Reputation Management

Boost brand credibility and build loyal customer base through strategic online reputation management.

Reputation management, especially online reputation management, is crucial for businesses to operate successfully in the market. No business worth its name can ignore strategies aimed at fixing, protecting and enhancing a brand’s online reputation.

Basically, reputation management helps businesses to build trust and credibility, and is achieved by properly dealing with both negatives and positives. Online Reputation Management is in fact multi-layered, and the end goal is to establish a positive public perception about a brand, business, or person. ORM is not only for enterprises, it is equally relevant for individuals, especially celebrities and public figures as well

The best online reputation management company

As the leading reputation management agency in Dubai, Volga Tigris offers clients—both businesses and individuals—a comprehensive approach to online reputation management.

We provide the most effective reputation management services that involves constantly monitoring reputation, and responding to content or customer feedback that could potentially negatively impact the brand. Also, we offer workable strategies that can anticipate and prevent bad reputation and remedial measures that can repair a brand’s spoiled reputation.

Online Reputation Management Company - Volga Tigris
Online Reputation Management - Volga Tigris

Online Reputation Management Mechanism

As explained, ORM involves monitoring and managing a brand’s reputation in the digital space, and ensuring that the brand maintains a positive online presence and consistently creates a favourable brand image among customers.

Online Reputation Management can succeed only if the strategy considers all available channels and platforms for brand reputation management. The PESO-based ORM is one of the best ORM models.

Online Reputation Management - Volga Tigris

The PESO Model

PESO stands for Paid media-Earned media-Shared media-owned media. The PESO model of online reputation management works across four essential media channels to manage brand reputation.


Paid Media For Online Reputation Management

Paid media ORM looks at diverse online content that feature your brand (website, services, etc.). It includes paid content like Google Ads, social media ads, sponsored posts, or promotions using influencers.

The advantage of paid media ORM is the full control you have over the content. To ensure a fair play, paid media platforms have in place clear guidelines against brands advertising against competing brands.


Earned Media ORM

Earned Media ORM, on the other hand, makes use of free-of-charge content that boosts your brand. They include published articles, press coverage, blogs and vlogs, content on various forums and certain industry-specific third-party listings such as Glassdoor and Capterra. We include Google My Business also among earned media, as it encourages customer reviews for your business. ORM using earned media is a powerful and effective reputation management strategy.


Shared Media ORM

Shared Media ORM is all about brand management using social media content that is shared widely and free of charge.

Negative comments as well as complaints and concerns that are not addressed, low star-ratings etc. can gravely damage brand reputation and sales. The best-shared media ORM involves constantly tracking comments on your own as well as competitors’ social media accounts, and promptly responding to and addressing negative customer reviews and complaints.


Owned Media ORM

Owned Media-based ORM focuses on your website and blogs. These are a brand’s own media over which the brand has total control. Here the strategy aims at getting a higher ranking for your site in search engine results.

To be effective, businesses must have a comprehensive online reputation management strategy encompassing all the above channels. As a leading provider of best online reputation management services in Dubai, we can craft effective, results-driven, multi-channel online management solutions for your brand at highly competitive rates.


What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management is a multi-channel reputation-building process that aims to constantly project a positive image about your brand by creating and promoting pro-brand content and addressing negative customer reviews and concerns promptly.

Why Volga Tigris is the best online reputation management agency in Dubai?

We offer clients highly personalized reputation management solutions, making use of cutting-edge technologies, social media expertise and industry best practices.

How ORM works?

The best online reputation management model is the PESO model, which uses multiple media channels such as paid, earned, owned and shared media for brand promotion and image building.

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