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Vehicle Branding Advantages in Dubai

Want to advertise your brand in the most cost-effective manner? Vehicle branding in Dubai is what you need. As the leading vehicle branding company in Dubai with years of experience, our car branding services are one of the most sought-after in UAE.

With a complete vehicle branding package including the necessary CID and RTA approvals, we can manage the entire car branding for you.

Volga Tigris: Your Preferred Vehicle Branding Company in Dubai

Our vehicle branding solutions are long-lasting and competitively priced. We offer full design services and get you all the approvals from RTA and CID.

Affordable Vehicle Branding in Dubai

We create the best and most impressive car vinyl graphics for your brand that captures the attention of your target audience effortlessly.

Our status as the top car branding company in Dubai is testimony to our high-quality standards, customer satisfaction and innovation.

Why should you go for Vehicle Branding in Dubai?

Among the various popular signage types, commercial vehicle wraps bring the highest ROI, as your business and brand get promoted every time the vehicle is on the move, and even when it’s parked. Vehicle branding offers you unmatched opportunities for impactful advertising in Dubai. Vinyl graphics can be customized to fit the shape of your vehicle and can be easily updated or revised.



Compared to the common outdoor signage, vehicle branding in Dubai offers a cheaper option. The major costs include RTA Approval charges, and charges associated with the type and size of wrapping, and quality of design.


Long life

Vehicle wraps made by us usually last 3-5 years. This means your brand gets a continuous promotion for years. It’s in fact a mobile billboard for your brand. Whether it is a delivery vehicle or truck wrap, trailer vehicle branding, car or van branding, or bus branding, our vehicle wrapping services in Dubai are one of the best in the category.


Vehicle Branding Guidelines

Using creative fonts can enhance the appeal of the vehicle branding. Partial vinyl wraps are an option if you have a limited budget. Minimalist designs with a compelling message, if done creatively, can easily catch the attention of the public. Always use high-resolution images for better visibility. 

Vehicle Branding in Dubai is popular

More than 95% of Dubai's population has seen some kind of vehicle wraps. Unlike other ad campaigns, vehicle branding has a wider reach across demographics. Repeatedly seeing an ad creates a sense of strong connection with the brand among the public, and this can positively influence their buying decisions. This ensures better ROI.

A study revealed that a vehicle wrap ad can reach up to 20% of the Dubai population who drive. Costing as little as 3 dirhams per thousand impressions, it is one of the most cost-effective marketing solutions.  Vehicle branding can enhance brand recognition by 30%. Especially, full-colour vehicle wraps are found to be highly attractive. It is found that nearly thirty per cent of mobile outdoor viewers are influenced by a vehicle branding ad in terms of their purchasing decision.

Compared to television commercials and home mailers, vehicle branding is much more powerful to build brand awareness and boost brand recall. Also, vinyl wraps ensure maximum reach for your marketing campaign, as they are always on the move. If your vehicle moves around in crowded areas, you will get awesome viewership numbers for your ad. 

A study has shown that a car branding ad receives on average 1.26 million impressions a year. With this level of reach, businesses can get the highest ROI on their ad spend using car wrapping. Partner with a professional vehicle branding agency in Dubai, and significantly increase your brand awareness and sales through innovative vinyl graphics on cars.

Grow your business in Dubai 

Vehicle branding in Dubai is an effective and results-driven advertising strategy to increase brand awareness and sales. Vinyl wraps are reusable on different vehicles, and this adds to their appeal as a smart marketing option.

If you are looking for the most creative and long-lasting vehicle branding in Dubai at the best price, do contact Volga Tigris, Dubai’s leading car branding agency with a proven track record of success.


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