Volga Tigris offers a diverse range of customized software solutions for you to run the business efficiently. As a leading digital marketing agency in Dubai, we ensure the best customer support and after-sales service. Our software solutions include POS, Billing, Inventory Management, CRM, HRM, Logistics, Token/Queue management, ERP, Asset management, Attendance management and Network monitoring systems management. Our software developers follow industry best practices so as to develop software products that are designed for optimal performance.

pos: retail management system - volga tigris

POS: Retail Management System

Our POS software caters to the diverse retail management needs of supermarkets and departmental stores. It features all the tools required in retail operations including retail management, POS with English & Arabic billing, barcode scanning, customer loyalty, retail back office, retail ecommerce, stock, price checker and more.

inventory management - volga tigris

Inventory Management

The best inventory management software that helps you build your business. Lauded with multiple features such as sales booster, order management, tracking, shipping integrations, Accounting & CRM integrations, warehouse management and more, the inventory software is a powerful tool for your business.

inventory management - volga tigris
inventory management - volga tigris

Billing software

This is a complete and efficient billing solution for your business. Whether it is invoice management, online payment, payment reminders, customizable templates or tax handling, this cutting-edge software is designed to take care of all aspects of billing.

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CRM software

You like to convert more leads, better engage with customers, and increase revenue? Use our innovative omnichannel CRM software designed for effective customer relations management. Amazing features allow you to sales & marketing opportunities and help you with customer retention strategies.

Our AI-driven CRM software offers not only quality leads, but means to turn them into loyal paying customers. It provides you with a wealth of customer data including personal details, a log of all customer communications and more. This is an essential business software for optimized customer management.

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HRM software

Human resources are the lifeline of any business. As such, effective management of your business’s most valuable asset is crucial to the growth and success of your business.
The starting point is to have an efficient Human Resources Management Software that can support organizations’ efforts at employee skill development and productivity enhancement.
Our advanced HR software is designed to automate and streamline the process of human capital management. It covers multiple aspects of HRM, including Time and attendance tracking, Leave management, Compliance violations and Process synchronization.
It allows you to better manage your workforce by grouping and filtering them as per job roles and maintaining crucial employee information that can be easily accessed and updated.
Features such as restricted access supports data privacy and protection. Further, our HRM software allows you to develop real-time, integrated insights into your workforce, and generate useful reports that aid in achieving organizational goals.

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Logistics software

Logistics is a key element of businesses dealing in goods. Without effective management of logistics and transport, things can go haywire and your business will fail.

We can develop the best logistics software for your business with amazing features such as schedule and dispatch management, tracking and monitoring of logistics staff and trucks in real time, POD management, management of digital documents via apps, order taking and delivery with notifications and more.

logistics software - volga tigris
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Token/Queue Management software

With daily lives getting busier by the day, queue management or token management assumes great significance. Our advanced token management software is designed to enhance customer experience as well as the productivity of employees.

Designed to minimize contact touchpoints via advanced virtual queuing solutions, this software allows customers to make advance appointments on the app. Real-time token call notification is issued through Mobile Apps, WhatsApp or SMS facilities.

token queue management software - volga tigris
erp software - volga tigris

ERP software

Efficiently manage your business functions and ensure consistent growth by employing the advanced ERP software developed by us. Powered by AI and Futuristic applications, our ERP solutions offer predictive analytics and forecasting as well as dedicated portals for customers and vendors across locations. Other features include banking integrations and data-driven report generation.

If you are looking for an innovative ERP software that enables you to manage your production, supply chain, customers, inventory and human resources effortlessly, look no further: consult Volga Tigris.

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Asset management

We develop customized asset management software with multi-layered features for diverse facilities management.

Our Saas-based smart asset management software has multiple features that help property owners effectively manage all the facilities. It enables tracking and monitoring of diverse types of real estate assets, and scheduling repairs and maintenance in a cost-effective manner.

Ranked among the best computer-aided facility management (CAFM) software solutions, it helps in cost reduction and efficiency enhancement. You can use it for long-term planning and maintenance of properties and for budget optimization.

The cloud-based facility management software features a user-friendly interface and can be used to optimize maintenance schedules. You can achieve high levels of operational efficiency using its calendar-based UI that enables you to set date-based maintenance timeframes and track work orders.

There are features to tackle all maintenance issues, control resources and equipment, automate repetitive tasks, provide instant feedback on tasks and speed up response and rectification time.

asset management - volga tigris
attendance management software - volga tigris

Attendance management software

Our automated attendance management software efficiently logs the attendance data of employees and creates various insightful reports. Apart from saving on administrative costs, it enables HR to centrally manage attendance system across locations. Can be used to calculate overtime and leave balance. It works in a standalone or network based fashion and caters to diverse businesses such as Schools, Hospitals, Government Institutes, Banks, Remote Sites, Hotels, Small/Large Enterprises and more.


We offer diverse software solutions such as POS, Billing, Inventory Management, CRM, HRM, Logistics, Token/Queue management, ERP, Asset management, Attendance management and Network monitoring systems management.
It depends on the complexity and the specific features the software needs to have.
Yes. Our technical team is available anytime to resolve issues.
In many cases upgrades are done free.