Pinterest Marketing

Connect with new audience, building brand awareness and gaining high-quality leads or increasing website traffic.

Pinterest is just a huge collection of photos, graphics and videos, right? What it has to do with business marketing?
The fact is Pinterest can be called a visual search engine with unmatched power. It is a unique social media platform where brands can connect with target audience through attractive pins or visual posts—photographs, graphics or videos. With an active monthly user base of over 431 million, of which 55% looking for new photos or images of new products on the platform, it is an amazing tool to promote brands and products and drive traffic effortlessly. As claimed by Pinterest itself, it is where people feel safe to explore new ideas and try new things. Essentially, what people look for on Pinterest is inspiration.

Thus, for businesses with innovative ideas and catchy visual stories to share Pinterest advertising has become a smart marketing option where it is fairly easy to achieve goals such as better engagement with customers and enhanced brand awareness. The basic framework of Pinterest marketing is made of multiple elements including Pinterest profile for your business, content (pins), community boards (group of pins), Pinterest SEO and pin scheduling. Note that Pinterest uses pins and promoted pins (Pinterest ads).

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With years of successful experience as a leading digital marketing firm, Volga Tigris is uniquely positioned to offer the best Pinterest ads services in Dubai. Why we are preferred over other Pinterest ad agencies? The answer is we are reliable, innovative and technically competitive in designing and executing customized Pinterest advertising campaigns in Dubai. We take pride as the leading Pinterest marketing agency in Dubai with a full-fledged in-house team of designers and social media marketing professionals Read More

Do you know that money spent by shoppers on Pinterest is twice the expenditure on other social media platforms? This means businesses have a really fantastic social media channel to drive traffic and boost sales: Pinterest. We help your business to reach new heights using powerful Pinterest catalogues and Pinterest Shopping ads. We ensure that the Pinterest ad campaigns crafted by us reach the target audience who are willing to buy your products and services.

How we do it all? We are skilled at inspiring Pinterest shoppers to spend more and buy more and build a strong loyal customer base for your brand through effective Pinterest advertising strategies. We upload your product catalogues and then layer them with catchy and relevant ads in such a way as to build your audience and boost sales. Read Less

Smart marketing strategy

Pinterest Ads help marketers achieve goals such as brand and product awareness, consideration and conversions. Because we know that shopping on Pinterest is not just limited to dry transactions. Pinterest shopping is more of a discovery than normal shopping. It offers users a personalized experience. The advantage of Pinterest is that shoppers on Pinterest are 2.2 times more likely to experience a transformation of their vague shopping ideas into real buying compared to other social platforms. Read More

With a huge 64% of Pinterest users vouching for the efficacy of the platform in finding a product or service that they can trust, businesses stand to gain much out of Pinterest marketing. Not just that, shoppers on Pinterest spend 40% more on a monthly basis than shoppers on other social media networks

To reach all the goals of your Pinterest advertising, we employ free shopping tools available on Pinterest and impactful shopping campaigns to connect with the target audience. We make the Pinterest ads campaigns successful by designing and cleverly using attention-grabbing Shopping and Collection Ads. Interestingly enough, Pinterest marketing helps businesses achieve higher rates of conversions in terms of online sales and subscriptions, and further enhance offline sales as well by boosting in-store purchases.

If you need more convincing to embrace Pinterest marketing to boost your business, here it’s: The cost per conversion efficiency of Pinterest ads is 2.3 times that of ads on other social media. For retail brands, the return on ad spend given by Pinterest ads are twice that of other social ads.

Now let us see the various visual ad formats supported by Pinterest. They are standard (the normal graphic ads), videos (short animation clips) and shopping ads (ads that encourage users to shop). The standard ads are used to display your products using images and text in a vertical or square format. They are attractive due to their simplicity. Video ads allow brands to tell their stories in a compelling and engaging manner. The shopping ads have a powerful CTA that leads to actual purchases. Read Less

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The Pins

Now it’s time to pay some attention to pins. Pins need to be visually compelling, and they should narrate stories about brand and products in a way that inspires users to know more. Again, you can use standard pins, video pins and idea pins, as per your marketing goal.

For standard pins, quality vertical images are used. The focal point of the pin must be your brand. Using abstract images won’t get you the desired results. Never forget to put your logo on standard pins. The copy needs to be optimized, crisp and brief. You can add a link to the destination site in standard pins. Read More

If you use video pins, the copy needs to be optimized to get higher ranking in search results. The pin copy can have a title and description. The recommended length of video ads is 6-15 seconds. It is crucial to have an appealing cover image for the video pins.
Idea pins are unique to Pinterest. They make use of a multi-page canvas to showcase your interesting thoughts and ideas to the target audience. They are ideal for growing your loyal audience. Here real story-like content is what works best. No need of any links on idea pins, though.

Thus, it is clear that Pinterest advertising needs to carried out intelligently and in a planned manner. As the most reliable and competitive Pinterest marketing agency in Dubai, Volga Tigris can be your best partner for targeted Pinterest marketing campaign. Read Less



What is a pin on Pinterest?

A pin is a visual representation of a brand, product or concept. Pins are saved on Boards by users for later use, and collaboration.

What are the elements of a pin?

Image, link, title and description

What is a Pinterest Board?

It is a collection of pins.

What is the use of Group Boards?

They are used for collaboration and getting feedback from users.

Is Pinterest marketing effective?

Certainly. With a growing user base, Pinterest advertising is the best choice to connect with and engage a huge target audience.

Which is the best Pinterest marketing agency in Dubai?

All digital marketing agencies do Pinterest marketing as well. But the quality and effectiveness of Pinterest marketing varies from agency to agency. Volga Tigris, the best digital marketing company in Dubai offers reliable, results-driven Pinterest advertising services at competitive rates.

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