SEO tools for monitoring website performance

SEO Tools for Monitoring Website Performance

With the digital era taking over the technology innovation, the concept of SEO (or, as you know, Search engine optimization) has taken a stand no matter in what industry your interest lies. But why did SEO services come into the picture in the first place? We all know that search engines are a way for users to find out the information they are looking for and learn as much as possible. Therefore, companies started migrating toward creating an online website to showcase the products and services they offer. They write blogs, and conduct various events and workshops to spread the word regarding their brand. But unless and until a user finds the information, there is no use in putting in so much effort. The search engine usually shows the best websites in the top search list, so your website must be a part of that cream layer. That's where SEO helps you.

Having SEO-rich content will help you with more visibility, but it will drive organic traffic your way, and therefore your main focal point will be your target audience. It would help if you achieved this goal seeing that google processes almost six billion searches every day, and virtually all those users prefer only the first five best websites to get the necessary information. Having SEO-rich content will improve your search engine ranking following Google's ever-changing algorithm. And thus, with organic growth and honest user reviews, your business will flourish. There are multiple SEO tools for monitoring website performance that help you out with the process, and here are a few that will come in handy.

Different SEO Tools

Ahrefs, Google search console, SEMRush, KWFinder, Moz Pro, Ubersuggest, SpyFu, Answer the public, Majestic, and Google trends are a few of the many tools that help in tracking website performance and improving it. Here is a description of how each device assists you (from a search engine point of view) in the process.

  • Ahrefs

Did you know that you can use your competitors' website backlinks as a starting point to improve your brand? If you are new to the concept then it's time that you find out about it. By using Ahrefs, you get a detailed analysis that pinpoints precisely why your website has less traffic so that you can correct it. Not just that, but it also fixes the defective links (also called broken links) on your respective website.

  • Google Search Console

If you want to improve your Google SERP, the search console is the best solution. It will help you monitor your website performance as you can control what gets indexed. This search console (analysis platforms) allows you to find out how your user views your content and improve it.

  • SEMRush

The tool helps you identify any new changes that occur and will also assist you in finding new ranking opportunities. One main reason why SEMRush is the trend today is that it offers a comparative analysis feature that helps you compare your website with your competitors and improve yours, as suggested by the report.

  • KWFinder

Keyword research is the core technique that always works no matter what type of content you produce, and the KWFinding will help you find all the relevant keywords, thus bringing in organic traffic. Having a set of the right keywords is a must for the content because google's algorithm matches the user search word with it.

  • Moz Pro

It is a jam-packed all-in-one tool-set that helps you with various services like broken links, keywords, etc. This powerhouse also has a community wing that enables you to post any questions you might have on the forum so that your fellow users can clear the doubt if they have a suitable solution.

  • Ubersuggest

It suggests the right keywords and tracks them, thus showing you the intent behind the word's usage. Ubersuggest also helps you find thousands of suggestions to improve your website beyond anything you have tried.

  • SpyFu

As the name suggests, SpyFu spies on how many times users use a particular keyword when they search, and so this free SEO tool will help you find the densest word that you can use in your content. There is also a premium version (that experts use), but the free (or community) version will be your best choice if you are starting.

  • Answer the public

Are you going through writer's block? Answering the public is the right tool that helps you create content around keywords that you find. For example, if you want a content writer to write about a particular topic, you can get the set of keywords via Answer the public and forward it to them to write the content relevant to those keywords.

  • Majestic

Being at the top of a million websites is necessary if you want to reach more potential consters, and therefore Majestic helps you out with it. It has a 'the majestic million' feature that assists you in finding out whether or not your website made the ranking cut. It also has a 'Site explorer' option, and as the name suggests, it gives the entire overview of the site by exploring every nook and corner of the digital space.

  • Google Trends

Google trends have been in the market for several years, but its usage increased when digital marketing strategies started to take over the market. It gives information on the type of business in trend, its loss, growth, and many more.

How the Tools Help in Optimizing Websites for Better SERP

Every tool has its use and offers unique advantages. One talks about the fault in your website, while the other focuses on the content and how you can optimize it. The SEO tools help you track website performance, and therefore, it will help you improve the quality. When it comes to websites, there are a lot of aspects that you must keep in mind. The website performance, the website traffic, the website's loading time, the content, the responsiveness, and the mobile-friendliness are just a few of the many factors that affect the ranking.

Therefore to make the process easier for you, the SEO tools will recognize the fault and help you correct it before it's too late. Not just that but the detailed analytic report that you get will also help you to have a plan in case of disaster recovery if and when necessary.

Comparison Between Various SEO Tools

The field of SEO is always under innovation, so the tools in the market now are much better than the ones we used in the last ten years. Therefore here are a few comparisons that pinpoint the functionalities of various tools and which one is better.

  • We know the three favourite SEO tools today: Raventools, SEMrush, and Ahref. We usually prefer these tools because they offer all-in-one benefits. This feature makes them the best choice as it is a cumulative group of multiple SEO strategies. But just because people focus on these tools doesn't mean the others are any bad.
  • The SERanking SEO tool is one of the most affordable ones among all the other premium tools. It shows you the PPC analysis, thus highlighting what to change and continue from henceforth to get the best results.
  • Not just all-in-one tools, but even a single service tool is best suited in certain situations. For link management, you can use 'Buzzstream' instead of using a cumulative tool as it offers better and more accurate results.
  • It is a similar case with LinkBird, as it offers the complete package when it comes to providing SEO solutions to its users.
  • One disadvantage concerning Buzzstream is that it acts only as a link-building tool and is almost impossible to change to aid in some other SEO service.
  • Another such tool is Analytics SEO, which gives the best final reports regarding your website's performance statistics.

The concept of SEO today is not going to disappear. With the use of digital means like websites and mobile applications increasing, it won't be wise for us to criticize the concept. In fact, with millions of websites online today, without following the right strategy, it is not possible for the users to find your website. Having the right SEO strategy will help you concentrate on various aspects of your website like performance, responsiveness, loading time, user interface, user experience, content, etc. With the right strategies like keyword research, image and video optimization, hyperlinks and damage check, etc., it will give you a detailed report on why your website is not at the top.

The google analytics tool is one of the easiest and the best SEO analysis tools that graphs out the ups and downs of your website in various factors. By focusing on the downsides, you can improve them, thus finally reaching the right target audience. Hiring a digital marketing agency will simplify the process for you. We are one of the best digital marketing agencies in Dubai, and you can always contact us for further queries on our website. We offer the best service to everyone who approaches us with professional employees, the best customer experience, and in-class features.


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