The Ultimate Guide to Data Deduplication: What You Need to Know

The Ultimate Guide to Data Deduplication: What You Need to Know

Duplicate data is an essential source for addressing theft or fraudulent activities within an organisation and the most effective way of preventing such concerns is with data deduplication. Data duplication helps businesses remove unwanted copies of records and thus reduces the unwanted storage requirements. However, this is not only necessary for today’s digital footprint but also acts as an initial step to reduce the barriers to disk storage, costs, data security, and more.

Why Do You Need Data Duplication Solutions?

In a competitive business landscape in Dubai, it is essential for a business to have the support of a data processing company in order to facilitate data duplication which eliminates duplicate data and stores the accurate blocks of data. Businesses in Dubai store more than double the amount of data in a year than the previous years which causes redundancies and consumes more storage space.

Compromising on business data leads to identity theft and fraud as a result, the demand for robust customer data deduplication is increasing, this will also help businesses for:

  •       Prevent identity fraud
  •       Securing from fraudulent payments
  •       Maintain regulatory reporting
  •       Save storage space and maintenance costs
  •       Improving customer experiences.

How Do Data Processing Companies Work?

The data processing companies in Dubai offer comprehensive data deduplication solutions and the whole process involves a metadata database with stringent security for storage. These blocks enable filtering and identify the duplicate version of data. However, there are several other methods of data deduplication including inline processing and post-processing. The inline processing aids to filter data simultaneously capture redundancies and remove as data is stored.

On the other hand, the post-processing data deduplication system establishes an asynchronous backup method to remove unnecessary data post-storage. Duplicates will be eliminated at the block level in the hash store. Moreover, there are certain other data deduplication types such as:

  •       Global or Local Deduplication
  •       Variable Length or Fixed Length Deduplication

However, the deduplication techniques may differ from vendor to vendor and according to the implementation, the result may also vary significantly.

Understanding the Purpose or Use of Data Deduplication

In Dubai, businesses across different industries are grappling with massive digital data. This necessitates the need for data deduplication solutions in order to resolve the biggest challenge for enterprises to identify fraudsters. The need for customer data deduplication services expands to large fields such as insurance, healthcare, IT, financial institutes, law enforcement, government entities, and more.

For instance, a financial institution can benefit from data deduplication to cut down on bad loans. The institution can observe that fraudsters were consistently applying for loans with different cards. However, deploying data deduplication software helps to identify the duplicated data and is more beneficial than the KYC or manual verification systems in this sector.

How to Get Start with Data Deduplication?

Here are the major steps involved in initiating the ideal data deduplication solution.

Step 1: Evaluate the Existing Data Backup Framework

Every organisation in Dubai faces challenges either external or internal. However, the deduplication ratio may differ accordingly. Therefore, analysing the data backup process is necessary nevertheless, it may take some time.

The factors involving the deduplication ratio are:

  •       Data type for deduplication
  •       Change rate
  •       Size of redundant data
  •       Size of backup data

Step 2: Understanding the Purpose of Alteration

During this stage, the approach implemented for backup storage impacts the deduplicate ratios, a faster backup resulted in a higher ratio. In this progression, you can ask queries regarding the scope of change or minimal change, the software’s effect on regional or global business, and more.

Step 3: Review Performance During Integration

The integration process is normally challenging, it may take some significant amount to carry out the backup and integration with your current IT system. The total amount of data and changes may influence the backup and integration. Implementing additional software with data deduplication also has a bearing.


Data deduplication is just more than a storage-saving feature because it helps to save cost and overall efficiency of an organisation in the long run in Dubai. It also helps to prevent fraud risk significantly via identity verification services. Volga Tigris is one of the leading data processing companies in Dubai, offering comprehensive data deduplication solutions. Choose us and explore more on our data deduplication services that benefits your business in the competitive business landscape in Dubai.

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