Any company that values its customers will want to know what the customer thinks of them. Feedback can be received by two means – either outbound where we call customers for the purposes of a survey or customer satisfaction services or through an inbound channel.

As one of the best customer care services in Dubai Here we are discussing the inbound channel. Inbound can also be of two kinds

  • Help Desk – Our customer care support services with various details of the products, timing, where to, how to etc., or
  • Customer care – Care as is mentioned here is to alleviate any issues that are being faced by our customers. They reach out to us when they need us most. As one the top customer satisfaction survey companies in Dubai we become the listening ear for their problems. Channels can be many – telephone, IVR, whatsapp etc, but here the essence is not in recording these issues but to be able to listen and address them.

As the best customer service provider company in Dubai we have a set of trained agents, who empathize with the end customers, hear them out, identify the root issues and try to solve it. Our customer service assistant could in some case do it directly (points tallying etc) or in certain other cases, they would have to then engage with our direct client counterparts, agree on a resolution and then take it back to the end customers.

We collect all the queries and problems they are facing by using that company's service and product. Then we forward the detail of the quires to that company for solving them. We are there every time for online customer support. We help the customers of our clients to solve their problems in a very professional manner. Our company is one of the best customer care services agencies in Dubai and a leading outsourcing supplier. We also provide data entry services in Dubai.

We provide 24x7 customer support to international companies

You find many BPO call centers in Dubai providing customer support service, but Volga Tigris is one of the best customer support service providers in Dubai. We do a lot of work for healthcare companies where we set up their hotlines, process data, promote their services, manage complaint support desks, and have managed to provide them with exemplary service. Our customer service assistant provides adequate information for your queries regarding our services. Our customer care service team is energetic for which they make everything easy for a customer.

What makes us different from others?

  • Good Support systems – Technology allows us the freedom to multi-channel or omni channel.
  • Easily accessible account management
  • Good natured and capable customer care agents
  • Quick turnaround
  • Scalability – can increase personnel quickly.
  • Have varied experience in the fields of customer care, customer satisfaction surveys, customer satisfaction, help desk etc
  • Multi language proficiency
  • Available 24/7
  • Support social listening
  • Available in Dubai