Search engine optimization or SEO involves optimizing business websites for higher ranking in Search Engine Results Page. This is called on page SEO. But this is not the end of SEO. Off page search engine optimization is also very crucial in ensuring the success of search engine optimisation. All efforts towards optimizing your off-site presence also contribute significantly to increasing website traffic, enhance search engine rankings and boosting sales and revenue. According to a Moz estimate, off-page SEO strategy can impact more than 50% of Google’s search engine ranking factors. But unfortunately, businesses tend to focus heavily on online or on-site SEO.

So, what is off-page optimization?

Off Page SEO: simple definition

Off page SEO or off page optimization is the process aimed at improving a site’s search engine ranking, where the efforts are made outside of the website.

It needs to be understood that the Google algorithm considers a business’s whole web presence to rank the website. According to First Page Sage, a key off-line seo practice called backlinks is responsible for 16% of Google ranking factors.

The ranking status of those websites that refer to your website, and the context of the reference are important. In fact, off page seo is almost the digital version of word-of-mouth marketing.

Off Page SEO - Volga Tigris
Off page seo in dubai - Volga Tigris

Authority matters

Link juice is a key factor in off page seo: When high-authority websites mention a reference to your blog posts, naturally the stature of your post goes up. Such endorsing high-value links enhance your website ranking in search engine results, and you get more traffic.

Google assesses link juice by considering backlinks. Clearly link-building is a crucial, but not the sole, element of off page SEO strategy.

Off page seo in dubai - Volga Tigris

On Page or Off Page SEO?

Whether it is on-page seo or off-page seo, the final goal is higher ranking in search results page. While on-page SEO focuses on the content you publish online, off-page SEO looks at how relevant and appealing that content is.

Off-Page SEO takes into consideration multiple elements such as Backlinks, Brand mentions, Guest posts, Social media and Influencer marketing; while On-Page seo considers a different set of ranking factors including titles, meta descriptions, header tags, quality of images, user experience, internal linking strategy, page load time and overall quality and relevance of content.

On-page SEO is completely within the control of a business, and can be easily implemented, whereas off-page SEO is a bit complex and difficult to achieve.

The Checklist
Do analyze the site’s backlink profile and focus on link-building to have a successful off-page seo. Also, you need to leverage social media and try for more branded mentions. Finally ensure that local SEO is done right.

off-page optimization - Volga Tigris


Is on-page and off-page seo connected?

Yes, off-page SEO contributes significantly to your efforts at boosting online presence and search engine ranking. However, it’s not that easy to implement to perfection.

What is off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO is a key part of search engine optimization, and is aimed at getting a higher search engine rank for a site. All the off-page seo efforts are made outside of the website.

Which is the best off-page seo agency in Dubai?

Off-page seo is complex and involves multiple elements. Volga Tigris is one of the most reliable and competent agencies offering the best off-page seo services.

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