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What Are the Top Startup Growth Strategies for 2022?

Growth strategies are essential for startups companies as well as established ones as they involve finding innovative solutions that are unique, cost-effective, and scalable. These strategies can be very effective for beginners, as they can quickly change certain parts of their business and marketing strategy to see the changes right down the line. Digital marketing services come as a comprehensive business growth strategy with SEO, SEM, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, email outreach, content generation, link building, website strategy, and many more.  Although these services surfaces very small and unique changes, with proper implementation they can result in serious business growth. In this modern world, digital marketing tactics are essential for almost all types of business. So, you can use a digital marketing company in Dubai to help you deploy those strategies correctly. Let's take a close look at some unique growth strategies that startups can use to grow their business quickly and efficiently. 

  • Email Marketing has not Lost its Charm

When you are talking about traditional marketing strategies, the power of email marketing can never fade, as it's still used to lay out the groundwork for any startup business. Building your email list can help you collect customer information and data from the start. Moreover, building your email list allows you to launch your product prior, so you can get a feel of ​​how customers will react to it before releasing it officially to the public. You can do it by creating an email waiting list, referred to as "soft launch." This is a great strategy that allows you to see what components of your product or service you might need to adapt to better serve the market. 

There are many online email marketing tools such as Sendinblue, MailChimp, Constant-Contact, etc. to help you create effective email campaigns and email collection mechanisms. It would be very helpful for you to use a digital marketing company in Dubai to effectively use email marketing strategies. They can help you create a small email list of people who want to easily bring your product to market. It can help you gain a better perspective and feedback about your product or service. This is an inexpensive way to test the effectiveness of your product or service before it hits the market. Once you've created a waiting list, your digital marketing team can help you automate and scale your operational processes effortlessly.

  • Using Third-Party Platforms to Launch Your Product

Other than email marketing, it's also an effective strategy for getting a preview of your product by running it on a third-party platform. There are many platforms present nowadays that allow different types of products to be launched, and such platforms enable users to find and discover new products that are getting prepared to officially launch in the market. Consumers and startups deliver new products every day, where users take the opportunity to share and discuss the latest mobile apps, services of various websites, innovative tech creations, and projects.

The consumers can vote for which projects they find more relevant. It would allow product developers to get valuable feedback about their products or services. Additionally, their products would have the opportunity to get much-needed attention at a low price range. Many product launching platforms also offer startups to interact with industry experts who can help with product billing, social media, PR, design, product development, operations, and many more business growth strategies. Thus, pre-launching products or services can be a very effective strategy.

  • Integrate Powerful Platforms with Your Products

If you go for building your customer base from scratch, it can be very time-consuming. Therefore, startups should use other platforms to attract more targeted users looking for similar products or services. For instance, if your startup business deals with giving online course but struggle to get any subscriber, you must consider distributing your courses on those platforms that already have an established customer base and can be your potential target users. You can publish your course on platforms with a similar niche in the industry to attract users back to your site. This strategy is generally known as product/platform integration growth. 

Make sure the platforms you integrate with are powerful enough to have a huge active customer base already, with which you can connect and start interacting. Use other platforms strategically to build your user base until you successfully market and manage them on your website. You can also work with affiliates in your niche and look for useful products or services to recommend to their established audience.

  • Make Use of Bloggers to Give a Review on Your Brand

One of the most influential ways to promote your product or service and get instant exposure is to engage with other's audience bases. You must have heard about the word "influencer." Influences work on promoting a brand on digital platforms without actually advertising about it. Similarly, finding bloggers can be beneficial for your business too. However, you must work with a blogger in your niche and use similar products or services to run their business. It would be a great way to increase your business network and find more partnership opportunities.

Bloggers can make an honest review of your product in exchange for the free use of your product or service. It is a win-win strategy. If you get a satisfactory result after one or two blogging, you can enter into a referral partnership agreement with the blogger to promote and review your products to the target audience. You can outsource a digital marketing agency in Dubai that can avail you of all the tools and sources to find influential bloggers to review your brand. 

  • Implement Social Media Strategies

Social media strategies are often used in marketing, but still, many startups fail because they could not use social media effectively in the early stages of establishing their business. Nowadays, everything is digital, so social media is an integral part of an effective marketing strategy for both startups and established companies. Social media platforms engage people all across the world. So these platforms can enable your audience to promote your product, brand, or service in ways that are authentic and unique just for your product or service. There are Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp marketing benefits that you can make use of as a social media strategy.  You can collaborate with various industries and build relationships that can help your startup grow. It takes some time to create quality content. Although it's effective to create a lot of content, you should also focus on promoting those content effectively, or your efforts might not give the desired results. It's best to find those social media platforms or channels your competitors are not using, as building an audience there would be time-consuming and laborious. Make contact with established influencers, use social media scheduling tools, etc., to get more audience engagement. 

  • Check Out Your Competitor's Strategies

Why look at your competition as a threat when you can get unlimited sources from them to create your business opportunity and generation your ideas? If you want to gain a competitive advantage, first, you have to identify which factors make your competitor successful and also which areas your competitors are struggling with. Your competitors might be using email marketing, SMS marketing, and all the old to new marketing strategies to reign over the global market. As you track and analyze your competitors' strategies, you can be updated with your industry and niche changes. You can use a digital marketing company in Dubai to use automation, keep up with the current market trends and adapt to the changes adequately. 

Most often, Startups fail rather than get success. Thus, you must ensure your business is on the path to acquiring a prosperous future, and that can be possible by developing the right initial growth strategy. Implement the above-detailed plans with an understanding of your target market, value proposition, and goals. Work with a reliable digital marketing company to integrate your content marketing and social media marketing strategies for a successful establishment.


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