If content is king, managing content must be done in a royal fashion! This is where content management and professional content management systems in Dubai and elsewhere assume significance. Content is what helps us share data and information over the internet. With advancements in content technology, you need not be a technical expert to create and publish content on the World Wide Web. What makes it possible is the availability of multiple content management systems and tools. They are extensively used by businesses, news organizations, academic institutions, and individuals.

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CMS: A definition

It can be defined as a tool or software containing sub-sets of programs that help in creating and managing diverse type of digital or online content. Some popular CMS software are Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, TYPO3, etc.

CMS can be classified into Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Web Content Management (WCM). Generally, a CMS system can support multiple users, and allows them work in a collaborative fashion. If we take WordPress, it supports multiple administrative users with varying privileges. This set up helps in efficient project management, where many people work in parallel.

A content management system consists of various elements including text, layout and design features and capability to upload multimedia content like images, videos, audio, maps, and even source code.

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The primary elements of a CMS system

A content management application (CMA): this is a graphical user interface with a number of features for users to create, delete, modify, and publish content. These can be done without any knowledge of HTML or other programming languages.

A content delivery application (CDA): This takes care of the back-end services. It allows for the management and delivery of content as designed using CMA.

cms system - volga tigris
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Amazing Features

User Management element of CMS allows efficient management of user information like roles and responsibilities of different users who work simultaneously. This involves creating or deleting the user, changing the username, password, and other information.

CMS features Theme System that helps you to modify the site view and functionality through elements such as stylesheets, images, and templates. Custom functionalities are offered through Extending Plugins. These plugins can enhance the CMS site with a great degree of customization. Another feature of CMS is Search Engine Optimization. With a set of of search engine optimization (SEO) tools, it is possible to get a high search rank for your site.

With the amount and diversity of content growing by the day, the Media Management feature of CMS allows us to easily manage all the media files and folders, and to upload diverse content without any hassles. Finally, CMS supports a multilingual environment, and this means translation of content across languages is no more a terrible task.
Let’s examine the advantages of CMS. The best thing is that almost all of the CMS are open source and are free to use. As mentioned above, it is possible to upload media files easily. Onsite SEO tools help in search ranking, and it allows for a high degree of customization. Also, various design templates and plugins are available for free, and even plugins can be customized. Now when it comes to content editing, the WYSIWYG editor makes it a lot easier.
To put it simply, if we take a website as a skeleton, then Content Management System is the life force. CMS plays a key role in website design and development. Thus it is quite crucial to integrate your website’s content through a great content management system. Without this businesses can suffer significantly. As a leading digital solutions provider in Dubai, Volga Tigris the best content management services at competitive rates.
By partnering with us for our content management services, we can ensure that your content is efficiently curated and promoted, and your SEO ranking is high. As is known, high ranking on search engines is essential to drive traffic and leads. To cleverly leverage the huge power of content, there is no other means than adopting a great content management system.
With digital awareness on the rise, marketers are keen on the website’s UX and design, best SEO practices and the degree of on-site conversions. As such, they find good CMS as a great investment with high ROI.
To once again highlight the various advantages that a CMS integration brings to your business, let us discuss all of them here. For a dynamic website, having a CMS means the freedom to enjoy great independence in terms of content creation, curation and uploading. Publishing content is just a breeze. Of course, agencies can do the job much better, but you as a marketer have the full control over the whole process. You can review and analyse diverse content (blog, article, video, etc) and request revisions before publishing. You are free to express your knowledge, views and insights and share them with your target audience through blogs. You can ensure high SEO ranking through amazing SEO tools.
More businesses in Dubai are looking for great Content Management services, and we are proud to be a leader in offering best CMS solutions that perfectly fit your requirements. We provide you with the best CMS services in Dubai, and ensure your business grows from strength to strength. And not to mention all our content management services are highly customized and are priced competitively.


The best CMS platforms include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Typo3, Serendipity, Dotclear, ImpressPages and Chamlio. WordPress is highly efficient and the most popular, but Joomla or Drupal score high with respect to high-traffic websites.
Essentially an application used to control a website, CMS allows users to create, edit and manage content effortlessly. Multiple contributors with different administrative privileges can work simultaneously to create, edit and publish great content.
It is a website WordPress.org and is used to create webpages on the WordPress Domain. However, there is also an application version, which is hosted and used to create and manage websites on a particular domain. WordPress is based on PHP & MySQL.
A content management system (CMS) application allows users to create and manage digital content through an easy user interface. CMS platforms like WordPress can be used easily by non-technical people, while CMS like Joomla and Drupal are complex and need some skills to use.
You can focus on content alone, and CMS will take care of all technical issues related to web page creation and management.