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Use the appeal of videos to promote your brand and better connect with your target audiences in a cost-effective manner through customized YouTube marketing.

Youtube marketing is making its way into the digital marketing strategies of today’s businesses. The reason is obvious. Boasting nearly 22.8 billion monthly visits, YouTube is the second most visited site after, well you guessed it right, Google; and its wide reach and appeal can boost any marketing campaign.

What exactly is YouTube marketing? It is a creative digital marketing strategy that effectively uses videos to promote brands and better connect with and engage target audiences—both existing customers and prospects—in a cost-effective manner. Of course, the final goal is to generate leads and improve sales. Although YouTube allows any form of video content, from technical and informative to funny and bizarre, brands that intend to use the platform need to approach it with a clear strategy. That’s where the YouTube marketing services of professional YouTube advertising agencies assume significance. As the best YouTube marketing agency in Dubai, Volga Tigris is uniquely positioned to craft customized and targeted YouTube ad services for businesses that are looking to expand customer base, educate customers about new product launches and features, drive traffic and boost sales.

YouTube allows brands to upload multiple original content including tutorials, guides, live streams, entertainment etc to attract viewership and rank high in Google search organically. When it comes to paid ads, YouTube is a definite choice, as it’s cheaper than Facebook and Instagram.

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How Volga Tigris, the most preferred provider of YouTube digital marketing services in Dubai, can help you in terms of brand promotion and building customer base? Well, we use a strategic mix of elements in our YouTube marketing strategy to ensure your YouTube advertising campaigns are a super success. We create content that are optimized with high ranking keywords and incorporate multiple content formats such as product reviews, tutorials, commentaries, Q & A, interviews, video listicles, entertainment and more that can help businesses enhance brand visibility, brand connection and traffic.

Content, as always, is the king in YouTube marketing. We create attractive and relevant titles and descriptions, and stunning thumbnails to get the first impression right. Our aim is to capture user attention and then encouraging them to stay on your channel/video and ultimately buy your products and services. It is important to add watermarks and logos to the videos to enhance brand awareness and positioning. A great advantage of YouTube marketing is you’re your YouTube videos appear on Google search results pages and the videos stay on forever, so the ROI is higher. Interesting videos keep getting more views, and in turn improve your brand exposure and leads. Not to mention the international reach YouTube videos offer.

YouTube allows you to post videos or pre-roll ads on the platform. To reach audiences faster and create brand loyalty is the foremost target of any YouTube advertising campaign.

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A guideline

So what are the steps you need to take to launch your YouTube marketing project? First is to create a business channel on YouTube. Then you need to identify your target audience. Competitor analysis is the next step, and based on market feedback create videos that make the most of YouTube algorithm. Next upload your videos, and here you need to set a reasonable frequency. Just bombarding users with a flood of videos won’t work. Read More

Your brand channel must have all the details about your business, your vision, the products and features etc. Next is the crucial step: Promoting your videos. If you have the best videos and no-one is watching them is just a waste of time and effort. Along with other strategies for promotion, you can try influencer marketing as well. Finally it’s time to measure your success.

Defining your target audience is a key element. Location, age, demands and expectations and viewing preferences all matter in identifying your target viewers, and creating the most relevant videos. As the top YouTube marketing agency in Dubai, we bank a lot on YouTube analytics to arrive at the most winnable content. Comment analysis, questions and poll are employed cleverly to pinpoint user/subscriber preferences.

As mentioned earlier, competitor analysis forms a key aspect of your YouTube advertising strategy. Use industry keywords to find the highest ranking rivals, and study their content and metrics to format your content based on a SWOT analysis.

Maybe not all know that YouTube has its complex algorithm for ranking the videos. Using good thumbnails and keyword-optimized titles and descriptions all matter in ensuring higher ranking in search engine results. You need to include CTA (call to action) element using cards, end screens, watermarks or bumper ads. Uploading videos should not be a random process. You need to know the day and time when user engagement is high and schedule uploads accordingly. Go to analytics to fix the schedule. Read Less

Key ideas

It is important to have your YouTube channel show links to your business site and social media profiles. Having a YouTube trailer is also important, as it can educate your audience about your company, brand and products. It should tell the viewers how subscribing to your channel would help them in knowing about updates and other useful details. Read More

Increasing the reach of your videos and YouTube channel is quite important in determining the success of your YouTube marketing. In order to promote your youtube channel you need to utilize all available social media networks. You can even make use of email send-outs to notify the users about new YouTube video uploads.

Partnering with YouTube influencers is a great idea, and it can really get your videos a wider reach. Research shows that as many as 50% of users trust suggestions and recommendations of influencers and as such they can influence their buying preferences considerably.

Measuring success is the last and crucial element of your YouTube marketing campaign. This is done, again, using YouTube analytics. Examine it see the growth in subscribers, changes in their demographics and traffic sources, and revise your YouTube marketing strategy accordingly. Of course, there are many useful YouTube marketing tools available in the market that help you create a powerful YouTube channel for your business and to get it a good number of subscribers and views. But again, a professional YouTube marketing agency is your best bet in creating and implementing a successful YouTube advertising strategy. Read Less

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Is YouTube marketing effective?

Yes, YouTube advertising or marketing is very useful to promote your brad, reach to new users, engage with them, and improve your leads and sales. The ever increasing number of YouTube users, and its global reach make it a powerful marketing platform

Is YouTube marketing highly expensive?

No. In fact, compared to Facebook and Instagram marketing, YouTube marketing is cheaper.

How much will an agency charge for YouTube advertising?

Costs vary, depending on your goals, the nature of your business, and the agency you hire.

I want to market my business on YouTube. But I don’t have the technical knowhow to do that. What should I do?

Hire a professional YouTube marketing agency. For instance, Volga Tigris, a top digital marketing agency in Dubai, can design and execute the most effective and affordable YouTube advertising campaign, and promote your brand and increase leads and sales significantly. We have an in-house team of creative videographer and designers as well as digital marketing experts who deliver results-driven YouTube marketing solutions that are customized for your business.

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