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Promote your business and connect with your audience in a better and more meaningful manner through effective, targeted mobile display advertising.

Mobile advertising is key to the success of any business. Consumers are spending more time on mobile phones and targeting ads at smartphone users makes immense sense. Mobile phones have pushed desktops behind in popularity, and brands with effective mobile display ads strategies are reaping rich benefits. Statistics reveal that over 60% of advertisements are displayed on mobile devices, and global mobile display ads spend now stands at over USD 200 million.

The specifics

The formats of mobile phone advertising fall into sizes of 320x50, 300x250 and 320x480, generally. The point to note is that mobile devices offer limited screen sizes, and as such, mobile advertisements need to be highly optimized in terms of design and copy. Innovation, appeal and value are the defining elements for the success of mobile advertising.

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Mobile ads agency - Volga Tigris

The perfect mobile ads agency in Dubai

Among the several digital marketing agencies in Dubai, Volga Tigris rightfully occupies the top spot as the best mobile display advertising company. We can design highly optimized mobile ads for your business, and help you drive traffic and boost leads and sales in a hassle-free manner.

Mobile ads agency - Volga Tigris

The Success Formula

No doubt, your mobile ads need to be attractive and compelling enough for customers to click your CTA. Just keep in mind that on average a mobile user is bombarded with nearly 2000 ads per month, and how many actually get user’s attention is anybody’s guess. Realising this, we have arrived at the perfect and most impactful mobile advertising formula that can be customized to the exact needs of businesses.

The best strategy is to design ads for mobile devices in such a way as to serve the ever changing consumer demands and behaviours. Customers engage with various channels and this needs to be considered in today’s marketing.

How to stay relevant to customers with shifting behaviours is the central question. Personalisation of you mobile display ads is the answer. You can try special offers that connect with specific users, or retargeting ads for customers with abandoned check outs, and more such strategies to better engage potential customers.

Mobile Advertising - Volga Tigris
Mobile Ads - Volga Tigris

The tricks that work

Videos are engaging if done right. Including animations and motion graphics in your mobile ads is sure to attract customers. Next element is data feeds, followed by dynamic content. These elements can make your ads stand out among the thousands. Dynamic content adds a great deal of context-based appeal and relevance to your mobile display advertising campaign.

The trend is to use live feeds wherever possible, and also to go for dynamic creative optimization or DCO. The concept is to identify at what stage of the sales funnel the customer is, and then display ads with customized content for that customer. Studies have shown that adopting such a contextual driven mobile ad strategy ensures improvement in CTR by as much as 8%.

Scaling designs for each type of device could be frustrating. This is why you need to use creative automation techniques for image scaling, starting with mobile ads.

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What is mobile display advertising?

Advertising focused on mobile devices is called mobile display ads. The ads are displayed when users use a smartphone app or mobile web page.

What is the benefit of mobile display ads?

Businesses can drive incremental sales through better user experience using mobile display ads.

How much revenue mobile display ads can generate?

The figures vary according to formats and other criteria.

Which are the different mobile ad types?

Mobile banners, Medium rectangle, rich media end cards and interstitials.

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