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Who doesn’t want his/her business to grow? No one. But along with business growth, you need to upgrade your website as well to keep pace with this new momentum in traffic and sales, and to reflect your new brand image. With customized web migration services for businesses of all types, Volga Tigris is the leader in all types of web hosting migration solutions.

By definition, website migration happens when a website moves from one environment to a different one, or there is a change in the domain name of a website. Talking in terms of SEO, a transition can be a migration if a site’s URL structure experiences a fundamental change. If changes occur in the location, platform, layout, content, architecture, or UX of a website, it amounts to site migration. Website migration involves redirecting all of your old web pages to new pages. This is done to prevent any fall in rankings caused by moving or changing your site.

Hassle-free Website Migration

We ensure the most seamless website migration for our clients. We brief our clients about the implications as well as the precautions to be taken to have a great and rewarding site migration. The main point to keep in mind is to maintain the SEO ranking of your site while moving to a new custom website. Along with that you need to ensure that your new site doesn’t have any performance issues and all the site features are working properly. It should not take too long for your site after migration to get back to its peak performance level.

Further, website migration requires close analysis of the most popular web pages and those content that generate high traffic. In most cases, FAQ page needs a rewriting, because FAQ page can drive significant traffic.

It is crucial to rehash content with the new site structure without losing any information. Also, restructuring without careful consideration of multiple factors can cause issues elsewhere. Every onsite URL on the website needs to be carefully removed and/or adjusted. Website migration requires expertise, great focus and time for it to be successful and glitch-free. Our web migration team can help migrate your website on search engine platforms without having any kind of performance issues. Indexing new URLs is crucial to maintaining a smooth search experience for users; and when they search for your site, they will be redirected to the new site in a hassle-free manner.

Maintain Search Engine Rankings

Site migration is no mean task. Moving all major features of an existing website to a new website can be a daunting task, and involves perfect coordination and management.

Obviously this process is complex yet with the right team of web migration experts we can assure you the best results. We can assure high search engine ranking through the best web migration service.

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the stages involved

The stages involved

The first thing to do is performing an audit in the proper way. Old and irrelevant material needs to be removed or updated on your new website. At the same time deleting all the old web pages can negatively impact search ratings based on keywords. A lot of focus and thinking goes into deciding the alteration strategy. Changes must be done in a way that helps the new site to function better, and drive more traffic. Read More
The next step is performance analysis of your website. We employ the best and most effective tracking and evaluation tools on your website to monitor its performance. Our tools help us to understand the visitors’ user journey and their behavior patterns. Equally important is to analyse the bounce rate and the average duration each visitor spends on a page. All these information is crucial in designing strategies to improve the overall website performance.

Next, we focus on Redirect Maps. Mapping your old site’s links to the new ones is quite important. Multiple elements need to be factored in to properly assess the links on the two sites. This is a detailed and time consuming process. It involves a lot of specific details and creating the best mapping formula depends on your current website and its infrastructure.

Obviously, once the redirect map is ready, it’s time to implement the same. It needs to be understood that your current website is known and popular among your users. It is quite likely that they have already bookmarked and saved the website on multiple devices. Thus, implementation of redirects of your established links to the new website is important for ensuring a smooth user journey. This makes sure that your current users do not miss any key information and are able to easily access your new website.

Now we move on to another key aspect, that is performance review. This too is a crucial step and several factors need to be considered while assessing the performance of your new website. They are listed below:

Look for any errors or hurdles in performance while reviewing the site Check each and every link on your website is working properly. Look for bugs and fix them. Ensure website upgrades are done promptly Ensure domain names are renewed Once we identify the major and minor issues on your website, we move on to fixing them. Yet another important element is to provide timely updates to the website. This can considerably improve its overall performance. With a full-fledged team of web experts, we keep abreast of latest trends and developments in this segment and implement the same on your website on an individual project basis.

Having a detailed Website Migration Plan is the next step. Let’s see the stages in website migration in some detail. It involves a lot of processes including, Scoping & Planning Of Migration, Pre Launch & Post Launch Preparation, Pre Launch Tests & Checks and Migration Launch Activities. It also involves Post Launch Tests and Checks, Website Performance Reviews & Monitoring and more.

During the website migration process, it is important to eliminate old material that is irrelevant or completely useless. In some cases, it can be updated on the new website. As mentioned earlier, website performance analysis is done by placing relevant tracking tools on your website, which is followed by assessment and comparison of links on the two websites. Finally, redirect the existing links to the new site, and regularly test the site for any errors or flaws.

Clearly web migration is not a simple task at all. Migrating a new website (or part of a website) requires careful assessment, analysis and planning. Only a digital agency with the right team of web professionals who are up-to-date and skilled can do this extremely difficult task.

But no worries, Volga Tigris can help you with the best and most effective web migration solution. We take care of the whole process from A to Z, and you can just relax. Our endeavor is to ensure your website is stunning and enjoys peak performance and your traffic and leads grow significantly. Read Less

the stages involved


What is web migration?

In SEO terms, site migration is making great changes to a website that can impact the visibility of the site on search engines. From a site developer’s perspective, a website migration is moving an existing site from one place to another.

Which is the best agency in Dubai that offer effective web migration services?

Volga Tigris offers the best website migrations services in Dubai, and our process is based on the most advanced strategy, which involves setting the appropriate objectives and processes, monitoring progress, testing the new site, deleting and updating content and a lot of tests and checks to ensure optimal performance.

Is web migration complex?

Yes. It requires advanced web skills and competency to successfully undertake a web migration project.

How long it will take to complete a web migration project?

It depends on the existing site and its pages, the number of links and the SEO ranking and so many other parameters.

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