Are you a startup? Are you concerned by the fact that almost 90% of the startups fail, whatever the reasons could be? How you can promote your brand and products and services among the right audience? How can you drive traffic to your business or ecommerce site? And, how can you achieve better sales? Well, to be successful as a startup, you need to consider many aspects. Effective, targeted digital marketing is one of the crucial pillars that can stand your startup in good stead, and help you connect with your potential customers and drive traffic and boost conversions and sales. Volga Tigris is a leading digital marketing agency in Dubai, offering optimized ppc services in Dubai. We have helped many a startup grow their business through effective, customized and optimized digital marketing strategies including finest ppc advertising solutions. You need to manage your ppc campaign intelligently.

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What is PPC management?

Pay per click management refers to the complete management of a business’s PPC based advertising and expenditure. It looks at the best ppc strategies and optimized ad spend methods. Companies hire competent digital marketing agencies for the effective PPC management services. Volga Tigris has been hired by several businesses for managing their PPC buys.

PPC or pay per click is an effective internet marketing model where advertisers pay a fee every time their digital ads are clicked on by a user. You can say that you are essentially buying visits to your business website or ecommerce site.

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PPC management services

This involves multiple aspects including keyword analysis, finding the most efficient channel strategy, analysis of search term reports, ROI assessment, competitor analysis, negative match study and more. If you are a startup, the possibility is that you don’t have a full-fledged team of digital marketing experts who can handle your ppc ad management effectively. In such cases, partnering with a competent digital agency like Volga Tigris that is reputed as a leading ppc service agency in Dubai makes sense.

As a reliable ppc advertising agency in Dubai, we have all the human and technological resources to manage the ppc campaigns of businesses across sectors. Resources include experience digital professionals and advanced database and software systems that can deliver optimized ppc management services reliably.

ppc management services - volga tigris
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PPC audit and PPC management

The field of paid search is ever evolving. There is no guarantee that yesterday’s strategies will work today. Also, PPC is fairly complex and new features are introduced on a regular basis. To ensure that ppc campaigns are successful and efficient, businesses need to have a deep understanding of the mechanics of the PPC marketing. It is not just about allocating a reasonable budget for your ppc advertising.

Here is where ppc audits assume great importance. Ppc audits help you assess how your ppc campaign performing. PPC audits evaluate the short-term and long-term performance of your ppc strategy, and if needed, can make the necessary fine-tuning to ensure best results.


Newly established companies need to have a strong strategy to promote their brands and connect with potential customers through digital channels. This ppc strategy focused on startup companies is called startup ppc.
Essentially ppc management is a process whereby the best ppc strategy is defined and your ppc ad spend is managed in the most efficient manner.
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Volga Tigris is ranked among the best ppc marketing companies in Dubai. Our services are result-driven and are affordable.