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Customized Twitter marketing campaigns enable brands to connect with their target audience effectively and gain valuable customer insights.

Twitter marketing has become an essential digital marketing strategy for businesses of all hues. Why? Statistics will give us the answer. Twitter has more than 145 million active daily users, and on average over 500 million tweets are generated daily. No business worth its name can afford to ignore Twitter advertising to connect with and engage existing customers and prospects.

Twitter offers a treasure trove of customer insights and brand-building opportunities that can significantly boost brand power and drive sales. Twitter wields enormous power as a social network, and as such your Twitter marketing strategy needs to be highly effective and targeted. As the most popular and results-driven Twitter advertising agency in Dubai, we craft and execute customized Twitter advertising campaigns that empower you to connect with customers and earn their loyalty and trust. We maintain a consistent brand tone in our Twitter marketing strategy.

How to create the best strategy for Twitter marketing in Dubai?

With an increasing number of Twitter followers in Dubai, Twitter advertising in Dubai has great potential as far as brand visibility and engagement are concerned. Envisioned as the best Twitter ads agency in Dubai, our Twitter ads are highly optimized for campaign success and lead generation. Twitter marketing can achieve its goals only if the Twitter marketing team has a thorough understanding of the platform’s philosophy, functional mechanism and features. The Twitter advertising strategy must fit the business’s social media strategy. Read More

Several elements need to be factored in to ensure success of your Twitter marketing campaign. These are explored in the following sections. Account audit is the first aspect. You need to list all the active Twitter accounts for your business, and those who manage them. Next you need to look at the tweet frequency, engagement rate, followers and other metrics. You can use any of the Twitter Analytics tools for this purpose. Read Less

Twitter marketing in Dubai - Volga Tigris
Twitter advertising - Volga Tigris

Define the goals

Deciding on the Twitter marketing goals is crucial. They need to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound (SMART), and must be in alignment with your brand and business objectives.
If more traffic to your website is an objective, then your Twitter marketing should help you improve your average click-through rate. The baseline click-through rate from your Twitter audit can be used to define your growth rate. Read More

Competitor analysis is also important. Regularly review your competitors’ Twitter accounts to identify any gaps in your or their strategy, and use these insights to your advantage.
Businesses must ensure that their Twitter accounts are active. Responding to messages and mentions are quite important. If your account generates high volume of conversations, it’s good to assign a team to monitor and respond. Several social media management tools for effective account handling are available today.

Random tweets that lack a coherent voice serve no purpose. Having a social media style guide ensures that your communications are fool-proof, consistent, target-focused and clear. Use of relevant hashtags and emojis without overdoing them is crucial. It is also very important to diplomatically respond to trolls and handle PR crises.

Yet another key element of your twitter marketing strategy is the content calendar. You should be ready with the required graphics and catchy & witty messages well in advance so that your Twitter ad campaign goes uninterrupted. Scheduling tweets are worth it. You need to evaluate performance against analytics, and determine the best posting times.

A social media content calendar also helps you align the content across platforms, and serves as a tool to identify gaps and conflicts in your strategy. When creating your calendar, consider some basic things such as the posting frequency, time, content focus, and approving authority. Read Less

Twitter advertising - Volga Tigris

Keep the balance

Obviously your tweets need to be well balanced. A content calendar is good to ensure the accepted rule of thirds, according to which ⅓ of tweets must focus on business, ⅓ on personal stories, and ⅓ on expert insights.

Now we move on to the most important part of Twitter marketing: measuring the impact. Regularly evaluating your campaign and analyzing the results against the pre-set SMART goals are critical to ensure success. You need to filter out vanity metrics and focus on relevant data only. For instance retweets, though welcome, are not great if real conversions don’t happen. Measuring impact can help you decide on the correct course correction strategies. Read More

Some of the fundamentals related to your Twitter account can’t be ignored. This includes ensuring your Twitter profile is complete with handle, header image, bio, url and location, and properly curating your feeds with Lists. Lists or curated feeds from selected accounts are what you need to focus on conversations that matter to your business. Twitter allows you to have any number of Lists (max 1000). Because tweets in the Lists are arranged chronologically, you can easily keep tabs on current and trending topics and events. It also makes sense to make lists of your competitors’ accounts, celebrities and industry thought leaders, and even your own team members.

User engagement is another focus of Twitter marketing. If you are looking at better user engagement, then consider holding a Twitter poll. Hashtags are another invaluable tool to boost your engagement and discoverability on Twitter. With a 280-character limit, Twitter ads rely much on impactful visuals including images and animation. Tweets with images are found to grab three times as much engagement, whereas tweets with videos get ten times as much engagement as non-visual, text tweets.

Volga Tigris, a leader in Twitter marketing in Dubai, can be your best partner in designing and executing the most targeted and cost-effective twitter ad campaign that can help you significantly grow your audience, promote your brand and products, drive traffic to your website, and increase leads and sales. We make use of detailed analytics on campaign results and cost-per-action to determine the best Twitter advertising strategy for you that works. Read Less

Twitter marketing - Volga Tigris


What is Twitter marketing?

Twitter marketing is a targeted marketing method that involves creating, publishing, and distributing content among your audience and followers on Twitter. The Twitter content (tweets) can include both text and visuals, including videos, GIFs, and emojis.

How good or useful is Twitter marketing?

Flexibility in terms of content and target audience, short message format, ability to include links to posts and landing pages, opportunity for real-time marketing, etc make it an excellent marketing platform.

Can we target a specific audience using Twitter marketing?

Yes, you can target the right audience based on interests, geography, gender, device, or users who have similar profiles as of your followers.

Which is the best Twitter marketing agency in Dubai?

There are several digital marketing agencies that offer Twitter marketing services in Dubai. Not all of them are competent, though. With a dedicated and skilled team of digital marketing professionals and creative designers, Volga Tigris Digital Marketing offers you the best, result-driven Twitter advertising services in Dubai. Our prices are highly competitive as well.

Is Twitter marketing costly?

Not at all. Twitter advertising costs vary based on ad type:
Promoted tweets cost $0.50 to $2.00 for each action, while promoted accounts cost $2 to $4 for each follow. Promoted trends cost $200,000 per day.

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