PPC audit is the process by which marketers get insights into how to get the most of their search marketing campaigns. It analyses the business’s PPC program to come up with the best PPC optimization strategy for the best ROI. Paid search is a fast evolving field, and yesterday’s strategies may not work today. Also, PPC is complex and new features are added frequently. Thus, without a deep understanding of the mechanics of the PPC marketing, your PPC campaign may not work at all. In other words, PPC audits help you understand whether your PPC campaign is bringing the results as intended by assessing the short-term and long-term performance of your PPC strategy.

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Partner with the right agency

This is where a professional digital marketing agency is useful. Volga Tigris, Dubai’s top agency offers the most optimized PPC audit and PPC campaigns that ensure the best results at affordable rates. PPC audit is essential if you see that you are getting traffic yet your PPC budget is unreasonably high.

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Importance of planning

Well planned PPC ads can get a lot of user attention, and they can encourage customers to click on your CTA buttons. But if you are not getting the desired results, it means you need to launch a PPC audit immediately to discover performance issues and where do you stand compared to competitors. PPC audits can help you assess how engaging are your PPC ads.

A major element of PPC audit is evaluating the ad content, as it has a major role in deciding how your target audience responds to your ads. It is crucial to have a strong CTA in your ad. Keywords and their relevance are also analysed in PPC audits.

The next important aspect that a PPC audit looks at is your quality score, which is determined by ad relevancy and CTR, among others.

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The mechanism of PPC audit

PPC audits are done by first analyzing all of a business’s digital marketing channels. Once you identify the major errors and gaps, you need to restructure your ppc ads and implement best optimization techniques. There are tool-based PPC audits, and exhaustive PPC audits.

Tool based audits are done in-house, or executed by a digital marketing agency. These tools are used in combination with human analysis. Most agencies offer tool-based audits for free, and PPC restructuring is done for a fee.

On the other hand, exhaustive PPC audits are done by agencies by closely looking at all the advertising channels and platforms including Google Ads, Facebook, Microsoft advertising, Google Display and retargeting.

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The power of google ads

Most agencies focus their PPC audit on Google Ads, as Google has an unquestionable monopoly over the search engine market. Google Ads-focused PPC audit examines the organization of the account, conversion tracking, links to Google analytics, campaign settings, bidding strategies, target locations, ad groups, consistency of ad message, campaign and ad formats, keyword strategy, and more.

Volga Tigris, a leading PPC agency, can do the best and most exhaustive ppc audit for your business. We have an in-house team of SEM experts with years of experience in executing fine PPC audits for various businesses.

Without a proper audit, a major share of your ad spend could be simply wasted. Studies show that businesses with amateur PPC campaigns can result in a wastage of almost 61%.

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It helps to identify the flaws and inadequacies in a PPC campaign, and to reformulate your PPC marketing.
You must immediately do a PPC audit and fine-tune your PPC strategy
Volga Tigris is a leading PPC and digital marketing agency offering professional PPC audit services.