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Google Ads remarketing, a highly targeted online advertising method, allows your site to display ads to those users who have already visited the site.

Remarketing campaigns are the toast of today’s digital marketing world. Known also as Google Ads remarketing, Google remarketing is a highly targeted online advertising method. Remarketing allows sites to display ads to those users who have already visited the site. Users who revisit a site will see these ads as they browse the web, watch YouTube videos or read news sites. This way, your brand gets more visibility and you encourage potential customers to take the desired action (CTA).

Great benefits

Remarketing, or retargeting, can significantly increase conversion rates and ROI across businesses. As you know, site visitors who have already visited your site and are familiar with your brand and products are much more likely to purchase or take the specific action you want them to.

Remarketing advertising - Volga Tigris
The mechanism of Google remarketing - Volga Tigris

The mechanism of Google Remarketing

Businesses that advertise on Google can add a piece of Google remarketing code, referred to as a tag or pixel, to their website. In this way, businesses can add visitors to their remarketing audience through browser cookies. Code customization is used for different pages to cater to specific, defined categories.

This is especially useful for ecommerce companies. Product-based remarketing ads can be directed at customers who visit your pages dedicated to that product. In this way, visitors get to see highly targeted display ads that are relevant and interesting to them. You may target them with special offers and deals, because they are almost ready to do a purchase. Remarketing is great because you are showing Google ads to previous site visitors who are customers with a mood to purchase as they browse any of the Google partner sites in the Google Display Network.

The mechanism of Google remarketing - Volga Tigris

The tips

Google suggests that businesses that launch their first remarketing campaign can start off by targeting all people who have visited their homepage. Though this enhances the reach of your ad, there is a downside: higher Google remarketing costs, as it is retargeted to more individuals. By targeting on a narrowed down audience, your ad relevancy increases even as your cost per click reduces. It is even possible to launch separate remarketing campaigns for different Google remarketing lists for precise target groups. These types of Google remarketing will ensure better conversions and sales.

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Google remarketing - Volga Tigris

Concerned about costs?

You can aim to keep your ad costs low, by using Google remarketing along with contextual targeting, conversion filtering, frequency capping, and other cost-saving practices. This will enable you to create highly targeted remarketing campaigns and increase your ad relevancy. Because in such cases your remarketing ads are shown to those visitors who are most likely to purchase.

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What is Google remarketing advertising?

Remarketing is a digital marketing feature that lets you customize your Google display ads campaign to target visitors who have previously visited your site, and are familiar with your brand and products. Remarketing ads are good to promote offers and deals.

What are the advantages of remarketing campaigns?

Google Ads retargeting campaigns are highly effective, because they are aimed at your target audience, even after they move out of your site. Whenever they revisit, your ads will be displayed.
As display remarketing ads are shown to visitors even while they browse other parts of the web, your brand exposure remains high. Such repeated and relevant ads increase your brand visibility, and customers are more likely to purchase.
Studies show that remarketing ads have better click-through rates and conversion rates than typical display ads.

How Much Does Google Remarketing Cost?

Google remarketing costs are not fixed for all. The costs vary depending on your campaign format and your overall online marketing strategy. In general terms, Google remarketing ads are one of the most cost-effective digital ad campaigns with high ROI.

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