The world over, there is a growing shift to online platforms—be it for shopping or entertainment or building social connections. The power and efficacy of social media in promoting and building brands among target audiences and generating great leads and sales is widely accepted. As many as 51% of businesses acknowledge that social media allow them to engage with their clients more frequently and effectively. Further, nearly 80% of businesses believe that social media is integral to their brand identity. What’s more, over 45% of internet users visit the brand’s social media pages before actual purchase.

Obviously, social media marketing is and needs to be a crucial marketing strategy for any business. Various social media platforms are available for marketing, and each one is unique in terms of the demographics of the target audience, the nature of the content it supports and user-engagement features. Facebook continues to retain its stature as a top social media advertising platform. As a top digital marketing agency, Volga Tigris ranks among the top Facebook advertising Dubai services.

volga tigris: top facebook service agency

Volga Tigris: Top Facebook Service Agency

Volga Tigris, the best social media marketing agency in Dubai, has the most efficient team of is fully equipped to offer the most result-driven and cost-effective Facebook marketing services in Dubai for diverse businesses. We have an in-house team of highly skilled website & App Designers and Developers, Graphic Designers, Content Writers and Digital Marketing Experts, and this amazing talent pool strengthens our position as the top Facebook marketing agency in Dubai.

Facebook Marketing: A Sure Shot Way to Business Growth

Among the various social networks, Facebook stands out for its amazing features and increasing popularity. Boasting over 1.9 billion daily active users worldwide, Facebook offers unmatched reach. More than 10 million people use Facebook’s advertising services. Essentially a B2C platform for any type of business, FB is a great tool for enhancing brand & product/service awareness and boosting sales.

Facebook has been maintaining its top ranking in social media usage for long. The reach and impact that Facebook offers through Facebook Ads make it the ideal social media marketing platform. To get the best ROI from Facebook marketing, partnering with a competent agency that offers the best Facebook advertising services is crucial. As the best Facebook advertising agency in Dubai, Volga Tigris can help any business with increased brand awareness, customer engagement and sales through highly customized and results-driven Facebook Advertising Campaigns.

As one of the most preferred Facebook Ads Dubai service providers, we create the perfect Facebook Marketing Campaign that is sure to achieve all the KPIs. Our creative designers and copywriters craft crisp and compelling Facebook ads under our Facebook marketing in Dubai services and help you easily connect with your target audience. Every Facebook campaign project is assigned team of skilled Facebook marketing specialists who work to ensure the campaign’s success. Our Facebook ad specialists develop customized Facebook advertising campaigns by factoring in elements such as brand awareness, consideration (traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation, and messages intended to make people think about your business, get more information by visiting your site) and conversion (lead conversion, catalog sales, and store traffic).

Committed to ensuring the best ROI for clients, Volga Tigris offers innovative and results-driven Facebook marketing services. Our Facebook Advertising services are designed to meet all the specific requirements of our clients. We cleverly use multiple Facebook advertising formats including video, images and text in the most compelling way. Our Facebook ads are amazing in terms of creativity and their effectiveness in ensuring better audience engagement.

volga tigris: strategic facebook marketing services in dubai

Volga Tigris: Strategic Facebook Marketing Services In Dubai

Why Volga Tigris? We have the right people and the right technology to design and execute effective Facebook advertising campaigns that increase brand awareness and customer engagement. We believe in innovative thinking and always keep abreast of latest developments in social media marketing. We guarantee success and our packages are competitively priced. We employ multiple Facebook marketing tools to make your advertising highly engaging.
Volga Tigris is one of the best Facebook marketing agencies in Dubai, and we offer highly customized Facebook advertising campaigns that work. As a top Dubai-based Facebook advertising company, our Facebook marketing specialists know the precise Facebook marketing strategy that gives the highest ROI for specific businesses through increased brand awareness, leads and conversions.
We are popular as a trusted Facebook marketing agency in Dubai that develops customized and sales-driven Facebook ads campaigns designed to attract traffic and convert visits to purchases. We are experts in the Facebook blueprint, Facebook business suite, and CRO and can ensure better online engagement. Our Facebook ad campaigns are target-oriented and factor in demographics and other elements such as gender, age, interests, locations and other features.
Different Tactics When you hire us as your Facebook advertising Dubai partner, we are committed to offering you customized, targeted solutions choosing the best ad format that can bring you the results.

volga tigris: strategic facebook marketing services in dubai
know the facebook ad formats

Know The Facebook Ad Formats

We are the best in creating Facebook Story Ads. Stories told right can greatly engage your audience. Our creative experts can develop highly engaging narratives using a clever blend of images, videos, filters, posts etc., offering your FB followers an immersive brand experience.

Photo or Image Ads, with their visual appeal, are ideal for getting your message across. With superior illustrations and creativity, these types of FB ads can effortlessly position your brand. Facebook image ads are powerful and compelling as they allow the usage of multiple images in a single ad. By placing attractive visuals on your website, including landing pages, we help drive quality traffic.

Video Ads on the other hand offers customers an enriching and engaging brand experience. They can be styled as in-stream, feed or stories, and can easily grab users’ attention.

If your idea is to make your audience strike a conversation with your brand, then Messenger Ads are suggested. With the option of adding interactive or automated features, these ads are highly engaging.

Another impactful Facebook advertising format is the Carousel Ads. With the freedom to have up to ten images or videos each with its own link and caption, this format is a powerful branding and customer engagement tool. Slideshow Ads on the other hand is an affordable and cost-effective format allowing short video clips with sound, images, and text. They load fast. Slideshow Ads can easily highlight your brand story, and keep viewers engaged.

Next, we have Collection Ads. These allow users to easily discover, browse and move to purchase a brand’s products or services by clicking on ads. This too loads fast and gives users detailed information. These types of customized ads are ideal for eCommerce websites. Here you can display individual products.

Playable Ads are more interactive. They allow users to preview specific products before purchasing. These are found to ensure better customer satisfaction and conversions. Apps and games use this format.

Facebook Carousel Ads Carousal ads are impactful with the simultaneous display of multiple images and a video. Industries such as eCommerce and restaurants can benefit from these ads as they can showcase multiple products on a single page.

Link Click Ads Facebook Link Click ads are highly efficient to promote your website and lead users to your landing page. The point to note is that, as the smartest Facebook marketing agency in Dubai, we explore all options to ensure the success of our clients.

comprehensive facebook advertising services

Comprehensive Facebook Advertising Services

We are trusted by leading brands as an innovative Facebook marketing company in Dubai owing to our unmatched planning and executing capabilities. We design awesome graphics and quality video content in many languages. We handle the complete Facebook marketing management. We keep abreast of the latest technologies and enhance impact through AI-backed messenger bots. We rely on A/B Test to identify the best strategy. Our FB ads rely on SEO tools so that you connect with the right audience and your search ranking improves. Once the campaign is launched, we continuously monitor and analyze the same and submit monthly performance reports to the clients.

Best Facebook marketing Strategy

Competition Analysis

There are several factors that make us the best Facebook Advertising Dubai agency. We study your competition to fill the gaps and position you a step ahead. By learning about your business and marketing goals, we create the most effective FB advertising strategies that give you a definitive edge in the market.

Efficient Ad Campaign Management

Our campaign management is one of the best. By designing and scheduling the FB posts smartly, we ensure the highest customer engagement and clicks staying within your budget limits. We put a strong focus on ad performance improvement. Come, and partner with Volga Tigris—the best agency for highly results-driven Facebook marketing services in Dubai.

comprehensive facebook advertising services


It is the use of the popular social media network Facebook for effective advertising of your business, brand and products/services to your target audience. It makes use of Facebook Ads, Facebook Business Pages, Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Groups.
According to a survey, customers who like a business on Facebook are 79% more likely to make a new purchase. Also, Facebook is the most popular B2C social network. Facebook marketing is cost-effective and targeted.
Yes, you can prepare a post in advance and have it scheduled to be posted at a convenient date and time. Posts can be scheduled even 6 months in advance with a 10-minute interval.
Yes, ads can be displayed to specific target groups including fan pages.
Bid range and size of target groups as well as optimization play a key role in ensuring better reach. Volga Tigris can help you ensure highest reach for your Facebook ads through strategic Facebook Marketing Campaigns.
Facebook advertising costs vary according to the campaign type and customer requirements. Volga Tigris offers the best and targeted Facebook marketing services in Dubai for you at highly competitive prices.