Is Your Website Attracting Sufficient Visitors?

How good is your website traffic? Not very encouraging? Are you upset with high bounce rates and low conversions? Well, these are indications that its high time you optimized your website for not just higher search engine ranking but high conversions as well.

Search engine optimisation is the process of enhancing the visibility of a website when people search for products or services related to the business (represented by the site) in search engines such as Google and Bing. Better site visibility in search results ensures more attention and more traffic to your site from prospects and existing customers. A note of caution here: most SEO agencies focus only on rankings. They aren’t bothered about converting leads into sales. Obviously, such an SEO approach won’t benefit the client much. Volga Tigris, the leading SEO company in Dubai assures high rankings, leads and sales conversions through strategic SEO services.

As the best SEO agency in Dubai, we help our clients grow their client base and improve the bottom line through cutting-edge SEO strategies. With most visitors clicking on one of the top five suggestions that appear on the search page your site or online store must show up in one of these top positions if you want to attract more visitors. As one of the best SEO agencies in Dubai, Volga Tigris is committed to getting the best ranking for your site. We are one of the most trusted SEO agencies in Dubai thanks to our top-class in-house talent pool of SEO experts who ensure your site is fine-tuned for both local and international SEO.

Our SEO process begins with an in-depth analysis of your website so as to identify gaps in SEO and any site features that need enhancement. We then come up with a detailed action plan. As the provider of best SEO services in Dubai, we employ a strategic mix of keywords and in-line messaging to enhance your site visibility across relevant searches. As a trusted and responsible SEO agency in Dubai, Volga Tigris offers only white-hat SEO strategies. We look at various ranking factors beyond search engine visibility and indexing. These include optimized and relevant content, HTML markup and more. Competitive analysis is also performed to ensure your site remains a notch above.

Best SEO Strategy in 2022

Even as the fundamentals of SEO remain the same careful fine-tuning of the SEO strategy is required to incorporate the latest algorithm updates and changes in search trends to ensure the best results. Sure, SEO will continue to be the main contributor to aggregating traffic in the future as well. However, SEO is ever dynamic, and we ensure that emerging technologies and trends always drive our SEO strategy. As the leading SEO agency in Dubai we always stay up-to-date with the latest developments in SEO. Our expertise run across the full spectrum and our SEO solutions for 2022 are formulated based on emerging SEO elements such as Core Web Vitals, People also ask, Keyword clustering, AI-generated content, Content optimization software, Rich snippets and Long-form content along with all that has defined SEO till now.

SEO Services

Every business worth its name wishes that its website ranks high on the first Google search results page and missing out on this is considered a grave failure. Whatever your business sector or size a good position in Google results is a prerequisite for success. As the best SEO company in Dubai, our SEO services are aimed at improving our client's position in the search results of Google and other search engines. What makes us a leading SEO agency in Dubai is our innovative SEO approach that is driven by an analysis of organic search traffic metrics and the creation of search-optimized, engaging and relevant content. We take pride in our unique status as the best SEO company in Dubai with an impressive portfolio of clients across UAE, who trust us for the best and most innovative SEO services in Dubai.

Our SEO Process

Initial Review & Analysis: This stage consists of multiple activities including in-depth site analysis, duplicate content check, competitor analysis, keyword analysis, baseline ranking check, keyword URL mapping, broken links check and Google penalty check.

On-Page SEO

In basic terms, optimizing web page content with relevant keywords so they are easily distinguishable or searchable by search engines is called On-page SEO. It involves regularly researching relevant keywords, ensuring the on-page content satisfies the user's query, building internal and outbound links, and having well-structured content for the different search engines. Improving the search ranking of a website is not an overnight exercise. Different factors contribute to the ranking and as the top SEO agency in Dubai, we take each of these factors into account. We aim at reducing the negative factors while enhancing the positive factors that boost your website’s ranking.

As the most trusted SEO agency in Dubai, our on-page SEO tactics consists of canonicalization, header and footer tags optimization, internal links structuring & optimization, content creation and optimization, Robots.txt creation/analysis, HTML/XML sitemap creation/analysis, Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics setup, Google analytics goal conversion setup, title and meta tags optimization, image and hyperlink optimization, Bing Webmaster tools setup, website usability analysis, checking of header status/meta robots/Google cache of pages, checking mobility issues, Custom 404 page analysis, URL analysis, adding No follow tag on unwanted external links etc. Read More

With the SEO Audit insights, the team works at enhancing the website performance on all the parameters so as to make the site SEO-optimized. The Volga Tigris SEO strategy is impactful, and your site gets a decisive edge over competitors’ sites. Read Less

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO can be considered an on-page SEO strategy as it involves tactics that improve multiple elements on the website to get higher rankings. Technical SEO aims at better organic ranking by ensuring that the website meets the technical requirements of search engines. Major Technical SEO elements include crawling, indexing, rendering and website architecture. Technically optimized site pages are easily found, crawled, rendered and indexed by search engines.

As a competent SEO agency in Dubai, we apply the complete set of technical SEO principles—such as ensuring page security, mobile optimization, eliminating duplicate content, speeding up site load time etc., in addition to those mentioned earlier.

Site load time deserves special focus. Google says that a 10-second delay in loading a page can increase the bounce rate by more than 123 percent! Further, a mere one-second delay in page load time leads to a decline of 11% in page views, 16% in customer satisfaction and 7% in the conversion rate. Besides, over 50% of users abandon the purchase if the website is very slow and quit the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to display. With in-depth knowledge about advanced technical SEO practices, our SEO experts can enable you to enjoy business growth by ensuring your website is technically optimized to perfection.Read More

Schema & Structured Data Markup: This is another on-page SEO element. If the page has associated structured data, it enables Google to understand the page content better. Google uses some types of structured data to display “rich results” in SERPs. As rich results are displayed at or near the top of SERPs, they have higher click-through rates than normal organic listings. As the top SEO company in Dubai, we do effective schema markup for the site by implementing logo optimization, putting schema on contact address, breadcrumb and blogs. Read Less

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Link Auditing & Managing Negative Google Review

SEO gone wrong can result in severe traffic loss. Two key factors that can spell doom for your site in terms of ranking are bad backlinks and negative Google reviews. SEO algorithms change frequently and if you use outdated SEO strategies you stand to lose. Further, websites are always prone to attacks which in turn can affect search ranking. But the key point is that any of these scenarios can make Google review your site in a negative manner and even penalize your site—again bringing down site ranking. As the best SEO company Dubai, we are always ahead of the SEO curve and employ latest SEO strategies that really work. We look at the whole scenario when it comes to SEO solutions.

Backlinks from trusted and authorized sites can really boost site ranking. But what can damage your site’s ranking are unfavorable or harmful backlinks to your website. You can rely on our strategic SEO solutions to bring exciting and healthy organic traffic to your site. Ranked as the most competent SEO agency, we do proper link auditing to keep your site free from spam links. We implement the best SEO strategies to help you avoid Google penalties.

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Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO (also called off-site SEO) refers to activities and strategies that take place outside a website and are aimed at boosting site ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs). In fact, off-page SEO is crucial component of a successful SEO strategy. You need to have a good understanding of how it works, and how effective it is in boosting site visibility to make the best of off-page SEO. Off-page SEO is not a simple project. It involves multiple SEO tactics, but excludes updating or publishing website content.

Off-page Optimization is best achieved through building links from reliable sites. In fact, building backlinks is the core of off-page SEO. This is so because search engines consider backlinks to your site as a measure of your site’s quality and authority. The more high-value backlinks your site has the better your search ranking will be. Read More

As the top-most SEO agency in Dubai, we work on multiple strategies in addition to building backlinks and reclaiming lost links. These include brand building, listings in directories, citation building, and content marketing--that includes publishing compelling content on online sites, posting engaging content on social media, bookmarking etc., as part of off-page optimization. All these are aimed at enabling both search engines and users to understand your website better and thereby significantly increasing your website's authority and relevance.

Rated as the most trusted SEO agency in Dubai, Volga Tigris offers the best off-page SEO solutions. Our monthly off-page optimization services include submission and promotion of blogs/guest blogs, articles, videos, infographics/images and classifieds; publishing press releases, blog comments; social media sharing; micro blogging; video channel analysis and video title, tag & description optimization and more. Read Less

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Content Marketing

Your marketing team might have created a highly relevant and engaging piece of content. But it doesn’t mean much to your business if that content fails to reach your target audience. Billions of searches are conducted every day and if your content remains hidden from public view it’s not worth the effort.

What’s the solution? Content marketing, of course. Let’s see what content marketing is, Content marketing, as an off-page SEO strategy is a powerful marketing technique that involves creating and distributing relevant and informative content among clearly defined audience so as to trigger desired customer action.

Content marketing is especially effective in building customer loyalty and positioning your brand as a thought leader in the market. As the best SEO company in Dubai, we can create content that reflects powerful thought leadership. Our content marketing strategies can ensure long and short-term profitability for your businesses. Because content can be used throughout the sales and marketing funnel—from enhancing online visibility to conversions, content marketing forms a core element of our SEO strategy and features across multiple digital strategies, including Search marketing, Email marketing and Social media promotion.Read More

We help drive traffic to your website through a strategic mix of content marketing and SEO. Ranked among the top SEO agencies in Dubai, we employ both content marketing and SEO in our digital strategy. With as many as 75% of users preferring not to scroll past the first page of Google search result pages, you need to incorporate SEO into your content marketing strategy to ensure a strong digital presence for your brand by attracting traffic to your site. Google always appreciates and rewards good content. It crawls content that contains keywords and ranks it based on its relevancy, quality and usefulness. Content marketing can greatly complement your site optimization efforts. As Google likes new, updated content for indexing purposes, it is important to publish fresh content.

Being a highly competent and reliable SEO agency in Dubai, we can craft the most impactful content marketing solutions for your business. We employ multiple tactics including blogs, guest blogs, classified pieces, articles, press releases, infographics and PowerPoint presentations to strengthen the content marketing strategy. We can help your site gain high domain authority by enhancing the number of backlinks for your site through strategic content marketing. Domain authority (DA) strongly reflects your business’ reputation. Google considers your site to be highly reliable and relevant if your site has a higher DA score. Great content if marketed properly can secure high-quality backlinks for your site. We use digital PR, social media amplification and outreach activities to achieve this.

Operating in the UAE as an innovative SEO agency in Dubai, we follow the best practices in content marketing: we start off with creating a clear strategy based on your brand, target audience and your products/services. We then do deep keyword research to create optimized and sharable content. Next, we define your publishing space where your content is most likely to be read. This is followed by creation of a smart content calendar for effective publishing of the content. All along we consider user/search intent. Finally, we continuously track the status of the content marketing effort using strong analytical tools, and identify gaps and fine-tune the strategy. Read Less

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Local SEO

As you guessed, Local SEO is the practice of optimizing a website to enhance brand awareness and get more traffic and leads from local search. Local SEO is implemented by identifying local keywords, optimizing a business’s Google My Business profile and building “NAP” citations.

Ranked as the best SEO agency Dubai, our local SEO strategies are one of the best and are designed to optimize your online platform for better visibility and leads through local searches. Studies show that 46% of all searches in Google have local intent. With 97 percent of consumers searching for local services, local SEO strategy assumes great significance for a business. With the penetration of data and mobile and hand-held devices it becomes more crucial to put more effort into Local SEO. As many as 82 percent of smartphone users search for local services/products through search engines. Needless to say no business would want to miss out on this opportunity. In other words, local SEO is inevitable for anyone having an online presence for his/her business. Read More

Google relies on a unique set of ranking factors while ranking sites in local search results, including the location of the search, NAP citations, presence of Google My Business listing, keywords used in Google My Business profile, online reviews and used keywords, number of “check-ins” at that location, shares on social media and Google Maps star rating for that business.

Let Volga Tigris, the top SEO company Dubai, do the best local SEO for your site and help it rank high in the search engine results page. Read Less

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Geo-Targeted SEO

In order to succeed, your business needs to be visible in the geographical regions where your target audience is present. As the leading SEO company Dubai, we have the most effective geo-targeted SEO strategies with proven techniques that can boost your site or e-shop visibility in specific areas. Precise geo-targeting can help in bringing more footfall to your brick-and-mortar store because online visibility is found to have a direct bearing on physical store visits.

Whether it is local SEO or international SEO implementation, Volga Tigris is the top SEO agency in Dubai for geo-SEO solutions. With our SEO services, you can improve your digital marketing and optimization efforts to connect with target customer segments interested in your products. Geo targeting helps to:

Improve customer engagement

Connect with the target audiences with strong buying intent

Streamline your digital marketing campaign

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App Store Optimization (ASO)

A strong element of SEO, ASO or App Store Optimization is the process of optimizing and improving mobile app visibility in the many app stores available predominantly on Google Play and IOS App Store. As a leading SEO agency Dubai, Volga Tigris offers high-end ASO services at affordable rates. If you have a specialized app for your business that you want to optimize for the app stores, look no further than Volga Tigris.

Having provided efficient SEO services to leading brands in UAE, our ASO solutions are the best. It is a relatively new and technically demanding service, and you will need partners that can ensure your apps are easily accessible and searchable on these stores. We have the best team of digital experts who possess in-depth knowledge and relevant experience to optimize apps. Read More

How we do it?
We, being the No. 1 SEO agency in Dubai, figure out the most valuable keywords and optimize your app to make it more visible than your competitors’ apps are. We also ensure that this becomes easily discoverable by your target audience. This obviously brings down your customer acquisition costs. Further, engaging the right audience on the right platform will allow for the app to garner positive feedback and reach a wider or a more global audience.

Ranked among the top SEO companies in Dubai, we regularly monitor campaign results. Supported by high-end tools for researching keywords, and monitoring competitors and performing analytics, we can assure you the quickest possible results, be it for search or downloads. Every parameter is considered to boost your app's download rate, starting from app name, app size, categorization, compliance with multiple OS etc. Read Less

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SEO Copywriting

Writing copy aimed at boosting on-page SEO is called SEO copywriting. SEO copywriting is an artful strategy aimed at boosting a brand’s search engine ranking. Your content needs to be informative, relevant and authoritative to grab maximum attention. Crisp content that is optimized for higher search ranking can go a long way in enhancing brand awareness and customer loyalty. Further sites with such compelling and SEO-friendly content are found to gain external links organically.

As a leading SEO company Dubai, Volga Tigris values content and explores its maximum potential with respect to SEO and ranking. We employ specific SEO tools, and our skilled content creators prepare the perfect content that ensures more traffic and customer engagement. We deliver the best SEO copywriting services in our capacity as the best SEO agency in Dubai. Read More

Our SEO-focused copy contains actionable, easy to understand but topic-relevant content that enhances your site’s authority. Whether it is copywriting for site pages, blogs or Google ads, we have the right team of writers at our Dubai office. We do specialized keyword research to identify the potential keywords that need to be embedded into your copy in a seamless manner. Our content reflects the latest trends, emerging possibilities and challenges associated with the topic’s domain. Further, we thoroughly optimize meta information and pictures.

Our SEO copywriting helps to boost content value and ensure stronger page focus. It is designed to significantly encourage conversions, be it signing up for your newsletter or a free trial of your products or services, or making a purchase. Read Less

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Focus on Local Business Listing and Map Optimisation

Why local business listing and map optimization are important in your SEO strategy? Businesses need to remain visible in local searches to ensure growth. The two strategies that can help you achieve this are Local Business Listing and Map Optimisation. A key aspect of our local SEO strategy, local listing (or local citation)--an online mention of the business name, address, contact details, website link, etc. across local directories, websites, blogs, social media and apps—can enable users to find local businesses, and increase search ranking and traffic.

When searchers type in the exact location or "near me" in the search query, only the top-ranking sites on Google SERPs will get high traffic. This is true for both mobile and desktop. Thus Google maps optimization is quite important. Google Maps optimization helps improve the site’s ranking on the Google Maps search results page. As the best SEO company Dubai, we properly set up your Google My Business profile, use quality images and other practices to get your business ranked high on location-based searches and on Google Maps, Bing Maps and more.

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How SEO Can Ensure Business Growth?

Digital presence or Internet exposure is not a luxury but a necessity for not just ecommerce firms but brick-and-mortar businesses as well. For businesses to stay ahead in terms of competition and growth they need to have a strong online brand identity and presence and need to better connect and engage with their customer base. Businesses need to think beyond basic web presence and feedback management.

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Comprehensive SEO Strategy

No doubt SEO is an essential tool that can enhance the ranking of your site. SEO is a vast and complex process and done effectively can significantly boost brand awareness, increase traffic to your site, generate more leads and enhance your bottom line. We craft impactful SEO strategies that strengthen your brand’s authority. With a higher ranking for your website in search engines your brand’s credibility increases. Note that SEO will not bring instant results. SEO is a long-drawn process and requires time and effort to fetch the gains.

A comprehensive SEO strategy can’t ignore the overall user experience of the website. Beyond higher visibility, we focus on creating fulfilling and positive user experiences for users who visit your site. Two things matter: ease of use and fast loading. We can suggest and implement changes in user interface and site navigation features and improve page loading time so that your site is ranked higher as search engines consider site quality in its website recommendations.

Partnering with Volga Tigris, an experienced and competent digital marketing agency with an in-house team of top-of-the-line SEO specialists offering the best SEO services in Dubai, can be a game-changer for your business. Our strategic SEO services are designed to help you achieve targeted organic search traffic that is relevant to your industry through enhanced brand visibility and exposure. With advanced SEO solutions we can improve your conversion rates significantly.

When consumers begin to trust your brand, your reputation rises, enhancing the value of your brand. It is a necessary component for the success of your business. SEO helps in increasing brand awareness, which in turn increases your chances of acquiring more customers in your target audience. As one of the best SEO agencies in Dubai, Sharjah and across the UAE, we are committed to attaining the best results for our customers

Why Consider Volga Tigris For Your SEO

As a top SEO agency in Dubai, Volga Tigris adopts a structured approach to SEO. We analyze your business and market in detail and audit your website to arrive at the most effective optimization strategy. Our prime focus is to drive organic and unpaid traffic to your website and boost conversions. We are a leading SEO agency ever eager to apply the latest trends, strategies and approaches in Search engine optimization to deliver the best and most impactful solutions to our clients. We always deliver on our promises. We take an integrated and holistic approach to SEO and every aspect big and small is carefully considered before formulating a customized SEO strategy.

Being the most strategic and industry-leading SEO agency in Dubai with high-end expertise in on-page, off-page and other SEO strategies, we can help businesses build their online presence and reputation and achieve better conversions and sales. We have one of the best in-house teams of SEO experts who can elevate your website in terms of ranking in both local and international searches. Our SEO solutions are results-driven, reliable and competitive.

Our client portfolio features some of the leading brands in UAE. It’s not just big corporates who have benefited from our SEO services. We have helped innumerable small and medium companies, as well as startups, grow in a highly competitive environment through innovative SEO strategies. With reliability, innovation, customer satisfaction, affordability, high-end skills and rich experience powering our business vision, we are fully qualified to be your strategic SEO partner.

What Sets Us Apart?

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A team of dedicated Senior SEO Consultants

Trust our SEO experts: you will have read this sentence many times, but we assure you that with us, it will be different. Our team of SEO consultants managed all kinds of projects, both local and international, even when the scenario was adverse (sudden changes in the search engine algorithm, recovery of penalized sites, etc.)

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Constant follow up

We don't just carry out the task assigned to us, but we always try to surprise you with new ideas and solutions: this is the difference between a supplier and a partner, in addition to a good dose of positivity that certainly distinguishes us!

Some Facts Depict How SEO is Crucial

90% of overall traffic on the web is generated by search engines


57% of B2B marketers believe SEO is the top leads generator when compared to other marketing methods


81% of people use search engines to do their homework before accomplishing a big purchase


64% of internet users depend on reviews online to decide whether to buy something or not



Why should I choose Volga Tigris for SEO services?

The first reason is our reputation. We are the best SEO agency in Dubai, with respect to the strategies employed, execution efficiency, and technological expertise. Our team of experienced SEO specialists thoroughly audit your website to identify gaps and fix issues to help it rank better. Our SEO Services are comprehensive. With valuable insights gained over years of operating as a top SEO Agency in Dubai, we are capable of providing customized and targeted SEO services to businesses of all types.

Our in-house team of SEO specialists are well experience with all the SEO practices. They have successfully implemented cutting-edge SEO strategies for diverse businesses ranging from real estate, food delivery, business consultancy, education, healthcare, fitness, beauty salons, rent a car and more. Some of our unique features that make us the No.1 SEO company Dubai are listed below:

1) Full-fledged in-house SEO team comprising digital marketing professionals, web engineers, data analysts, content writers and more.
2) Full grasp of various business models and marketing KPIs
3) Experience serving diverse industries.
4) Small and complex Project experience
5) Familiarity with multiple verticals
6) Impressive client list including Government, Semi-Govt., National, Multinational, SME & Start-ups
7) Multilingual SEO expertise

We are one of the most popular SEO agencies in Dubai because of our competence in SEO solutions, reliability, and results-driven strategies. Our services are affordable too. We consider the whole range of SEO services. We do the best competitor analysis of top-ranking websites to identify various issues like content/keyword gaps, link gaps, content needing improvement and optimization, Keyword cannibalization etc. Call us to know more about our strategic SEO services that can give your business enhanced visibility and better traffic.

What does all Volga Tigris offer under your complete SEO service package?

Volga Tigris ranks among the best SEO services agencies in Dubai and offers the full set of SEO services. SEO with keyword stuffing is just a small element of the whole game. It’s an important part of SEO, but to attract significant traffic to your site, you need to go for full-fledged optimization strategies. We discuss here the major SEO tactics that can increase your site rank for the targeted keywords. We may not use all of these at once for a particular client. Which strategies need to be used depends on multiple factors.

On-page SEO
One of the most popular and familiar SEO strategies, On-page optimization involves everything done on the website, not outside of it. Primarily, on-page SEO is powered by high-quality, informative content. Genuine, authoritative content that answers relevant questions related to the page content topic can help a site rank much higher.
As a leading SEO agency Dubai, we ensure that the content we create for on-page SEO is awesome. Our team of writers do detailed keyword research and build content based on those. By using keywords that are highly optimized for ranking, we guarantee success. We don’t restrict our on-page SEO to just keywords. The navigation features of the site are also crucial in on-page SEO. Once a visitor is on your site, the particular information he seeks must be easily discoverable. Good web design that offers an amazing user experience will do the job. Remember, on-page SEO is mostly concerned with the user, and that says it all.

Off-page SEO
Off-page SEO is not as straightforward as on-page SEO. A key element of off-page optimization is link-building. Getting links to your site on reputed external sites is quite a task. Back Links, as they are called, attract visitors to your site, and Google rate your site as authoritative and reliable, leading to a higher search ranking. Hey, what more do you need? Undoubtedly, getting links from authoritative sites is no mean task. We can help your site get backlinks through our SEO services. Another area we focus for off-page SEO is social media. Get relevant and engaging content about your brand on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media accounts, and promote it vigorously among your target audiences. If your social media posts gain popularity, search engines give it higher visibility. Popular or viral content on social media ensures exciting traffic.
Just posting awesome content won’t make it popular. The content needs to be efficiently marketed to those channels where your target audiences are present. Our social media marketing does exactly that. Though this takes considerable time and effort, the results are quite amazing. Activities such as building strong relationships with bloggers and media professionals and commenting on other blogs also form a part of off-page SEO. We also arrange for guest blogging as a key off-page SEO strategy.

Technical SEO
Being a top SEO company in Dubai, we know how powerful technical SEO can be. It is in fact both an on-page and off-page SEO, as it relates to multiple on-page factors along with tactics that lie outside the site. Responsive design, faster page loading time, optimized images, secure https connection, information caching, and detailed sitemaps, are all part of technical SEO. Search engines value responsive and quick loading sites. Slow loading pages result in you losing visitors, and penalization by ranking algorithms. Being the leading SEO company in Dubai, we optimize the HTML on each page. We use schema markup as part of our technical SEO strategy. This gives a clear idea to search engines about the content of your page, enabling crawlers to index your page.

Local SEO
Companies operating physical stores need local customers. Local SEO ensures high visibility to your site among local customers. As a popular SEO company Dubai, we set up your Google My Business page complete with your business details including name, address, phone number, opening hours, reviews, and other useful information for display in search results and on Google Maps. Further, our SEO services include optimization with quality images, descriptive information, and real reviews. We use schema markup so as to enable search engines to locate the information.
Volga Tigris, being a top SEO agency in Dubai, can help you get a higher local ranking. We also work on App store optimization, YouTube SEO and other strategies to ensure a higher ranking for your site.

How to verify the effectiveness of your SEO service?

We are a leading provider of quality SEO services in Dubai. We offer a complete range of SEO tactics at affordable rates. This makes us the best seo company in Dubai. We are a data and analytics-driven SEO agency. As such, we measure every phase of our SEO project and generate detailed reports showing the degree of success, gaps and scope for improvement.

In the SEO report provided by us, we list a section-wise analysis of the results we achieved through our SEO services. We measure multiple metrics for this. We believe that SEO is not a “do it once and forget later” exercise. Search engine algorithms frequently change, as also market trends and consumer behavior. As the best SEO agency Dubai, we rework our SEO strategies to reflect these changes.

How to select the most effective keywords?

With a team of SEO specialists and experience in the market serving leading brands, we rank as the top SEO company Dubai. We use the best keyword search tools and locate the best and most efficient list of keywords that can ensure the best ranking for your site in search engine results. We work on short as well as long-tail keywords to ensure maximum success.

The short keyword or simply the keyword is the most competitive. Long-tail keywords are composed of 3 or 4 words, or even more, specific to a need, which more easily brings about a sale, despite their low search rate. Working on the long tail allows (with our personal methods) to strengthen the short tail as well. As the most reliable SEO agency Dubai, we focus on both in the most strategic manner. What makes us the leading SEO company Dubai is our deep insights into the SEO philosophy.

Do you recommend SEO advertising (sponsored links from AdWords)?

From our vast experience in the market as the leading SEO agency Dubai, Paid referencing is very complementary to natural referencing. We recommend that it must be used wisely because the goal of natural referencing is, above all, to obtain positioning on keywords so as not to have to pay for sponsored links. Being a highly professional SEO agency in Dubai, Volga Tigris boasts high-end skills in SEO advertising. Our SEO ads specialists craft highly optimized search engine marketing campaigns for your business to grab more traffic and leads.

As the most popular SEO agency Dubai, our SEO advertising strategies take your site to the top of searches instantly. We suggest a two-fold strategy for growth and long-term success, as reaching the top organic spots in SERP is quite a task. We help you set the most cost-effective budget for SEO advertising and connect you to your target audience with the most compelling messages. At the same time, as your trusted SEO company in Dubai, we help you with a long-term organic strategy for better ranking. If you are looking for the best and most result-focused SEO agency in Dubai, contact Volga Tigris. Our SEO experts will answer all your questions on the subject.

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