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We build highly responsive websites that respond to user behaviors and ensure great user experience across platforms, screen sizes, and orientations.

Responsive Web Design or RWD is all about a website design whereby a site functions in response to user behavior and in accordance with the type of environment based on the specific platform and screen size, orientation etc. In other words, Responsive web design (RWD) enables a website to be dynamic in terms of its appearance and functionality, as per device orientation and screen size and layout. Thus a responsive website works perfectly across multiple devices ranging from smartphones to large desktop monitors. Volga Tigris is proud to be reckoned among the top responsive website design companies in Dubai, offering top-quality responsive web design services at competitive rates for businesses across segments.

How RWD ensures this dynamic response? For that, it relies on “breakpoints” to define the site layout according to the environment. Various designs are stacked across breakpoints, with one design above a breakpoint and another below. Breakpoints are usually based on the width of the browser. However, the same HTML is used across all devices, using CSS (which determines the layout of webpage) to effect a specific page appearance. With a single codebase, RWD offers a seamless experience for users accessing the site on devices with screens of different sizes and layouts. If it was not for RWD, a separate site would be needed with corresponding codebase for multiple devices such as large screen monitors, desktops, laptops, tablets and all types of smartphones.

Responsive design works on the principle of reshuffling of page elements to fit various viewports. For instance, a three-column desktop design can be reshuffled to fit a two-column tablet or a single-column smartphone. To achieve this feat, responsive design uses proportion-based grids that help rearrange content and design elements for various viewing scenarios. Apart from providing seamless and uniform access and viewing experience across device types, responsive websites allows for altering appearances and hiding of certain elements such as background graphics. These functionalities are incorporated in accordance with users’ needs and preferences.

Obviously, RWD has multiple advantages over building separate sites for different device types and layouts. The major advantage is that using a single codebase can speed up the site development project, compared to the development time required to finish multiple distinct sites. Further, site maintenance is much easier, as it involves updating or revising a single set of code and content. Because new breakpoints can be added to a responsive website, according to new device layouts and other new features, RWD is definitely a future-proof design.

Seamless viewing experience

As mentioned, responsive web design works on shuffling elements across the page, and as such, both the design and development need to work in a coordinated fashion towards ensuring a hitch-free usable experience across devices. A truly responsive design must ensure that design elements work in the most appealing manner across diverse screen resolutions and sizes.

Usually what happens is that as site elements move around the page across various views, the user experience can drastically change. This is why graphic designers and web developers need to go in a highly coordinated fashion to ensure that the user experience is not compromised at all.

It must be said that there are several, and highly popular, responsive-design frameworks available in the market, such as Bootstrap, to help developers build responsive site designs. However, there needs to be a careful analysis and consideration of how the framework will display site content and support optimized functionality across devices and views.

As the leading responsive web design agency in Dubai, we conduct usability testing on designs. Especially for responsive web designs, we use testing across diverse platforms. To design a website that works perfectly across multiple configurations of its elements, across various screen sizes and orientations is no mean task. This is where a reliable and professional digital agency like Volga Tigris, renowned for providing amazing responsive web design solutions in Dubai, comes to your help.

Responsive design services - Volga Tigris
Responsive design agency - Volga Tigris

The Content

A major aspect of developing a responsive design is content prioritization. As you are aware, large desktop screens support display of more content compared to small smartphone screens. To view the same amount of content as is visible on a large desktop screen, it requires a lot of scrolling on smartphone. Smart content prioritization enables users using different devices to find the required content without any hassles.

Responsive design service - Volga Tigris

The Performance Factor

Another feature that requires careful attention is performance. If the design is not done meticulously, responsive sites can have performance issues. RWD makes use of the same code across devices, irrespective of whether various code segments apply to a particular design or not. Then how specific devices and layouts display different designs? This is achieved by effecting design changes at the client side. Every device receives the full multiple code written for all devices, but activates the code written for that particular device only.

A trusted responsive web designing company, we value user experience. To ensure the best user experience, we test our responsive designs in various environments with varying internet connection strengths and speeds. We then analyse how the site performs in such diverse conditions and optimize the design. As explained, good responsive designs must provide uniform, hassle-free access to content across device types and layouts. Also, we ensure download times are reasonably short across devices.

To conclude, responsive design can fail if not done carefully. Ensuring a great usable experience across devices means focusing on various elements such as content, design, and performance, and going for the most efficient coding.

The performance factor
Best responsive website design - Volga Tigris

Flexible grids and abstract thinking

To ensure that our clients get the best responsive website design, we rely on a smart mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and CSS media queries. Our responsive websites are designed to effortlessly switch across devices taking care of different resolutions, image sizes and scripting abilities.

The specific settings on different devices also matter. For example, if the user has a VPN on his device, the responsive design must not block him page access. Our website designs takes into consideration various user preferences.

We strongly believe that Responsive Web designs can be fabulous if the design and development team are good at abstract thinking. We have adopted an abstract approach to responsive web designing, and it has worked well.

Best responsive website design - Volga Tigris

The way to future site design

The future will see the emergence of new devices boasting new screen resolutions, sizes, color settings and layouts. With a full team of in-house web design and development experts, we can provide you with futuristic responsive design solutions at competitive prices.

Responsive design solutions - Volga Tigris


What is responsive web design?

It is a design model that allows the site to respond appropriately to user behaviour and device screen size and layouts.

Does responsive websites work on all devices?

Yes. RWD works on multiple devices with varying screen sizes and resolutions.

Why responsive site design is better than normal design?

Responsive design offers users a seamless and uniform site experience irrespective of device types and screen sizes and orientations.

Which is the best web design agency in Dubai for responsive design services?

Many web design companies offer responsive solutions. A leading name among them is Volga Tigris. We offer efficient and fail-proof RWD solutions at competitive prices.

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