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Snapchat : An essential digital strategy

Why Snapchat ads must become a part of your online advertising strategy? A whopping 186 million users on Snapchat is the answer. But it is not just the numbers. The popular social media platform also boasts a raft of amazing features that help users create noticeable ads, and brands connect with and engage users. Committed to adding value to its users, Snapchat has greatly enhanced its appeal and functionality with amazing features such as new media and ad formats and filters. It has come a long way since its modest launch in 2012. Read More

Having no brand presence on Snapchat is now considered a business ‘sin’. However, Snapchat is somewhat different from other social media networks in terms of its content characteristics. Snapchat is all about interesting, behind-the-scenes content that is unique and that helps brands get noticed. Read Less

Snapchat advertising - Volga Tigris

The best solutions

But to make the most of Snapchat marketing, a business needs to have a strong understanding of the Snapchat mechanism. Beyond that, having a clear Snapchat marketing strategy for creating stories that are engaging and informative is crucial. Here’s where a professional Snapchat marketing agency can help you. Volga Tigris, a leading Snapchat advertising agency in Dubai, is trusted by small and large businesses alike for targeted, results-driven Snapchat marketing campaigns. Read More

Snapchat, as you are aware, is a one-on-one and group messaging app that allows sharing of images, videos, and text messages. The notable point is that these messages won’t last long. Snapchat supports multiple features including Stories (photos and videos replayable for up to 24 hours), Memories (images saved for future viewing and sharing), and filters and stickers (to enhance messages).

Here’s a warning. Snapchat needs to be approached with a proper, thought-out strategy. Businesses need to know the profile of the app’s user base, and the unique content features that it is made for. Read Less

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Snapchat marketing strategy - Volga Tigris

The characteristics

Snapchat is more about personalized messaging, real-time video, emojis and doodles, and catchy content than serious-looking professional content. It is the perfect channel for powerful brand messaging, but the approach is defined by fun and originality. That’s why agencies that have a culture of out-of-the-box thinking and innovation alone can ensure best ROI with Snapchat ads campaigns. Read More

Also, Snapchat scores better on another aspect: Less competition. The platform is far from being saturated, and this gives brands a better chance to get noticed. Further the Snapchat algorithm is transparent, and it doesn’t “hide” your posts. All the stories posted are visible to all linked users, and they can freely play them. Also, better interaction with your content is guaranteed as ads are relatively fewer and traffic-diverting links don’t exist.

As the preferred agency for Snapchat advertising in Dubai, we can help you with creating high brand awareness and traffic through Snapchat marketing. Read Less

Snapchat marketing strategy - Volga Tigris

Stories, memories…

Well, now it’s time to move on to the real Snapchat Story. A Snapchat Story is nothing but a series of images and videos (or snaps that are added chronologically to your Story). These disappear after just 24 hours. You are free to create a storyline with a series of images or a visual collage that highlights your brand.

Next is Memories. It is a feature that allows users to save photos and videos for viewing later, as otherwise, they are designed to disappear. Now, Memories can be a great tool for effective Snapchat marketing. They can make Snapchat advertising much more appealing as they can help create cohesive Stories and themed videos. Read More

Another key feature of Snapchat marketing is the relatively lower costs involved. Snapchat ads cost can be as low as $5. We can help you with highly optimized Snapchat marketing campaigns that fit your budget.

Brands that intend to use or already use Snapchat marketing greatly benefit from its partnership with Amazon. What does this mean? If a user likes a product they saw on Snapchat, they can scan the barcode or focus the camera on the product and long-press the camera screen, which in turn displays a link to the item on Amazon. In this respect, Snapchat offers one of the easiest and fastest online shopping facilities. The app also supports AR (augmented reality) e-commerce for enhanced online shopping experience. Read Less

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Snapchat Ad Strategies - Volga tigris


Now let us look at the various Snapchat Ad Strategies and Resources that can help brands with high conversion rates and on-site sales via business apps.

The first is Snapchat Polls. They can add great value to your Snapchat Ads, as they can significantly increase brand engagement and views. Polls give you valuable insights from your audience and these can help you create the “right” ads that can attract high viewership, and boost traffic and sales. But unlike Instagram, Snapchat doesn’t have a built-in polling feature. However, third party poll apps like Polly can be used for Snapchat polls. You can create polls using Polly and share them with Snapchat. Audience can participate in the polls anonymously.

The next focus of your strategy is landing page. It’s sheer waste of time and resources if users just view your ads and move away to something else. The Snapchat ads must lead users to your sales funnel and generate sales. Volga Tigris has been working with data sets like these for well over a decade and this allows them to resort to multiple possibilities quickly. Read More

There are certain elements that need great attention for your Snapchat marketing to be effective. They are aesthetically engaging visuals, witty and compelling messages, and a clear, persuading call to action (CTA). Visuals need to be of high resolution. To enhance the appeal of your Snapchat advertising, you can also exploit the app’s advanced features such as Snapchat AR Lenses. A Deloitte study shows that 94 percent of shoppers like to experiment with augmented reality (AR) tools for an immersive shopping feel. This being the case, it makes sense to use Snapchat’s AR Lenses in your Snapchat ad strategy.

Moving on, ignoring Snapchat’s Audience Insights could prove to be irresponsible, as they offer lots of information about your audience’s preferences, which can be of help in formulating your ad design and message. UGC or user-generated content is another aspect that can boost the effectiveness of your Snapchat marketing effort. Including UGC in your Snapchat ads strategy is crucial to increasing conversion rates. Read Less

Snapchat Ad Strategies - Volga tigris

Ad formats

Another very important element that can determine how effective your Snapchat advertising is, is the appropriate ad format. A wrong ad format can topple your Snapchat ad campaign. It needs to be understood that each Snapchat ad format is designed to realize specific business goals. They can range from generating better brand awareness, and boosting conversions & sales, to increasing the number of app downloads. Read More

Dynamic ads: Collection ads, story ads, and single image or video ads. Goals: driving sales and increasing sign-ups.

App install attachments: Great to promote your app and increase downloads. Carries an Install Card at the bottom of story ads, single image or video ads, and lens AR experiences.

Retargeting: Perfect ad format to re-connect with users who didn’t convert or engage with your brand in the past. Read Less

Snapchat advertising - Volga Tigris


What is Snapchat marketing?

It involves using Snapchat to promote your brand and products/services, engage customers, drive traffic, generate leads and boost revenues.

Is Snapchat advertising effective?

Certainly. With 186 million Snapchat users, it is a great platform to connect with your audience and grow your business in cost-effective manner.

Which is the best Snapchat marketing agency in Dubai?

Volga Tigris is one of the best Snapchat marketing agencies in Dubai. With a full-fledged in-house team of creative designers and social media marketing experts, Volga Tigris can craft the most impactful Snapchat advertising campaign for you.

Is Snapchat marketing costly?

Not at all. Snapchat marketing is highly cost-effective, and offers high ROI on your ad spend.

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