eCommerce Website Design Company in Dubai

How to Choose the Right eCommerce Website Design Company in Dubai

eCommerce is redefining the way we do business. Online stores have grown from being a product selling channel to becoming a brand amplifier that highlights the values, integrity, and USPs of businesses. By designing an effective eCommerce website, you can deliver an unparalleled shopping experience to customers. 

The most frequent question is how to choose the right eCommerce web design Dubai Company. If you study the eCommerce development Dubai sector, you can see a plethora of agencies claiming to offer the best eCommerce web development Dubai solutions. But not all eCommerce development companies in Dubai are competent enough to build an efficient Dubai eCommerce website.

For an eCommerce site to drive your business to success, it must have a set of fundamental features. An eCommerce web design agency that can incorporate all these features and finish the design project in a reasonably short turnaround time in a cost-effective manner alone qualifies to be among the best eCommerce web development Dubai companies. 

Let’s examine the most important eCommerce site features.

Advanced Content Management Capabilities are a Key Feature

The site must allow the owner to easily manage content pages and create new content pages. An edit feature with a Microsoft Word-like content editor is needed. Also, you should be able to add images and manage the uploaded image library without any hassle. The image editing and cropping tools need to be user-friendly. Further, the site admin should be able to set a page as “active” or “inactive” and set the page URL and SEO elements.

Promotion & Discount Tools

To attract more customers, the eCommerce site must have great promotion & discount code tools. These features must enable the admin to create and manage discount codes easily. The admin can add discount codes to categories, brands, or products. Also, the discount codes need to be set as “active” or “inactive”. Setting the discount percentage and amount from time to time should be simple. Good eCommerce sites have an “Auto Apply” discount codes feature that is activated when a product is added to the cart. Setting promotion dates and the minimum and maximum quantity requirements are also essential features.

Generally speaking, a good eCommerce web design agency should be able to build a site that allows the creation of effective eCommerce sales and promotions without any hassles. Another key feature of a good eCommerce site is an easy-to-use checkout that doesn’t baffle the user.  As a leading eCommerce development company in Dubai, Volga Tigris builds efficient e-commerce sites with all the features needed for the successful operation of your online business.

SEO-friendly Site

You should consider agencies that are capable of writing SEO-friendly code and creating optimized layouts. Not having proper eCommerce SEO features built into your website can negatively impact your organic traffic and sales. Otherwise, you will be required to pay for every website click using Google Ads. With strategic search engine optimization, your site can rank at the top of Google for the targeted keywords.

Customer Management Features

Another major feature of a quality eCommerce site is the ability to easily manage customer accounts. You should be able to view customer details and previous orders, view individual customers' product reviews, add private comments to a customer, and delete customer accounts. Resetting customer passwords and exporting customer data to Excel is also helpful. Along with these, you should be able to export data of customers subscribed to the email newsletters to Excel.

Order Management Features

Order management is another important feature of an efficient eCommerce site. Options to search and sort orders to easily find orders using specific variables, manage and update order status, view order number and customer information, view order information and purchase details, and add private notes to the order are also crucial. 

Further, the site must allow for the viewing of shipping and billing address maps, and the creation of custom order statuses. Shooting an email upon order placement is also a necessary feature. Apart from all the features mentioned above, we integrate reporting tools & custom report features, an integrated blog or articles section, email marketing functions, multiple payment options (using a Credit card, PayPal, PO, Terms, etc.), and easy scalability functionality to add new products and other features.

You must choose the best eCommerce website agency in Dubai by considering all the above points, along with pricing and turnaround time. Also, the company must be competent enough to suggest the best eCommerce platform for your business.



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