Vehicle Branding: the easiest and most effective way to promote your brand

Confused as to which advertising strategy to follow to popularize your brand and services to the widest audience in the shortest possible time?
Undoubtedly, it is every company’s—be it a multinational corporate, an SME or a startup—dream to increase its brand awareness and popularity quickly and cost-effectively. An array of advertising and branding strategies are available today. From traditional advertising methods to new-age social media marketing, firms use all the tricks in the book to get their brands and services noticed by the public. But in terms of cost-effectiveness and guaranteed results, one advertising option stands out: Vehicle branding. Company vehicles (cars and trucks), as well as public transport vehicles such as buses, metro trains and cabs, can all be used for vehicle branding.

Car branding - Volga Tigris

Major brands that use Vehicle Branding in UAE

Unfortunately this amazing brand advertising mode is not being utilized to the full extent by business firms owing to a variety of reasons. However, there are several major brands across segments in UAE that have realized the potential of vehicle branding, and have reaped its benefits.

The first brand that may pop up in your mind could be the Dubai Expo 2020. With extensive vehicle branding, Dubai Expo has etched a prominent position in the minds of a very large number of people in the UAE. It is fair to say that there is practically no-one in UAE who hasn’t seen a bus, cab or train that carrying the Dubai Expo advertisement!

There are several famous companies that use vehicle branding as an effective way to connect with people. They include several e-commerce firms such as talabat and noon; real estate firms, hypermarkets and more.

Volga Tigris: Leader in Vehicle Branding

There are so many advertising & marketing agencies in Dubai that offer a host of advertising services including vehicle branding. But Volga Tigris is unique and is a pioneering graphic advertising agency in the field of vehicle branding in the UAE.

We have over the years emerged as the undisputed leader in vehicle branding/car branding in Dubai, UAE. Our car advertisement services are used by some of the leading companies in UAE.

As a 360 degree professional branding and graphic design agency in Dubai run by a team of qualified marketing and management professionals, we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes advertising and branding in the UAE market.

Vehicle branding - Volga Tigris
Vehicle branding in dubai - Volga Tigris

Why choose Volga Tigris for vehicle branding?

What propelled Volga Tigris to the top position in vehicle branding in UAE is its total commitment to customer satisfaction, undiluted professionalism, business transparency and commitment to quality standards.

Our key strengths are:
Vehicle branding in Dubai - Volga Tigris
  • Professional Vehicle Graphics Project Management

    We have a dedicated team of technically qualified and highly experienced managers and graphic design experts who work on each project with utmost professionalism. Every project is accorded the highest priority. All through the project phase, the team works closely with the client to ensure the best results and unmatched customer satisfaction.

    You get a completely hassle-free service as our team takes care of all the necessary permissions from the authorities concerned.

    Further, we offer a wide range of Vehicle Branding options that are customized for use on trucks, trailers, cars, taxis, vans, buses, trams and special vehicles

  • Great Designs

    Our signage production team consists of highly talented, creative and qualified designers and technicians. This means you get the best graphics in terms of precision and visual appeal.

    Our creative team sits with you to understand your requirements, and your company’s vision and brand positioning. Then they ideate and create the best designs that highlight your brand and its message in the most stunning visual form.

  • Quality materials and technology

    However great and creative the graphic designs may be, they are of no use if they are not printed on high quality materials that maintain the “brand new” feel throughout their lifetimes. Equally important is the precision of the graphics: the dimensions must be accurate; otherwise it may lose its visual appeal. Different vehicles have varying contours and surfaces and the designs need to be in harmony with them.

    We use only the highest quality, tested materials and state-of-the-art technology to ensure quality output. Use of advanced engineering solutions ensure that our signages (graphics) are precise in terms of dimensions and thickness, and overall quality.

  • Excellent Maintenance & Repair

    Vehicle signages need to be taken care of in a professional manner. Otherwise, the graphics may deteriorate over time. We undertake regular maintenance checks for each vehicle graphics towards ensuring maximum lifespan of the graphics. We have a great after-sales maintenance team who regularly inspect your vehicle graphics and undertake the necessary maintenance services.

  • Amazing Packages

    Every customer is unique. And as such we have multiple packages that fit the varied requirements of our customers.



What is vehicle branding?

Referred to as vehicle wraps as well, vehicle branding or car branding—in popular terms—is one of the most result-oriented outdoor marketing practices that allows you to boost brand awareness by wrapping cars and other automobiles (including public transport vehicles such as buses and trains) partially or completely with vinyl sheets (decals) that carry your company’s name & logo and services. Painting is also used for vehicle branding in some cases.

Benefits of vehicle branding

  • Long-lasting (up to 7 years) Newspaper ads or TV commercials have a short lifespan. Compared to them, vinyl wraps or graphics last up to 7 years, provided they are maintained and serviced properly.
  • Maximum reach Considering the number of people who see your advertisement in a particular region or locality, there is nothing better than vehicle branding. Consider for instance public transport buses, metro trains or cabs: the visibility of your advertisement displayed on them is much higher than any other mode of advertisement. This is because of the large number of people who use these types of transportation services daily.
  • Cost-effective A simple comparative analysis of the costs of various advertising options ranging from traditional newspaper ads and billboards to TV commercials will reveal that vehicle branding is cheaper, even as it delivers the maximum visibility.

How to take care of your Vehicle Graphics?

Choosing vehicle graphics to advertise and promote your brand is a great idea indeed! However unless you take adequate care of the vinyl graphics, its lifespan can get shortened considerably. This is why choosing an advertising agency like Volga Tigris that offers unmatched regular maintenance of vehicle graphics assumes significance.

It is always better to leave the regular maintenance to professionals. However if you want to do it all yourself, here are some tips:

While cleaning always use only non-abrasive detergents. Regular washing can be done by spraying water till the dirt is removed completely. Use of wax can reduce the lifespan of the signage. Tough dirt and other impurities can be removed by soaking them in soapy water and then washing off with hot water. Please note that fuel spillages can erode the vinyl sheets. So these need to be immediately cleaned.

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