Business Empowerment With Google Ads

Google Ads is a game-changer in the world of PPC marketing and helps businesses achieve key marketing objectives. Leveraging multiple factors such as campaign type, bidding, quality score, keywords, relevance, expected CTR, and landing page, business owners can ensure success by tracking KPIs including Reach, Clicks, Phone calls, Number of sales, and leads. Volga Tigris is a leading PPC agency Dubai offering innovative digital marketing solutions.

Do you agree that we are surrounded by Internet & Technology round the clock? Yes, you read it right – Internet & Technology. The world of the internet and technology makes things so quick and easy. It was very difficult to connect with people in past and it took over hours to finish any task without enough knowledge. Over the decade technology has vast growth and at present, it is very difficult for anyone to stay without the internet & technology. Present-day technology helps us to stay connected with people from different places, different time zones, different age groups, and interests with the help of industry giants like Google, Bing, Yahoo, search engines and Meta (Facebook), Instagram, Tik Tok, Snap Chat as Social Media platforms on top of the list. As the best PPC agency in Dubai, we help businesses connect with potential customers through cutting-edge PPC marketing Dubai services.

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Understanding Search Engines

Search Engines like Google and Bing have always been very supportive in offering relevant information to their users. From the above picture, it is understandable that any search engine helps its users by displaying relevant information based on the search query that happens every second. Information in the form of Business Advertisements, Business listings, and Business websites in their respective Search Engine Result Pages can help increase customer engagement and sales.

As the most trusted Google Ads specialist in Dubai, Volga Tigris helps your brand gain a strong digital presence with effective and targeted PPC marketing Dubai services. We have a highly skilled team of Google Ads specialists in Dubai who can manage results-driven PPC campaigns at competitive prices. We offer cost-effective and value-added PPC management Dubai services for diverse businesses across industries.

Understanding Google Ads

Ranked as the best PPC agency in Dubai, we have gained deep insights into Google Ads. Google doesn’t share its search volume data. However, Google is projected to process 63,000 search queries every second equating to 5.6 billion daily searches and about 2 trillion global searches per year. This means there is a high number of possibilities for Business owners to attract their potential customers with the help of Google Ads to achieve their business goals. Google Ads is used by companies all over the world on daily basis irrespective of their size. Google Ads is fit for all types of products and services whether it is a startup or MNC.

Reasons why Companies prefer Google Ads

  • You can approach potential customers when they’re searching for businesses like yours on Google Search Network & Maps.
  • Your ads can appear on Google at the very moment someone is looking for products or services like yours whether they’re on desktop or mobile
  • Reach out to a broader prospective consumer base who is interested in what you have to offer.
  • Only pay for results such as website clicks or phone calls to your company. (PPC Ads)
  • CPC management and conversion tracking
  • Bid High and pay 0.01 AED higher than your competitor's Ad
  • Get the results which are your top priorities – Drive Website Visits Get More Phone Calls Increase Store Visits and more
  • You can reach more relevant and targeted customers within your budget with Google Ads
  • With the help of Google AdWords, you can set a budget that works for your business. There is no minimum, You get full control of your budget you can set a monthly budget cap and never go over it. Plus you can pause or adjust your spending any time you can raise biddings and do multiple variations as per your requirement.
  • You can download system-defined or customized reports based at any point in time to understand no. of impressions, clicks, Average CPC, the total cost per day, and more.
  • You can always get enhanced ROIs.
  • You can get more conversions and sales with our effective PPC marketing Dubai campaigns.

Types of Google Ads Campaigns

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Search Campaign

You may run advertisements across Google's massive network of search results using search campaigns. People who are actively engaged on the Internet when browsing your products and services can easily find your adverts. More sales, prospects or website traffic can all be aided by search campaigns. Those who are actively looking for your products and services are the people you should be targeting. Ads are simple to make and do not necessitate the use of any additional resources.

Partner with Volga Tigris—the leading Google Ads specialist in Dubai—for the best search campaigns for your business to gain more traffic and conversions by connecting with Google users with a high buying intent.

Our Google search campaigns are custom-made to ensure the maximum ROI for your ad spend. Strategic optimization and compelling content and design work magic for your search campaign.

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Display Campaign

On the Google Display Network, visually engaging ads can be created in the display campaigns. The Google Display Network helps business target customers while people are searching millions of applications, and website in Google-owned domains including YouTube and Gmail.

How do we ensure that our Display campaign gives you the desired results? We make good use of our strategic knowledge of PPC management in Dubai, and incorporate highly appealing design elements, engaging and optimized content and copy, and search algorithm-friendly tactics to ensure that your display campaigns consistently achieve success.

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Smart Campaign

Smart campaigns take advantage of the finest of Google's advertising technologies and can be set up in as little as 15 minutes. Smart campaigns track performance and deliver outcomes depending on your marketing objectives. Smart campaigns may be built in Expert Mode as well as Smart Mode.

In our capacity as the smartest PPC company in Dubai, we can design smart campaigns in both expert mode and smart mode. We assign a Google Ads specialist in Dubai to your campaign project to efficiently manage your smart campaign.

We endeavor to serve you most competently with strategic PPC marketing Dubai services at affordable prices. We continue to be the No. 1 PPC advertising agency in Dubai owing to our digital marketing expertise and commitment to customer service excellence.

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App Campaign

App campaigns let business market apps across Google-owned domains such as Google Search, Googe Play, YouTube, and the Google Display Network. Putting simply precise information about your business as a text will be helpful to optimize content that enables customers easily discover you. As the top PPC Marketing Dubai Agency, we empower professionals to deliver flawless PPC Management Dubai Services that are capable to take your business next level through targeted App campaigns.

App campaigns can successfully market your business service or product to achieve your business objectives. However, it will need some sort of strategical management, only a proven PPC agency in Dubai can provide you the best return on investment on your app campaign.

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Discovery Campaign

Through a single Google Ads campaign, advertisers can provide rich targeted ad experiences to consumers who are eager to find and connect with their businesses. The beauty of discovery campaigns comes from their efficiency and engaging content possibilities.

As the top Google Ads specialist in Dubai, we are the first choice of small and large businesses—both established and startups—that want to meaningfully connect with their prospects. With an unmatched commitment to delivering the best results for our clients, we offer benchmark discovery campaigns as part of our PPC management Dubai services that grab the attention of your target audience effortlessly.

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Shopping Campaign

Shopping campaigns are an integral element of PPC management Dubai strategy and may help you advertise your online and in-store merchandise, increase traffic to your website or local store, and acquire more qualified leads. To initiate, you’ll need a Merchant Center and provide your product data to set up a Google Ads Campaign. Based on this, we will initiate strategies to run advertisements on Google and elsewhere on the internet. So that, your targeted customers can easily access your offering and appear in a more diverse visual style, we called these advertising Shopping Ads.

Thus, if you have launched a great business with the best products and customer service, and are still waiting for traffic to your site and footfalls at your shop, trust our expertise as the top PPC advertising agency in Dubai, and march towards success.

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Video Campaign

Video campaigns allow you to place advertisements in YouTube videos as well as websites and applications that use Google video partners. When you create a video campaign, you may increase sales, increase website traffic, increase brand recognition, and more. On YouTube and through Google video partners, you can develop captivating Video campaigns using a variety of ad types to engage customers in various ways.

The insights we have gained over the years as the best PPC agency in Dubai enable us to craft powerful PPC marketing Dubai campaigns for your business at competitive prices.

We have the best team of PPC experts and designers who can exploit the appeal of visual storytelling to better connect with your potential and existing customers. All our video campaigns are highly customized to reflect individual businesses’ brand identity and growth ambitions. Apart from optimization elements, our video campaign ads stand out for their captivating copy and design features.

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Local Campaign

Local campaigns are intended to assist companies in providing potential consumers with the information they require to determine when and how to visit their locations. Local campaigns make it simple to advertise your businesses on Google's top domains, including the Google Search Network, Maps, YouTube, and the Google Display Network.

Local customers are a crucial segment that drives your business forward. Local campaigns are highly valued owing to their potential to precisely target your local customers with compelling campaigns. Local campaigns have been done properly to give you the best value for money.

Hire Volga Tigris, a competent Google Ads specialist in Dubai, to design and manage your local campaigns most competently. Our team understands your business model and products inside out and studies your customer profile before formulating the best local campaign strategy under our acclaimed PPC management Dubai package.

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Hotel Campaign

Hotel campaigns allow you to bid on hotel advertising that shows up when a traveler searches for a hotel on Google Search or Maps. These advertising displays in a hotel booking module that might include photographs, facilities, pricing, and a link to book the hotel.

As a bespoke PPC marketing Dubai service agency that targets a clearly defined customer segment, our hotel campaigns are highly effective in driving traffic to your site and encouraging conversions.

By strategically positioning your ad in front of customers with a strong intent to avail yourself services that are similar to yours, the hotel campaigns we manage on your behalf as the best PPC company in Dubai can significantly increase traffic and conversions and give you the highest ROI.

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Call Campaign

Set up a call campaign to encourage people to call you by clicking or tapping on your ad to increase phone calls to your business. You may customize your advertising to only appear when your company is available to answer calls, ensuring that you don't miss out on a chance to interact with your clients. As the best PPC advertising agency in Dubai, we have helped many businesses in UAE significantly increase their engagement with customers through effective and targeted call campaigns.

We are experts in delivering highly customized and optimized call campaigns as part of our PPC management Dubai services. What this means is that you get the best ROI on your PPC ads.

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Performance Max

Performance Max is a new goal-based campaign type that allows performance marketers to use a single campaign to access all of their Google Ads inventory. It's meant to work in tandem with your keyword-based Search campaigns to help you identify more consumers who convert across all of Google's channels including YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps.

As an integrated digital marketing strategy that is sure to work, Performance Max is an invaluable tool in today’s PPC approach. With our high-end expertise in targeted PPC marketing Dubai campaigns, we can help your business achieve amazing conversion rates and sales.

Types of Business Goals that Google Ads Support

  • Sales
  • Leads
  • Website Traffic
  • Product and brand consideration
  • Brand Awareness and reach
  • App Promotions
  • Local Store Visits and promotions

A Google Ad goes into an Auction whenever a relevant search query happens on Google Search Engine. Based on competition and bidding a specific ad occupies a position in this auction, so called as Ad Rank. To elaborate your ad's position on a search engine results page is determined by its Ad Rank (SERP). Your BID (the amount you're willing to spend) and your quality score are the two factors. Business owners strive to maintain their ad on top 3 position to meet their business objective.

AD RANK = BID X Quality Score

A business owner or an advertiser must maintain a high bid and a healthy quality score. Expected CTR, Ad Relevance, Landing page experience, a combined performance of these three components results in a good quality score. "Above average" "Average" or "Below average" are the statuses given to each component. This assessment is based on a comparison of other advertisers' advertisements that appeared for the same keyword in the last 90 days. Most importantly devices used in search user location day & time ad extensions are the factors of ad quality which will not be captured by quality score.

How much does Google Ads Cost?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is now used by 65 percent of small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs). Many companies benefit much from their ad spend on Google Ads after they discover how to promote on Google. Many businesses are concerned about the cost of Google Ads and how much they should spend on Google Ads, despite the fact that Google Ads gives an amazing return on investment (ROI)

For an instance think that you are running Google Ads Campaign for 1 year. Let's assume that you get 10 clicks per day at the rate of AED 10. And your actual budget for this month is only 3000 AED. Post running the campaign you noticed that you are losing 100 AED every day for wrong clicks. 100 AED * 30 Days = 3000 AED * 12 Months. So, every year you are losing 36000 AED. This is how the calculation moves around and running google ads without accurate information and marketing strategy will become daily nightmares for you.

This is most painful as an advertiser if you keep losing money and you are unaware of the fact. There might be multiple reasons for losing your hard-earned money. Your adverting cost keeps on increasing with less ROI it is very vital to manage your Google Ads campaigns.

How does Volga Tigris Helps?

It's important to include Google Ads as part of your overall marketing strategy. This is where Volga Tigris digital marketing company in Dubai, comes in allowing you to see Google Ads alongside your other social media accounts. You may compare the opportunity to measure where your best return is in real-time.

As a business owner you can see precisely where your money is being spent and how it best leads to conversions for you by measuring measures like daily expenditure, impressions, clicks, conversions and outcomes across all platforms and campaigns.

What We Offer

  • Google Ads Strategy Creation
  • Leads
  • Google Ads Account Setup
  • Google Ads Management
  • Search Advertisement
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Remarketing Ads
  • Keywords Management
  • A/B Testing

We at Volga Tigris perform complete competitor analysis and with regards to your business goals we design Google Ads Strategy followed with Google Ads Account Setup (for 1st time Google Ads users) and manage the Google Ads account on a monthly basis or contractual basis. This strategy includes your overall brand awareness driving traffic to the business website encouraging prospects to take relevant actions on necessary landing pages with the help of multiple available campaigns within Google Ads. It could be a combination of Search, Display, Video or Call, Local or shopping depending on your business goals. In addition, we perform keyword research, and A/B testing often referred to as Drafts & Experiment Campaigns in Google Ads and Remarketing Ads.

As an expert PPC agency in Dubai, Volga Tigris suggests the best strategy that will work for your business. We approach our projects very seriously to deliver the best results for your business through smart PPC campaigns for the business.

This is to keep in mind for every business owner that to run ads on the google platform they much follow Google's advertising policies and guidelines. Depending on various industry backgrounds there are different advertising guidelines. And Volga Tigris always being the Google Ads specialist in Dubai strictly adhere to their advertising policies and ensure that our client's Google AdWords or PPC Ads account do follow the same.

Volga Tigris is not just a digital marketing company in Dubai we have a group of talented and experienced people to manage every requirement of the clients. Our track shows we have a very successful ratio of every campaign we created. We welcome you onboard in the journey of growth with one of the leading ppc management services in dubai.

If you’re unable to determine the desired result from Google Ads, or you’re seeking to include Google Ads in your digital marketing strategy. Choose us, we offer Free Google Ads Account Reviews and implement effective strategies in order to enhance your ROI.


Pay-per-click advertising, commonly referred to as PPC advertising, is an effective online marketing strategy. You can call it search engine marketing as well, and is used to drive traffic to your website. When users type certain keywords in a search engine, PPC Ads that are related to those keywords are displayed on the search results page.
Yes, PPC advertising is one of the most cost-effective forms of digital advertising. Because, as an advertiser you pay the publisher (Google or other search engines) only when the ad is clicked on by users. That is why it is named pay-per-click advertising. Compared to other forms of advertising, PPC ads are more affordable.
Pay per click ad appears at the top of search results page. The look and feel of the ads depend on the search engine you have chosen.
If you have a website, and you want it to come up on top in the search results. But this is not easy in an organic way. Using PPC ads, your website appears at the top of SERP, and further customers who are looking specifically for your product or service can see it. Generally, PPC ads are cheaper than other types of advertising.
No exact time frame can be determined; how long does it take to build a website? In general, an average website could take between 6 and 12 weeks to complete, depending on its complexity. However, this is an approximate period, and sometimes projects may take longer due to delays in the approval or feedback of our clients. Our 24/7 customer service is available if you need to find out the precise time frame for your project.
The most popular PPC ad platform is Google Ads (earlier called as Google AdWords). Different types of Google Ads campaigns can be used to achieve specific goals including sales, leads, web traffic etc. There are several other PPC ad platforms such as Bing Ads, Yahoo: Search Ads etc.
A PPC Ad can be a purely text ad. You also can create a PPC ad as a banner, video or product listing. A PPC Ad consists of Headline, Display URL, Destination URL, and Description. There are character limits for PPC ads, and they vary according to platform.
A PPC ad must have the right keywords that enable the ad to appear in popular searches. Several keyword search tools are available that can suggest the best keywords for your PPC Ad. Popular tools include Google Keyword Planner,and Keyword Tool , to name a few.
When creating a PPC ad, the degree of keyword matching is significant. Broad match means customers will see the PPC ad if they enter searches that are “similar” to your keywords. Exact match is different. Here customers will only see the PPC ad if they enter the exact keyword, or keyword phrase in the search query. Negative match is a useful keyword criterion. This option allows you to select certain keywords that should not be linked to your PPC ad. This means, when users search for negative match keywords, your PPC ad will not be displayed.
PPC ads allow three basic targeting options based on device, location and language. You can choose which devices you want to target, such as smartphones and desktops. You can also target people within a specific geographical area. The third, language, allows you to choose a particular language for the ad.