We hear about search engine marketing nowadays. What exactly is SEM? It is all about giving more visibility to a website. In other words, if a user search online for some product or service similar to what your business offers, then your website or product page must appear first in the search results page. SEO marketing helps you to achieve this. As you know, search ranking can be enhanced through organic methods as well as paid search advertising. Search engine marketing is a paid SEO practice. It is also called paid search or PPC

significance of seo marketing - volga tigris

Significance of SEO Marketing

Search engine marketing is crucial to the success of any business today, as more and more people are searching for products and doing shopping online. If your business website or ecommerce site doesn’t feature at the top of the search results page, you’ll be losing customers and business.

A professional digital marketing agency like Volga Tigris can ensure that your website always come at the top in Google and other search results through effective search engine marketing tactics.

the advantages of seo marketing - volga tigris

The advantages of SEO marketing

The major advantage is that you pay only for impressions that convert into real time visits to your site, and possible purchases. This means the best ROI on your digital ad spend.

An added benefit is that seo marketing improves the website’s ranking in organic search results as well, as paid ads increase site visits. SEO marketing ensures better sales compared to social media advertising.

Seo marketing is effective because it targets customers at the most appropriate time: when they seek out products with an intention to buy. PPC ads or seo ads fetch immediate results. It is unmatched in terms of its efficacy in driving traffic and increasing leads.

the advantages of seo marketing - volga tigris
search engine marketing - volga tigris

Complex Algorithm

Search engine marketing rides on search engines’ complex algorithm to display your site prominently alongside other search listings. The paid ads are always relevant to the search queries, so they stand a good chance of grabbing user attention and action.

What matter in SEM campaigns are the use of relevant keywords and targeted geographical areas for the ads to show up. Also, a text-based advertisement is needed, which will be displayed in search results. Finally you need to bid on the price that you can pay for each click on your ad.

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The SEO ad format

The ad must contain a catchy headline, an informative and keyword-rich description or body, and a compelling CTA as well as a URL to your site or product page.

As the most efficient digital marketing solution seo marketing has become a crucial element in any business’s digital marketing strategy. As the leading seo marketing agency in Dubai, Volga Tigris can help you drive traffic and improve sales through the most effective search engine marketing solutions customized for you.

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Major SEO marketing platforms

The major search ad networks or platforms are Google Ads and Bing Ads. Google Ads or Google AdWords comprises two networks namely Google search network and Google display network. While the former is devoted exclusively to websites owned by Google, the latter includes YouTube, Blogger and Gmail. Bing Ads are connected with Yahoo.


A form of digital marketing where businesses pay for their ads to appear prominently along with results of search queries on Google and other search engines.
Search engine marketing helps you to attract visitors to your site and generate leads and sales. It is highly measurable.
Yes, seo marketing gives results in a short time, and results are generally large-scale.
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