On-page SEO is the process of making your website appear at the top of search engine results page. In other words, it is optimizing your site for search engines, so that when users search for products or certain words or phrases related to your products, your site will be displayed first.

Google decides on the relevancy of your web page based mainly on whether the page contains those keywords that are used in the search query. That’s why on page SEO is crucial to promote your brand and products. Remember that search engines like Google crawl your site for keywords. However, title tags with keywords have little to do with Google rankings. So what is the key to higher ranking, when considered in terms of on page seo? There are multiple factors that boost your ranking in search results. Your on-page SEO strategy must consider optimizing your content for great user experience, lower bounce rate, strong search intent, faster site loading and acceptable clik-through rate.

As one of the best digital agencies in Dubai, Volga Tigris is the most preferred provider of on-page optimization services. Optimized content means the target keyword is present at least once in the first 100-150 words. This is because keywords that are present on the first page of your content are given higher weight by Google. Talking about making Google understand the structure of your blog/page for better ranking, it is advisable to have an H1 tag added to the title. CMS platforms like WordPress add the H1 tag to your blog by default. Similarly your content should have at least one sub-heading carrying the target keyword and wrapped in H2 tag.

How frequent?

Keyword frequency must be a key element in your on-page optimization strategy. But be careful about stuffing your page with keywords: this can backfire and can negatively impact your ranking.

On page SEO - Volga Tigris
On page SEO services - Volga Tigris

What about external connections?

External links to relevant pages with some authority help a lot in achieving on-page optimization. Linking to good pages adds credibility to your page, and helps in higher ranking.

On page SEO services  -Volga Tigris

The next aspect: URL

To strengthen your on page SEO, you need to optimize your URL accordingly. But URL optimization is often not given the priority it deserves, and the on-page optimization suffers. We need to note that today URLs appear above the title tags in mobile and desktop search engine results page. It is imperative that your URL must be kept short, and should contain a target keyword, for optimized results.

As for title tags, the keywords must appear at the beginning (or closer to the beginning) of the tag for higher search ranking. Also, it makes sense to insert title tag modifiers for better ranking. Modifiers usually used are attention grabbing words such as best, fast, top, guide, checklist etc. This strategy helps to rank higher for long tail keywords.

Next, let’s examine meta descriptions. They must be unique and should feature your main keywords. Thus optimize your description meta tags for higher ranking. The meta descriptions must effectively highlight the essence of your content. A good meta description can really help to boost your organic click-through-rate.

Finally, your content should be unique and must add value to the user. It must be written with a strategic sprinkling of keywords.

On page optimisation - Volga Tigris


What is On-page seo?

On page seo or onsite seo is the practice whereby your website or page ranks higher in search results.

What are the common on page seo practices?

Optimizing title tags, meta descriptions, content, URLS and links

Why on-page seo is important for a website?

Without on page seo, your website may appear at the bottom of the search engine results. This means less visibility and fewer traffic and leads.

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