One of the factors that contribute to business success is the targeted visibility of your brand on Google. This is achieved through several means, including optimizing your business website and Google Ads. An equally important strategy is optimizing your Google business listing. Known in popular parlance as the Google My Business Profile or GMB profile, this is a powerful listing that showcases your business by highlighting the outstanding features. Google My Business Profiles allows potential customers to easily discover and learn about businesses and further effortlessly engage with businesses, from search engine results page.

google business profile - volga tigris

The significance of GMB

It is to be noted that as many as 167 billion monthly searches are performed on Google, but according to a BrightLocal study, Business Profiles attracts only 1,260 views on average during the same period. That is a minuscule 0.00000075% of the total searches. What is even more disappointing is that only 59 actions (less than 5%) are taken based on those 1,260 views.

This shows the potential of Google business profiles. A powerful, optimized business profile can take full advantage of its impressive features, and significantly enhance your brand’s visibility and customer engagement.

gmb optimisation - volga tigris

The best agency for GMB optimisation

Volga Tigris is a leading provider of optimized Google My Business Profiles for businesses of all types. The key is proper optimization of the GMB. Some of the optimization strategies for Google business profile include claiming your Business Profile, ensuring that every section of your Google My Business account is completed, displaying contact information, selecting primary and secondary categories, indicating the applicable attributes, having a complete business description, publishing Google posts at least on a weekly basis, uploading new images regularly, taking care to answer questions and concerns, responding to reviews, adding all the products and/or services, proper messaging, and properly maintaining your Business Profile.

gmb optimisation - volga tigris
google business profile - volga tigris

Great customer acquisition tool

Again, by applying proper optimization strategies, Business Profiles can be the best free customer acquisition tool you can have. Optimized GMBs can significantly improve customer engagement. The trend nowadays is that people who search for products and services on Google try to get as much information about specific businesses from GMB profiles alone, and don’t bother to visit websites. This happens, because the information available on search results pages is itself complete, relevant, and provides all the answers to customer concerns and queries. More and more consumers are interacting with businesses through the associated Google Business Profiles than business websites. This is why optimized Google business profiles are important for quality engagement and conversions.
If your aim is to increase your local ranking, then also GMB profile optimization is crucial. Google’s algorithm for ranking Business Profiles relies a lot on its activity and the quality and relevance of information. Optimization helps Google give a higher ranking for your Google Business Profile in local search results. Obviously, the higher the rank, the more visibility and engagement your business gets. In terms of customer conversions too, GMB profile optimization can contribute greatly. Having a Google Business Profile is good, but just having a profile won’t help. Unless the GMB profile is optimized, it can’t help in acquiring customers. Users may be able to know about your business location and read your reviews only if they know your business name and search particularly for that in Google. But an optimized Google My Business Profile is great for brand discovery, as users can discover your business via keyword searches. Once they find you through keyword search, they may call you, visit your website, learn about your products and services, find answers to their questions from FAQs, book an appointment or request a quote etc. You can track and monitor the clicks to your website, using UTMs and Google Analytics.


Optimizing a GMB profile is the process of making your profile complete, relevant and updated using several strategies that help your business rank higher in Google searches.
An optimized Business Profile on Google helps your business get better noticed by users. It also allows for better customer engagement and increases your local SEO ranking.
Yes. GMB profiles it optimized properly can give your business a higher ranking in local searches.