Improve performance of responsive web design

Improving Performance in Responsive Web Design

The performance of responsive web design is dependent on the overall architecture and design as well as the implementation approach utilized at various levels (Client/Server). To ensure high performance, it is important to implement an approach that optimizes the code on the client as well as the server side. When implementing a responsive web design, choices can be made regarding the content to be displayed to the user. It is possible to either fix the content and have it change at certain breakpoints or to fluidize it. As an alternative, certain assets could simply not be loaded at certain screen sizes. Ensure that only the assets a user needs are loaded.

No matter what device visitors use, they expect a similar experience. Therefore, if a person visits your site and it isn't optimized for their machine, there is a good chance she will leave and never return. It pays to listen if you want to rank well with Google and earn points with your visitors (and who among us does not?). Google has released several recommendations and tools to help webmasters develop responsive web designs.

In research studies, it has been shown that delays greater than one second disrupt the user's train of thought and lead to poor user experiences. Generally, Google recommends that your web page should not load within this timeframe; however, by prioritizing content above the fold while loading content in the background, this can be achieved. Essentially, a performance budget is an agreed-upon limit on how fast or large a page will be. As with a financial budget, it serves as a limit to spending (or in this case, page bloat). You need to ensure that there is enough room within the "budget" if you add or modify new pages or elements.

Responsive web design has many benefits, including boosting your search engine rankings, improving user experience on different devices, and improving your website performance, but did you know that making your web app responsive can also improve your website performance? 

Measuring something is the first step to improving it! Knowing what metrics should be collected so we can compare them later to show us which aspects of our web app need improvement. As it relates to website performance, we can use any of our favourite browser devtools; in this case, I will use Lighthouse. Many metrics are important when it comes to responsive UX design, but Cumulative Layout Shift and CSS Optimization play a key role. The majority of the time we use external CSS libraries to achieve a responsive design, but there are a few things we should keep in mind to make sure our performance isn't affected. Techniques related to CSS optimization include reducing render-blocking CSS, eliminating unused CSS rules, and minifying CSS.

Stay ahead of the curve with responsive web designing. The growing demand for media-rich mobile internet and apps, as well as the explosive growth of tablet sales and smartphone device usage that is SEO friendly, make responsive web design a crucial part of staying ahead of your competitors.

 As you plan to offer mobile services, or how sophisticated your offerings would be, your mobile technology choices have to be based on what you want to communicate to mobile users, and what is most important to them. Technology strategies for mobile devices will evolve as mobile services develop.

responsive web design

If you are beginning new development or UX design work, consider a Mobile-first approach. By doing so, you will be able to avoid the many problems that bloated desktop sites can cause. Designing the content and layout of your webpage according to the core message will help trim all the fat and unnecessary information from your site and allow you to become more focused and direct with your content, leading to a mobile experience that is quick, concise, and relevant. It is very important to take a holistic approach by incorporating Client and Server code together to optimize implementation for improved site performance.

We offer all related services in the digital marketing ecosystem, from logo UX design and branding to building a mobile-friendly website. We offer Annual Maintenance Packages, SEO-friendly services and Web Analytics services for monitoring, tracking & enhancing website performance, customer acquisition journey and bounce rate analysis after a website is developed and launched. With our Analytics teams, your website, online campaign, and social media channels can be viewed with digital dashboards. We have a team dedicated to creating and maintaining Wikipedia pages for individuals and businesses. Using the very best DV360 from Google for an improved website score, our web designing services team manages digital marketing campaigns right from search ads, social media ads and video ads to programmatic ads.

So, our web development company in Dubai can help you with all your web design needs related to the life cycle of your website. If you are just starting on your digital marketing journey or are skilled in leveraging all the bells & whistles, web design experts have the skills and passion to help take your organization's online presence to the next level. The most important tasks within an organization are managed by Lead Management Systems - effectively gathering, compiling, and assigning generated leads, and automating the processes that follow. With a unique approach that starts with understanding your business, web development companies in Dubai are best placed to find the right solution for your business and integrate it into your current system. Contact us to get a quote.



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