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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a common way of subcontracting different business-related tasks to third-party vendors.

Businesses across Dubai often outsource a portion of their business operations to a third party via BPO services or call center services Dubai. Organization relies on professional call center services in Dubai frequently instead of hiring an internal team to improve their business’s operational efficiency.

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24/7 Customer Support

Our call center solution Dubai offers 24/7 customer support to our clients, keeping our team reachable for all your call center solutions and customer support.

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Multi-Lingual Support

Our call center agency Dubai is equipped with a team of multi-lingual agents capable of meeting your PAN world requirements.

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In-House Agents

We are sourcing fully equipped in-house agents for call center solutions and IT professionals for smoothening the function of our outsourcing services.

Do Businesses in Dubai Require the Assistance of Inbound or Outbound Call Centre Services in Dubai?

For every business, nothing is more valuable than having satisfied and trusted customers. The business longevity in Dubai mainly relies on how they keep their customers satisfied with the quality of support that they offer for services and products. Call center outsourcing companies can reduce difficulties in this task. Customers always seek instant responses to their queries, thus joining forces with a reputable call center services Dubai is indispensable.

Inbound Call Center Service

Inbound Call Center Service

Are you facing trouble in missing calls and losing opportunities? Volga Tigris offers fast and reliable inbound call center services without missing another call. We have a fully equipped infrastructure in our Dubai-based office where we manage all our duties and responsibilities transferred to us on behalf of our valuable clients. Our professional agents are vastly experienced in dealing with different industries and provide extensive support to enhance your business progression and meet customer satisfaction, making us one of the reputed call center service providers in Dubai.

Outbound Call Center Service

Outbound Call Center Service

Volga Tigris is a superior marketing agency in Dubai, we ensure the business success of our diverse clientele in this age of internet marketing. Our professional tele-caller agents understand that outbound dialling is vital for every business’s marketing and customer service strategy. With a proven track of successful outbound call center services, we allow our clients to establish a constant relationship with their customers and convert the relationships into tangible business value.

Outbound Call Center Service

Meeting customer expectations can be a tough pill to swallow for entrepreneurs which is not as easy as it was a few years before. BPO companies in Dubai know the challenging reality of this scenario and promptly address customer queries because they always ask for quick and accurate solutions to their concerns.

However, some businesses especially for small scale businesses with the least financial resources may not have the ability to place outbound call center services or customer support of their own, there comes the need for a call center for small business.

This marks the need for a better call center solution Dubai like Volga Tigris, our in-house professional call center service providers take care of the customer support service for all types of businesses across the UAE.

Top-Notch Call Center Outsourcing Services for Financial Sectors in Dubai

Volga Tigris specialises in several services to financial institutions including reputable banks from different Emirates. Our professional agents are trained for comprehensive inbound and outbound call center services handling different financial operations in banking sectors including appointment scheduling, personal and small commercial loans, health & life insurance, and more, making us one of the best call center outsourcing companies in Dubai.

Sales are the most important service for every banking institution in Dubai. Volga Tigris is happy to provide our talented agents who possess extensive knowledge of every aspect of financial services including credit card and loan application processing. By prioritizing precision and professionalism, we aim to boost credit card sales in banking sectors through cost-effective call center solutions.

Benefits of hiring Volga Tigris for your financial service;

  • Credit Card and Loan Application Processing
  • Financial Product Selling
  • Cross-Selling
  • Upselling
  • Contact Through Several Channels
  • Domestic Call Center Services
  • Inbound and Outbound Call Centers

Apart from the above-mentioned, we are offering services for;

  • Processing Paperwork
  • Order Entry
  • Market Research
  • Special Database Construction

More than 70% of Consumers in Dubai Choose a Voice Channel for Assistance

These statistics reports on customer behaviour are sufficient to understand why businesses in Dubai deal with a massive volume of consumer queries daily. However, dealing with a large number of inbound calls is a daunting task if you are doing it solely. So, you must perform like a champion to reap the potential benefits from this.

Volga Tigris is one of the premier call center outsourcing companies in Dubai and offers comprehensive customer support solutions with our excellent inbound or outbound call center services. We work closely with our valuable clients to understand their business requirements and outsource customer support efficiently to gather valuable insights into their customer behaviour, purchase patterns, and current trends.

How Do Businesses in Dubai Manage the Increasing Number of Calls?

Businesses having large customer databases seek the assistance of reliable outbound call center services like Volga Tigris. We are an established call center service in Dubai with indispensable resources to deal with all inbound and outbound customer support. Our call center Dubai has a robust infrastructure laced with all the latest and modern amenities, keeping us one of the top BPO companies in Dubai.

Our extensive industrial experience in Dubai helps us to deliver top-notch call center solutions in Dubai with effective customer support and interactions. At Volga Tigris, our call-handling agents prioritize customer satisfaction and maintain a balance between average handle time and first-call resolution, making us stand out from other top call centers in Dubai.

Owing to our resources, we can ensure a holistic approach to customer support solutions. We understand that customers today consider voice channels to resolve their concerns, for which the need for an adequate inbound call center service is necessary. We on behalf of our client offer a swift response to all their customers, making them leave with a positive customer experience. This lets them talk positively about the company everywhere including on social media and fosters a positive brand image for our clients.

So, yes businesses must leverage call center outsourcing companies in Dubai to serve their customers with utmost priority.


Why is Volga Tigris One of The Best Call Center Companies in Dubai?

Of course, you can choose outbound call center services from many service providers in the Dubai market to handle your customer-related business operations. Nevertheless, the main factor that makes Volga Tigris’s call center services Dubai trustworthy is our extensive industrial experience in the UAE market for the last 5+ years.

Volga Tigris is an excellent choice for a call center for small businesses in Dubai. Our expertise in outsourcing customer support through excellent BPO services makes us one of the prominent call center outsourcing companies in Dubai.

So, if you are looking for a leading call center service provider for your Dubai business, we are interested in expanding your business profit. Outsource a portion of your call center operation to us and experience the change with our top-class inbound and outbound BPO services.

Core Industries Where Volga Tigris Serves our BPO Services in Dubai

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Banking & Finance

Banking and Financial institutions across the UAE collaborate with Volga Tigris for outsourcing their non-core functions such as customer support, data entry, and back-office operations, allowing them to reduce their operational expenses.

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The manufacturing industry in Dubai possesses high competition, our comprehensive BPO services manage the back-office tasks of our manufacturing clients focusing on customer support, data entry, payroll processing, and supply chain management.

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Volga Tigris helped most of the renowned education institutions in Dubai in increasing enrollment and providing quality customer support by working around staff and resource constraints.



We work with leading medical clinics and pharmacies across the UAE and remove their burdens from patient data privacy issues, managing patient volumes, ethical issues, and more with our professional BPO services.



Our professional call center agents establish a robust relationship with customers and understand their changing behaviour, preferences, and trends, allowing businesses to focus on core competencies.



At Volga Tigris, we offer customer services on behalf of insurance companies and take their burden off by managing the back-office services efficiently and cost-effectively.