We provide Email Marketing Services that turn prospects into potential clients. Sending emails is a great way of getting more leads to your business because email marketing is considered one of the effective digital marketing strategies. Also, it builds a strong relationship with the clients. Preparing your email template with the right content is always a challenge to many companies. You don’t want to enter into a prospects spam list.


Below are the few reasons why email marketing services are so powerful

  • Email is the most used and visited channel by people on a daily basis
  • Creating and maintaining your own email list has an advantage over the competitors
  • High conversion rates can be achieved
  • Higher click-through rate than social media
  • Return on investments (ROI) is higher
  • Email is an effective way of attracting new customers


Email Campaigns

We will not make you a SPAM!  It impacts a well-crafted message that you can have on your clients plus the CRM and lead development. Email marketing helps you connect with your target audience through your database to promote your brand, promotion, new arrivals, news, events, promo codes, birthday greetings, and increase sales. We can do a lot more and you can say many things in just one go. We can also add links to your email to lead them to your social media sites and websites.


The newsletter is the newspaper of your clients. They usually read the newsletter to know more about what you exclusive offers to your loyal customers. Usually, promo codes on the newsletter are the most common thing that your clients are waiting for. We can send them anything you want to say across all of the news in your brand. You can send as many as you want, email is free.


 Responsive and Segmented Emails

A responsive email is an email that looks good on any device. We build templates that automatically adapt to all screen resolutions across all devices, letting subscribers read emails with ease.  Segmentation is the personalization of email subscribers into smaller segments based on set categories. This will deliver a more relevant email to the specific segment on your database to reach the proper audience.