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In the digital world, content is the undisputed king. But the real king is optimised content. That is content optimized for the search engines. Therefore, proper and efficient content management assumes great significance. As far as developing a new website is concerned, the key issue is which Content Management System (CMS) to use. This is important because a CMS is what you need to effectively manage the creation and editing of the entire range of digital content for your site. Professional digital agencies that offer CMS website development services can best answer this.

Why you need a CMS?

As a powerful site development tool, a Content Management system helps you build efficient websites for business success. Further, CMS websites are well maintained, optimized and easy to update.

CMS functionalities

Volga Tigris offers a host of content management services that exploit the full power of CMS platforms including various functionalities such as Standard an extra plugins for Blogging functionality, Media Publishing, Contact and Lead Generation Forms, Newsletter tools, Calendar, Forums and more.

CMS development is a niche area, and requires in-depth knowledge of various platforms and development tools. Also, we need to choose the best CMS form a wide choice of offerings. The CMS that best suits a business website’s goals and objectives needs to be identified.

We build simple as well as highly complex sites, and in the latter case 3rd party CMS may not work. In such cases Volga Tigris can build a customized CMS. Such customized CMS are highly flexible and adaptable to accommodate the changing needs of businesses.

Our customized CMS solutions offer an easy to use WYSIWYG interface that allows site administrators to modify the site using a mirror version, and then upload the new version.

CMS content management system

Diverse Content Management Systems

Custom Website Design & Development: This is used for building websites that are custom designed and developed. Custom sites are built after a thorough understanding of your business, and will have all the customized features that you need to support and grow your business.

WordPress Website Design: with WordPress powering nearly 22% of the world's website, it is clearly one of the most popular CMSs. WordPress can be used to build faster, template-based websites as well as more complex custom-designed WordPress website.

SharePoint Website Development: This CMS service is generally and widely used by government, semi-government or large enterprises. Its attraction is that it offers a stable and collaborative platform.

Sitecore Website Development: Sitecore is a comprehensive content management system that features tools for personalisation and fabulous marketing automation.

HubSpot Website Development: This is a new entrant in the world of Content Management Systems. It is gaining popularity as a CMS platform that is extremely powerful. It allows for complete marketing automation and website personalisation.

Drupal Website Development: Drupal website development platform is another option that is used to build complex websites. Comes with powerful features and customization tools.

Diverse content management systems


What is a CMS?

CMS refers to Content management system. It is a software used to manage content on a website. CMS has features to change and add content to a website without any technical knowledge or expertise.

Why should I choose a CMS website?

CMS is the best choice, as it allows you to effectively manage your website content without the need for any knowledge of coding and without any additional expenditure.

Is CMS easy to use?

Yes. You can easily publish web pages, and add new features by installing different plugins.

CMS is useful for ecommerce sites?

Yes. You can create powerful ecommerce sites using advanced plugins.

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