We pride ourselves on being one of the early service bureaus that enable and implement eCommerce websites and mobile apps for customers making us one of the leading eCommerce design and eCommerce development company in Dubai. Our dedicated design and development team, over the years, has enabled and supported many companies in Dubai and the Arab world to move in this direction. When it comes to eCommerce web design Dubai, in-depth knowledge and expertise matter a lot. Whether it is with the appeal of the website, the message it carries, ease of use, quick and fast loading, usage of different eCommerce platforms required by customers, focusing eCommerce channels – web, mobile, chat, etc we provide an overall customized solution. In addition to this, our eCommerce development Dubai team supports you with information packs on moving forward in your journey of being an eCommerce success. Once the website is launched, our consultants will work with you to ensure that we get through the initial phase and move forward into a more productive and efficient functioning model along with a lookout for possibilities to improve and enhance existing capabilities.

Are You Thinking of Launching a New eCommerce Website?

Then choosing the most efficient eCommerce web development Dubai service provider is very important. The primary goal of any eCommerce website development is to accelerate business. As the top eCommerce web design company in Dubai, this is our major focus. With the onset of marketing giants such as Amazon and Noon, this has now become a norm with almost all businesses. Having a site that caters to your business services online increases reach, feedback improves customer experience, and above all increases brand recall. This is more important in today’s competitive landscape as multiple companies are scampering for the attention of that ever-elusive customer. Brand recall ensures that you stay on top of the list for that product or service search, which in turn, becomes a sale or a referral. Such is the power of the internet and eCommerce that a lot of traditional brick-and-mortar businesses are now actively pressing forward in this direction. As the best eCommerce development company Dubai, Volga Tigris can build a highly optimized and functionally superior eCommerce site for your business.

ecommerce website development dubai

Faster Buying Process

Consistently ranked the No.1 eCommerce website development Dubai agency, we set benchmarks in eCommerce development. Customers enjoy the flexibility of browsing at a time and place of their interest. Anyone can browse for a product on an eCommerce website that has always been on their mind, check reviews, look at options and offers, and order online. This speeds up the entire buying process. If the customer likes and enjoys the process, then there is a silent opportunity for him to come across another item of his interest and it may end up in his shopping cart. In either case, it helps customers and ensures that the business remains profitable. Trust our expertise as the top eCommerce website design company in Dubai and reap the joy of success with a stunning eCommerce website with all the required features including amazing UI/UX, multiple service integrations and high-end security.

Store and Product Listing

Product listing is an opportunity for any business. It allows the businesses to showcase products in a way that appears appealing to the end customer. Working with an eCommerce website development company in Dubai like Volga Tigris helps businesses new to this kind of enterprise. We ensure that all the rules applicable for listings are adhered to whether it be image resolution, type, and size of the image, 360-degree image, etc. Further details such as colors or even multiple options for usage can be presented. Store listings are also essential if we feel certain customers are more prone to visit shops and finalize only after seeing them in person. Customers get to choose a store closest to their location or residence or work.

If you are looking for a dynamic, secure and user-friendly eCommerce site with an easy store and product listing features, hire the best eCommerce website design company in Dubai: Volga Tigris.

ecommerce web design dubai
ecommerce web design dubai

Store and Product Listing

Product listing is an opportunity for any business. It allows the businesses to showcase products in a way that appears appealing to the end customer. Working with an eCommerce website development company in Dubai like Volga Tigris helps businesses new to this kind of enterprise. We ensure that all the rules applicable for listings are adhered to whether it be image resolution, type, and size of the image, 360-degree image, etc. Further details such as colors or even multiple options for usage can be presented. Store listings are also essential if we feel certain customers are more prone to visit shops and finalize only after seeing them in person. Customers get to choose a store closest to their location or residence or work.

ecommerce web design companies dubai

Several Payment modes

Payment modes offer flexibility to both customers as well as businesses. While customers get to decide which works best for them, it supports the business too as they do not lose out on customers for a lack of available payment modes. Payment modes can vary from one type of business to the next – it could be cash, card, wallet payments, net banking, payment integration, etc. Most banking is heavily invested in eCommerce support as they understand that this is a model that is here to stay. Working with a web development company Dubai like Volga Tigris allows businesses the comfort of being in capable hands. Further, our team would always be at hand to support in case of any requirement or update that allows for seamless transactions to aid in business.

Process For Building A Site

Volga Tigris has been known for providing quality, user-friendly and efficient websites. We have been able to deliver on this promise time and time again only due to the process we follow in understanding, creating, implementing, verifying, and reverifying our deliverables every step of the way. For us, it starts at the very beginning from the time the initial thought is put into play. Here we will take you through our process for building an eCommerce web design

  • Requirement Gathering

    Any assignment we undertake starts with a brief. A brief is an understanding of fundamentally the amalgamation of three basic questions. What, Why, and How- What is it that we hope to achieve, why we want to achieve this and how do we go about doing this. All of these from a marketing and customer perspective. While even customers understand this to be a basic need, we find that in lots of cases these questions have not been completely investigated. Our website design and development team works together with customers to establish these thoughts, put them to paper, build a flow and it is only after this that we move to start with the project.

  • Project Planning

    The second stage that we have on our guide to preparing an eCommerce site is planning. Now that all of our initial questions have been answered, we need to put the plan of action on how we intend to create the site. Our Account and planning team sit together with the technical teams to put down all the elements that are required to accommodate this requirement. These would be a combination of platform needs, SEO support, content, pictures, line items, tools, journey maps, UI, testing and testing parameters, banking and wallet needs, logistical support, etc. These elements are then listed together sequentially with dates to create the project calendar. A project manager is then assigned to the project who will monitor the project at every juncture.

  • UX Designing

    Creating the perfect user interface is one of the most essential parts of creating a website. Our UX experts know how customers think and react. They know where they need to spend a little extra time, where they might require more support and when is it that we need to nudge them forward. All of these aspects need to be considered while embarking on creating a website design for your eCommerce site. Volga Tigris is an established Dubai-based eCommerce website design & development company and our experience with various platforms helps us understand how a customer thinks and reacts to elements on your site.

  • Discussions, Feedbacks, and Approvals

    Volga Tigris’ motto is that of total transparency. We believe that we win only when the customer wins. Our project manager is therefore always in constant contact with the customer to let him/ her know of the progress of any project. We allow the customer to be part of our discussions, entertain any feedback that they have, Emphasize details if we feel certain elements are essential, and seek approvals before moving in any direction. This partnership with brands moves forward even after the site or product is launched. At this stage, the feedback will be from the end-user and we consider this too to initiate any changes to the overall design.

  • eCommerce development

    As we embark on the eCommerce development itself, we have to always keep in mind that this is a site that is going to be used by the end-user. When the end-user comes into a portal we have to focus on his ease of movement and establishing a good experience while in the back end we need to ensure that there is a solid integration of the eCommerce platform, Sales, Inventory, Customer data management, Banking, Logistics, Customer care, order tracking and return tracking, etc. The team at Volga Tigris is an eCommerce development specialist and has multiple live and successful deployments that it supports even today.

  • Functionality Testing

    Now that the site has been created, we need to understand if it works the way it is supposed to, that is every element operates in the way that it is meant to. Here is where we deploy functional testing. This is essentially a software testing methodology where we introduce test subjects into the mix where they do not an idea of what is transpiring at the back end. They would only be assessing the functional aspects, they would access the site and push it to its limits by trying multiple transactions to try and create a live situation that could result in errors. Once we execute the test we can then compare the results with the actual and intended outcomes and if they are different.

  • Beta Launch

    This is what we refer to as a soft launch. We push the site out to a small panel of people, either those from the customer end or a select audience, and let it function in its full capacity for a duration of time. Once it has functioned for a specific time we will be able to put together the feedback received before we move into the final phase.

  • Fine-tuning

    We have the soft launch and we now have the feedback too both from end-users as well as the customer. This will allow us to fine-tune the final product and ensure that we are error-free and the site functions in the way it was intended to be used.

  • Launch

    Now that the checks and balances are in place, we move ahead and launch the final product for the masses or the target audience of the customer. It is essential to note that the feedback channels will still be live as any changes or improvements to help the brand or product to perform better can never be overlooked.


eCommerce Websites Platform Options

Multiple platforms are available today for creating custom eCommerce websites. Volga Tigris entertains the capacity to work with almost all of them. Here are a few that we have worked within the past.

PPC Analysis


This is by far the most customizable eCommerce platform in the world today. It offers an open-source that is a free version as well as a paid option. Magento like most of its competitors has been around for well over a decade and is known to cater to almost 10% of the total eCommerce sites that are presented live.

Social Advertising


Shopify too is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms available today. It boasts a fairly big base and market share of almost 25% of all live eCommerce platforms. It is most popular for individuals who are not tech-savvy. It is very intuitive and has a very small learning curve. Most of the recent online shops rely on this platform for their eCommerce needs.

Commercial Advertising


This functions as a Word press plugin and boasts of being used in almost 30% of all eCommerce sites in play today. It is very popular today as it is easy to build especially for someone with existing Word press knowledge. While the interface is easy to use it cannot be done by someone who has had no exposure to HTML or CSS.

Display Advertising

Custom Webstore development

Some customers prefer to have complete control over their site be it the look and feel or the functionality that it has to offer. They want everything to be custom-made without being templated and copied from other sites. For all of these customers, it is best to go for custom website development.

eCommerce Design & Development FAQs

What is the cost to develop an eCommerce site or eCommerce app?

Ecommerce website development and eCommerce app development charges vary according to the features you want to incorporate in your eCommerce website or app.
E-commerce website design and development costs depend on the following factors:
• The web development platform used to build your eCommerce site. Generally, CMS like WordPress are cost-effective.
• The nature of the products you sell. If the products have many variants such as size, color, etc. development costs may be higher compared to products that have no variants.
• Special features such as POS integration etc.
• Payment gateway features. These require the web developer to use custom codes.
• Who will upload the products on the site (you or us?)
Similarly, commerce app costs vary according to the features you need.

Which is the Best Platform for my eCommerce Business Website?

As the best eCommerce website development company in Dubai, we can suggest you the best and most cost-effective platform for your eCommerce site/app after studying the nature or your eCommerce business. The products you sell, and various features you need to add to the eCommerce site/app, performance etc are considered before deciding on the best platform. Design options, payment gateways, site security, integration features and pricing are all considered in choosing the right platform.

How long does it take to design and develop a new business website?

There is a great deal of variation from project to project. In addition to the responsiveness and quality of your participation, the amount of time required to complete your company's website project depends on its complexity, size, goals, functionality, and design.

How long will it take to develop a complete eCommerce website and eCommerce app?

The duration of the eCommerce website and app development process varies with the size, features & nature of the website and app. The time to build a basic eCommerce website or app can be less than a month, without including product uploading time. But time will considerably increase if there are so many unique features and the whole site or app is complex in nature. It may take 4-6 months.

What all inputs I need to provide the eCommerce site/app developer?

• Company logo, and high-resolution quality images for the home page
• Product details (images, description, price, etc.) to upload them while testing
• Page content like about us, contact us, etc.
• Payment gateway integration details.
• Website hosting details

Do you provide eCommerce website management support?

Yes, as the leading eCommerce design and development company in Dubai we offer full support after the eCommerce website or eCommerce app is delivered to you in terms of e-store management.

Do you offer website/app maintenance support?

Yes. If you need support in updating the information & products on your website, upgrading the plugins and theme of your website, ensuring the seamless performance of your e-commerce site for users on all browsers & mobile devices, ensuring that major functions such as checkout and registration run smoothly, and protecting your website from various security threats, we are here to help you out. Our eCommerce site/app maintenance packages are competitively priced. Such customer support solutions make Volga Tigris the best eCommerce site and eCommerce app design agency in Dubai.

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