Google Shopping Ads

Trigger your ads the moment users search for products/services that are similar to yours. Google shopping ads help you promote your business effectively.

Google Shopping ads enable businesses to effectively promote their products and services on the Google search results page. These ads are triggered or displayed when users search for specific keywords or phrases related to the business’s products. In fact, Google Shopping Ads is an effective SEO tool. They're created using various product data attributes elicited from the product information you submit in your Merchant Center data feed. This ensures that users get to see highly relevant ads during their searches.

Benefits of Google Shopping Ads

Benefits of Google Shopping ads are many. They offer a great means to promote your brand and boost sales. Competitive digital marketing agencies like Volga Tigris can provide businesses with highly targeted Google Shopping Ads services.

Increasing conversions are one of the major goals of Google Shopping Ads. Internet users searching for a particular product search are already in a buying mood, and if such customers are shown your Google Shopping ads, that too at the top of the search results, the chances of them clicking on your ad or responding to the desired CTA are very high.

Be it higher click-through rates (CTR) or conversions, Google Shopping Ads are your best bet. As already stated, Google Shopping ads are strategically positioned above the first URL in the search results, and before the text Google ads. This helps them capture leads from organic searches. Enhanced brand awareness is yet another benefit. Google shopping ads are a powerful tool to establish your brand and encourage customers to purchase your products and services.

Google-Shopping Ads - Volga Tigris
Google shopping ads services - Volga Tigris

Are you worried about reach?

If reach is your concern, then you need to consider Google Shopping ads. With only 10 positions available on the first page of Google, getting the top spot could be quite a task. This is even more difficult if your domain authority is low.

With proper optimization, Google shopping campaigns can help you rank high. Further, Google shopping ads enhance lead quality, because clicking on an ad shows a strong purchasing intent. That means you get quality traffic to your site or online store.

Yet another key benefit is your access to customer information. Google shopping ads comes with great analytics that supplies a wealth of information including who's clicking on your ads, which are the peak performing products, and the status of your ad campaigns, to name a few.

Google shopping ads services - Volga Tigris


What are Google Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping Ads are advertisements carrying valuable product information including product image, price, and business name.

Google Shopping Ads and Google search ads: The difference

In the case of Google Search ads, the advertiser needs to input the required keywords based on which the relevant ads are displayed. The keywords for Google shopping ads are automatically sourced by Google by identifying the keywords from product titles and descriptions.

Which is the best agency offering effective Google Shopping Ads services in Dubai?

Undoubtedly, several aspects need to be managed diligently for you Google shopping campaign to succeed. A professional agency like Volga Tigris can design and execute the best Google shopping campaign for you at affordable rates.

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