A new trend gathering momentum in today’s digital marketing space is WhatsApp marketing. As the name suggests it is a type of messenger marketing where a brand is promoted using WhatsApp. Marketers prefer WhatsApp advertising campaign as it offers a powerful and easy means to connect brands with a wide audience, build customer relationships, and, of course, boost leads and sales. Mind you, a user checks WhatsApp over 23 times a day on average. That’s quite interesting!

whatsapp marketing campaign

The Advantages

Let’s try to find out the factors that add to the appeal of WhatsApp Marketing campaign among businesses of all hues. WhatsApp holds on to its position as the most popular messaging platform in the world. As of 2020, WhatsApp boasts as many as 2 billion monthly active users. Businesses that needs to focus on markets in the developing countries can ill afford to ignore this efficient marketing channel. Numbers speak for themselves. Take the case of India. As many as 340 million users are active on WhatsApp on a monthly basis, while the user base stands at nearly 100 million in Brazil. This is not to underestimate its power in developed nations in any way: a significant 68 million Americans use WhatsApp at least once a month. WhatsApp users are almost addictive in its usage. Statistics reveal that more than half of WhatsApp users open the app every day, and in most cases multiple times. Because text messages have a 98% open rate, brands can rest assured that their product promotions are seen by the target audience.
From the customers’ perspective as well, WhatsApp marketing makes sense: it is found that customers trust more brands that have chat apps, and 53% of people prefer to buy from companies they can contact through chat.

However, WhatsApp marketing campaigns need to be handled carefully in order to achieve the set marketing goals. Professional agencies that offer WhatsApp marketing services can be of real help. For example, Volga Tigris offers one of the best WhatsApp marketing campaign services in Dubai, and has helped many leading and start up brands increase traffic and leads in a short time.
If you are looking at better connection with customers, higher conversion rates, and better sales, in a cost-effective way, WhatsApp digital marketing is the option.

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The Scenario

When we look at UAE, WhatsApp occupies the top spot as the most popular chat app in the country, with 7.97 million users (80.20% of the country’s total population). Predictably, WhatsApp marketing in Dubai is seeing an upward trend, and businesses are reaping great benefits out of bulk WhatsApp marketing. As a leading WhatsApp marketing company in Dubai, we offer the full spectrum of WhatsApp business marketing solutions at competitive prices. There is nothing comparable to WhatsApp marketing when it comes to building long-term customer relations. As customer retention is 5-25 times cheaper than acquisition, long-lasting customer relations assumes great significance. Another key feature that makes WhatsApp the darling of marketers is its personalization features. Ranging from personalized welcome messages to special offers and birthday congratulations, the channel offers great customer engagement options. This is a vital feature, as over 70% of consumers tend to engage with brands and respond to personalized marketing messages only.

Higher conversion rate is the primary objective of boosting traffic. Contacting potential customers through direct phone calls is not a good idea, and getting in touch via email or social media is not easy due to accessibility issues. However, WhatsApp scores over these options with its intrinsic feature to persuade prospects to purchase products/services. Studies reveal that 40% of WhatsApp messages by a brand are answered.

WhatsApp messaging (and any messaging) after initial contact with a prospect can boost conversion rate by a whopping 112.6%. Further, adding a WhatsApp phone number on a website can increase sales leads by 27%. Significantly, WhatsApp can function as a stand-alone sales channel for your business. Market research points to a new purchase trend where 60% of consumers would be increasingly using messengers like WhatsApp to make purchases in the future.

In terms of affordability also, WhatsApp marketing makes for a smart choice, especially for small businesses with limited budgets. Thus in whatever angle you look at it, WhatsApp marketing needs to be part of your overall digital marketing strategy. Whether it is more conversions and sales, or building long-term relationships with customers—all without burning a hole in your pocket, there’s nothing that matches WhatsApp. With the popularity of WhatsApp on the rise, WhatsApp marketing is giving SMS marketing a tough competition. Notably, with tools that allow use of Mail chimp for WhatsApp, the possibilities that WhatsApp open up are huge.

whatsapp business marketing solutions
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Get the elements right

Now, let’s examine the various elements of a good WhatsApp Marketing Strategy. It all starts with having a WhatsApp Business account for your business, defining your goals and KPIs, and moving on to identifying the target audience. Next is creating a good brand persona on the App and designing the communication format. Finally focus on delivering unmatched customer service. Reviewing the marketing funnel and identify the goals to be achieved via WhatsApp marketing strategy, and locking the KPIs for measuring success are crucial. Your WhatsApp Business profile needs to have all the key business information. It should also have a product catalogue. Labels can be used to organize your chats with customers according to various sales funnel stages. You also need to incorporate automated reply feature to connect with customers. You can bank on statistics to track the messages.

It is important for any business using WhatsApp marketing to have a strong brand persona to have better and meaningful customer engagement. Your messages must maintain the character and tone of your brand persona. Building WhatsApp contacts lists can be done using subscription forms on websites by offering freebies like free e-books etc. Equally important is audience segmentation. This helps in crafting personalized experiences for the relevant segment.

Finally, the format and character of communications need to be defined. That WhatsApp messages have higher open rates is no doubt a boon, but flooding prospects and existing customers with irrelevant or substandard content can backfire. It is crucial to have informative and entertaining multimedia content along with promotional messages. Keep your messages crisp, short and engaging. And never overload users with messages: follow a reasonable frequency.

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Customer service

If you want to make the most of WhatsApp marketing, be ready with unmatched customer service. Customers expect prompt customer support through WhatsApp. As many as 59% of users expect a fast response to their queries, while 50% look for proper guidance on WhatsApp. Thus real-time support is crucial, because 28% of customers expect a reply in an hour, while 18% expect an instant response. You can make use of good Chabot that is fed a list of possible questions and answers, to offer 24x7 customer support. To sum up, WhatsApp marketing is centered on building relationships with the target audience and delivering great value to customers. With the right insights into the UAE market and a team of skilled digital marketing experts, Volga Tigris is uniquely positioned to offer the best results-driven WhatsApp marketing services in Dubai at amazing rates.

whatsapp customer service dubai


WhatsApp marketing is all about connecting with customers by sending business-related messages and communications through WhatsApp.
WhatsApp is the most popular messaging channel. Your messages have a higher chance of being read by customers. WhatsApp allows you to track the messages and find out if people really read it or not. Moreover, WhatsApp messages are free.
WhatsApp allows you to make your messages highly creative by using GIFs or images in your messages. Users always read creatively outstanding messages.
You can share information about your products and services including discounts, offers and other unique aspects. You can directly interact with customers and track customer response and analyse behavior patterns to craft the best marketing strategy.
Several agencies offer WhatsApp services. Please note that with a full-fledged in-house team of digital marketing experts and creative graphics designers, Volga Tigris is one of the best WhatsApp marketing agencies in Dubai.