your brand persona. Our graphic design solutions include highly customized business logos that stand out for their innovative design elements. We study your business profile and analyze you logo ideas. These are our creative seeds. Our in-house team of graphic designers brainstorms these ideas and crafts exquisite logos. We rank among the best graphic design companies in Dubai owing to our creative and technological expertise. We consider logo designing as a key aspect of business branding efforts. We experiment with multiple color combinations and styles and create mock-ups to ascertain which design will best fit your brand philosophy. We design bespoke logos that significantly enhance the brand recall power.

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Company Logo Design

We always strive to exceed the client’s expectations with our logo designs. As our design team considers the company’s business model, products and/or services, corporate vision and growth plans, the final output carries great brand-boosting power. Catchy, simple, and sublime, our company logos speak the language of your brand. How our company logos differ?
Aesthetically sublime
Easy to interpret
Pleasing color combinations
Brand-boosting design elements

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Brand Logo Design

We encourage you to design top-quality logos that productively recognize your brand. Our expert architects are specialists in planning brand logos for different organizations of the corporate segment. We assist you in setting up the visual and one of the most significant portrayals of your brand, the logo. It is this logo that individuals will initially relate to when discussing your brand. As a top brand logo design agency in Dubai, we use smart design principles in our design model. We produce print-ready, high-resolution brand logos that are scalable to any size. This means you can use it on your compact business card as well as on large billboards in the city center. We understand colours better than others. Every color and tone has a unique meaning. We use our color insights to ensure that the logo perfectly represents your brand identity. If you are looking for a brilliant creative graphic design agency to design a brand logo, do contact us for the most cost-effective and engaging logo.

Brochure Design Service

In today's world marketing is a fundamental action for every business. With regards to the introduction and customer relationship, each organization ought to have their business sales kit or marketing kit, for example, sales brochure or services pamphlet and catalogs. A brochure permits you to store more definite data about your business or company. Our trusted graphic design services ensure innovation that help you make the most out of your product and services. A set of pamphlets, brochures, flyers, folders, and corporate identities such as business cards, proposals, and envelopes are really the advertising unit stuff. It is a structured and made expertly printed piece that conveys your logo and contact data. Marketing kit permits your clients, customers, or purchasers to think about your products and services.

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Audience-based brochure

You need a brochure that can effectively communicate with your target audience. As such, your brochure needs to be designed considering their tastes and buying behaviors. Demographics too play a key role in designing audience-based brochures. The fonts, colors and content as well as the size of the brochure vary according to the target group profile. That’s why Volga Tigris is willing to spend considerable time analyzing your target audiences. Once we have a strong grasp of your target groups, we build on that insight using our creative and copy expertise. Our design philosophy is not just based on aesthetics. We request your brochure to engage with your potential customers in the most engaging way. Your brochure must leave a lasting impression about your brand and products. Your brochure must inspire them to buy your products/services. Let’s design your brochure and strengthen your marketing efforts.

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Content-based brochure

As the name suggests, a content-based brochure has its focus on the content it carries. It can come in various sizes and various folds. This type of business brochure is designed by considering the specific requirements and needs of its clients. Here what matters is content. The entire design philosophy of the brochure is centered on the content. Content can be the focal image or copy (text). Because the brochure is designed to reflect the characteristics and messages of the content, content brochures are usually quite attention-grabbing and engaging. Obviously, our graphic designers first try to make sense of your content and work backwards to find a style that is in harmony with the content. This requires deep insights and strong expertise at the creative level. With an experienced in-house team of designers at our Dubai office, we create the most compelling content-based brochures that achieve all your marketing goals.

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Digital printed brochure

We provide high-quality digitally printed brochures for businesses of all types. Digitally printed brochures are the best means to promote your brand and products. Highly appealing with unmatched quality images, easily readable text and overall aesthetic appeal, our digitally printed brochures enable businesses to meaningfully communicate with their target audiences in a highly engaging fashion. We design every brochure as a work of art. Our brochures can easily become collectors’ items that they can keep with them for a long time. With exquisite design concepts and inspiring and intelligent content that stay relevant across contexts, our brochures silently promote your brand every second. Contact us for all your brochure needs. Our brochure design services are highly cost-effective and reliable. Whatever your requirements, in terms of designing and volume of copies, we are fully geared to meet them all.

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Graphic design is a form of creative design that uses both text (copy) and graphics (visuals) to communicate a specific message to the target audience. It is a great means for brand communication.
Creative and innovative graphic design solutions are used in company logos; marketing collaterals such as brochures, posters, presentations, signs, greeting cards, postcards, business cards, corporate gifts, billboards and a variety of advertisements; social media posts and websites & apps. Graphic designs are also used for product packaging and apparel prints. Leading graphic design companies or agencies offer all of these graphic design services..
Graphic designers use both computer-aided and hand-illustrated design tools. Digital design tools are many in number, and they offer great variety in designs. Popular design software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are used by almost all graphic designers.
You should always choose a highly creative professional graphic designing agency that has a team of skilled graphic designers who employ unmatched, aesthetically appealing design elements and relevant themes along with the right color tones, typography and visual harmony to create an appealing visual effect. Volga Tigris, the top graphic designing agency in Dubai, offers the best creative and innovative graphic solutions to diverse clients across UAE.
Charges vary according to the agency and the scope of work. However, trusted and customer-oriented graphic design companies--such as Volga Tigris Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai, offers the full spectrum of high quality graphic design services for clients across UAE at highly competitive prices.