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Increase your B2B lead generation through impactful LinkedIn marketing. Better connect your brand with professionals and decision-makers.

LinkedIn is the foremost platform for B2B lead generation. Further, as many as four out of five LinkedIn members are capable of driving business decisions, and LinkedIn members are found to have twice the buying power of average web users.

Using LinkedIn marketing means you get to connect your brand with more than 660 million professionals worldwide. LinkedIn marketing or LinkedIn advertising is an essential marketing tool today that is effective in generating leads, driving website traffic, and building brand awareness. LinkedIn ads, as a strategy is second to none when it comes to engaging a highly influential community of professionals and leading them to take actions that benefit your enterprise.

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The advantages

What makes LinkedIn advertising an unmatched digital marketing tool is its effectiveness in building connections and establishing partnerships. Studies reveal that LinkedIn marketing generates 277% more leads on average compared to Facebook marketing. A recent survey highlighted that LinkedIn triggered 80% of their social media leads. Undoubtedly, LinkedIn is a strategic marketing tool for brand building and business growth.

Today, a business LinkedIn page is as important as a business website. Volga Tigris is a leader in the field of LinkedIn marketing, offering customers results-driven, targeted LinkedIn advertising solutions at highly competitive prices.

Focus on targeted customers as well as connections

Digital marketing works on targeting the perfect audience. LinkedIn allows marketers to precisely connect with a target audience based on specific industry, company size and job role that are more likely to buy their products/services. Volga Tigris can design targeted LinkedIn marketing campaigns for guaranteed results.

LinkedIn advertising campaign
LinkedIn ads - Volga Tigris

Be connected to your customers

Our LinkedIn marketing approach is built on clients’ brief about their customer profile. We make a list of LinkedIn profiles that match this customer profile, and craft the most effective LinkedIn ad campaign. LinkedIn blogs are also used to promote the client brand across the network. Monthly emails are another method used. These list the skills, capabilities, and specialized services offered by our clients. Other tactics such as organizing webinars or publishing whitepapers are also employed as part of generating leads. All these are hinged on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn ads - Volga Tigris
  • Build Useful Email Marketing Lists

    LinkedIn is a great platform to build your email marketing list. Invite all your connections to be part of your email marketing list. LinkedIn permits messaging 50 people in one go. It is important to have in your email a direct link for email signup, and their benefits upon signing up.

  • Sponsored Updates

    Sponsored updates are a paid service, wherein businesses pay to push their post onto LinkedIn feeds. Essentially a 'pay-per-click' or 'pay-per-1,000' impression feature is excellent for targeted marketing based on demographics and other filters. Here the advantage is the ability to refine your target better than other social networks, as the criteria can include industry segment, company name, size, job title, job function, skills etc. Sponsored updates are extensively used to promote thought-leadership content featuring a strong call to action. These often target niche audiences and are effective in increasing traffic and generating sales leads.

  • The Power of Quality Content

    Being a known thought leader in a specific industry helps immensely in social media marketing. What is needed here is compelling, relevant and original content. Offering deep insights, tips to solve issues, mentoring advice etc. strengthens you and your brand, and leads to leads generation and sales.

  • Not Yet Viral?

    Direct LinkedIn posts are powerful. If it is attractive enough to get a good number of readers, LinkedIn may spotlight it in one of their categories. This can significantly increase readership figures.

  • Power of LinkedIn Groups

    Businesses, especially small-sized firms, stand to benefit greatly from demographically relevant LinkedIn groups. They are good for engagement, understanding market needs, building client relations and boosting brand.

  • A LinkedIn Group For Your Brand

    Creating your own LinkedIn group can help you to connect with “ready to buy” prospects. After group creation, you can join up to 50 LinkedIn groups containing prospects. Once you are a group member, you can invite relevant members to join your group through personalized invitations. Once they join, you have all your prospects in your group. Now you can share useful content among prospects, showcase your products, services, and expertise, keeping away from overt sales pitches and spam content. Great for brand building and lead generation.

  • Focus on Company Page

    Your company profile page needs to be up-to-date. It should reflect your brand identity in all respects and must be consistent with your website and other social networks. Regular updates, and interesting posts on a daily basis make your page dynamic. Creating a LinkedIn business page, and then not maintaining it is not at all a good idea.
    LinkedIn marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy. Rightly done, LinkedIn marketing can turn out to be a better alternative to attending trade conferences, exhibitions and seminars.
    But the key is to use LinkedIn the way it is supposed to be used, as far as digital marketing is concerned. As a top digital marketing company specialized in LinkedIn marketing, we use the power of content marketing and inbound marketing in the context of LinkedIn marketing. Hard selling is not what works on LinkedIn. Only a professional marketing agency that knows the inside out of LinkedIn marketing can design and execute the perfect LinkedIn ad campaigns that get the desired results in a cost-effective manner.
    As LinkedIn is an effective and powerful social network for professionals to connect with each other, LinkedIn marketing needs to maintain a certain professional decorum. All the posts, graphics, messages, and their tone need to be crafted in a way that positively connect with and engage the target audience made up of prospects and partners.

  • Preferred LinkedIn Service Provider

    Renowned as the leading provider of the most effective LinkedIn marketing solutions in Dubai, Volga Tigris Digital Marketing Agency is committed to offering innovative and results-driven LinkedIn advertising services that can significantly boost brand image and positioning, attract more traffic to your website, and increase leads and revenues.
    Further our LinkedIn marketing solutions are highly customized, and our packages are competitively priced. Our solutions incorporate the latest LinkedIn trends and technologies. This ensures that clients get the best ROI with us.



What is LinkedIn marketing?

It is a form of digital marketing that uses the reach and appeal of LinkedIn to advertise your brand and products towards generating leads, getting site traffic and building brand awareness.

Is LinkedIn marketing effective?

Yes. As many as 91% of business executives use LinkedIn as the preferred platform for distributing professionally relevant content, with 91% of executives choosing the platform. In terms of customer acquisition, lead generation, and social traffic from B2B, LinkedIn advertising is the best strategy.

How is LinkedIn used for marketing?

Various elements are used to design a LinkedIn marketing solution. They include company profile, actionable content, target audience, groups, InMail, LinkedIn blogs, paid LinkedIn Sales Solutions etc.

Is LinkedIn marketing effective for small businesses?

Absolutely. In terms of generating new prospects and clients, and expanding the network of partners and vendors, LinkedIn marketing is highly useful.

Is LinkedIn marketing costly?

LinkedIn advertising costs varies according to factors such as target audience, campaign objective, and bid. The cost of LinkedIn ads is $5.26 per click, $6.59 per 1000 impressions, and $0.80 per send, in average tersm. Brands are required to bid a minimum of $2 for cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-impression (CPM) campaigns. LinkedIn marketing agencies offer comprehensive LinkedIn advertising services, and their service charges differs.

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