The success of your website and business depends on proper web hosting. In fact it decides the performance level of your website during peak traffic. All your website files such as HTML files, CSS files, media, documents, etc are stored on the hosting server. If the server is not of good standards you may lose your website data and issues such as security problems, poor SEO ranking, slow-loading pages, high downtime and more can crop up. With Dubai growing fast as the most vibrant economy in the Middle East, there is increasing demand for website hosting in Dubai from newly established companies. Naturally, you can find a number of web hosting companies in Dubai. Volga Tigris is a trusted name among the agencies that offer quality website hosting services.

Trusted Partner in Dubai

Volga Tigris is a one-stop-shop digital solutions provider that offers the complete set of web hosting services at affordable rates. Our in-house team of web hosting experts provide 24/7 support so as to ensure our clients’ websites run in a glitch-free fashion. We are ranked No.1 in Dubai owing to our fast, reliable, and customized hosting services. Whatever your business model and goals, we have the perfect hosting plan for you.

Unmatched Web Hosting Services

shared hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the kind of web hosting recommended if you need a stable and reliable online presence for your SME or startup business. In this mode of hosting, a third party takes over all the responsibilities of managing the server, and you get to concentrate fully on your business essentials.Volga Tigris offers the best shared hosting and server management services through our strategic partnerships with leading enterprises in the hybrid hosting sector. Several companies in Dubai and beyond have availed of our excellent, hassle-free shared hosting services and are doing well.

dedicated hosting

Dedicated Hosting

With an array of add-on features like customizability, reliability and safety, dedicated hosting empowers your business with a strong and constraint-free online presence. Whether you are a large corporate, famous brand or a startup, you can take advantage of dedicated hosting. We offer the perfect dedicated hosting service for your business.

cloud hosting

Cloud Hosting

Web hosting with great flexibility and scalability: this is called Cloud hosting. This mode of hosting allows you to store and manage your web applications on cloud servers without any geographical limitations. Cloud hosting ensures server performances on a par with dedicated servers but at lower costs. Again, our strategic alliances with top global hosting companies enable us to offer the best cloud hosting solutions in Dubai.

email hosting

Email Hosting

It is advantageous that a business should have its own business email addresses. Email hosting is a web hosting service that either operates or rents out email servers. Email hosting services are usually paid services. If your SME business handles huge email traffic, you need to have your own domain name to have a better identity. The hosted business email address looks like We offer highly secure and stable email hosting solutions at competitive rates.

g suite

G Suite

G Suite, popularly known as Google Apps, drives the business processes of over 60% of Fortune 500 companies. More than 5 million global organizations use G Suite. Firms that are big and small heavily bank on Google’s customizable business tools for growth and brand building. With its full range of business functionality tools such as personalised email solutions, and collaboration and communication apps, G Suite is an essential hosted communication and collaboration Suite that enables business professionals to do their work from anywhere on any device.Volga Tigris offers 24x7 support to all our clients with the full set of Hosting, Email and G Suite services.

aws cloud services

AWS Cloud Services

We don’t stop there, either. We offer the best Amazon Web Services (AWS) Managed Cloud Services for businesses across sectors. For businesses, to independently manage servers and data centres means having dedicated IT staff. But in most cases this is not necessary. We can help migrate your entire IT infrastructure to the world's most efficient cloud hosting platform: Amazon Web Services. AWS boasts the world’s top-notch computing features and database management functionalities. Our AWS managed cloud services are reliable and cost-effective.


It depends on various factors. Your website development company can help you with choosing the right hosting plan. As is known, several web hosting plans are available including shared hosting, dedicated hosting and cloud hosting. According to specific website requirements, we can suggest the best plan.
Obviously, shared hosting is the cheapest among the diverse hosting plans. If you are a start up or your business is small, definitely Shared hosting is the best fit. Big companies as well as small firms experiencing fast growth can go for dedicated hosting for their websites.
A dedicated hosting plan is recommended in the following situations: Your website experiences large traffic You need your site and transactions to be secure You need your site to load almost instantly You feel your website might be prone to hacking and cyber attacks