Digital Campaign Planning

A strategic digital marketing campaign plan can significantly increase brand awareness and customer engagement

Need to engage more with your customers? Feel that your brand awareness is poor? Then you need to have an effective digital marketing campaign strategy in place. A good digital marketing campaign plan helps you improve conversion rates and boost sales through the execution of an impactful online campaign across all the relevant digital channels where customers are likely to engage with your brand.

To design a digital campaign strategy that works, a business must know their customers, where and how to reach them and anticipate customer response. An omnichannel approach is recommended as customers are present across platforms.

The advantage

Digital marketing campaigns are affordable compared with traditional marketing campaigns and also have the added advantage of being able to engage with customers in real time.

Also, online campaigns can target multiple objectives, ranging from brand awareness to sales.

Digital marketing campaigns - Volga Tigris
Digital campaign - Volga Tigris

The steps

Gaining deep insights on the customers is the starting point in crafting a digital marketing campaign. Knowing the profile of customers who are already actively engaging with your brand at multiple levels can set the stage for the campaign.

By analyzing customers’ past behavior, marketers can personalize the digital campaign and get the best ROI. The campaign can focus on specific activities like emailing a discount code, making an upsell offer, or showing a display ad highlighting a new product or service.

Digital campaign - Volga Tigris

Importance of omnichannel digital marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns need to be omnichannel or multi-channel, as these days most customers engage with a brand from multiple channels or touchpoints.

The fact is, if customers are interested in finding out more about a brand or product, they use the channel or touchpoint that they are currently in or are comfortable with. A successful digital marketing strategy means allowing customers to connect with a brand from where they are in the journey. It’s not the marketer who should decide the channel where the engagement must happen.

Also, an omnichannel digital campaign approach works only if you have the relevant content for various channels. Integrating a digital marketing campaign with non-digital channels can help brands offer relevant, personalized and timely experiences. Read More

However, it is not necessary that a particular digital marketing campaign needs to be omnichannel, if, for instance, a brand’s customer base is located on a specific channel, and all the engagement happens there only, spending money on other channels might be unreasonable. However, by having the right content for various channels, and adopting the right engagement strategy, it is quite possible for brands to create a loyal customer base on new channels. Whether it is omnichannel or otherwise, Volga Tigris has the complete digital know how and expertise to design and execute the perfect, customized digital marketing campaign for your brand. Read Less

Omnichannel digital marketing campaigns


What is a digital campaign?

DA digital campaign is the implementation of a marketing strategy across digital channels aimed at enhancing customers’ engagement with a brand, and bettering conversions and sales.
How the success of a digital marketing campaign is evaluated? The success of a digital marketing campaign can be gauged by using the specific analytics tools offered by various channels. Third-party analytical tools can also be used to assess how well a digital marketing campaign is progressing or has performed.

How long should a marketing campaign run?

The point of closure comes when you get fewer engagements and diminished returns.

Which is the best agency in Dubai for online marketing campaigns?

In terms of digital expertise and targeted marketing capabilities, Volga Tigris is the best digital marketing campaign agency in Dubai.

Trusted digital marketing solution providers in UAE. With years of experience, we provide only result-oriented strategies to help our client’s businesses in the digital landscape.

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