Rich Media And Video

Raise brand awareness and engage your target audience so as to drive traffic and boost conversions.

What makes rich media ads unique and effective are their interactive nature. They include multimedia features such as video, audio, animation as well as text and image elements. Because they are interactive, rich media ads excel at engaging your target audience, which in turn helps you boost brand awareness and drive traffic and conversions.

In fact, the only disadvantage of rich media ads is the extra time, effort, and capital needed to create such ads.

The Elements

Non-rich media ads are made up of just three elements: An image, a CTA and an ad copy, whereas rich media ads can have impactful multimedia elements that allow users to interact with the brand.

Rich media - Volga Tigris
Rich media ads - Volga Tigris

The Benefits

Because rich media ads are dynamic and deeply engaging, they are capable of increasing conversions and achieving higher clickthrough rates. Further rich media ads offer a better user experience and are noticeable.

Rich media ads - Volga Tigris

Rich Media Types

Banner Ads - Icon

Banner Ads

Banner ads can come in two formats: in-banner and expanding. In-banner ads are regular banners ads with interactive features including slide/scroll options. With interesting elements such as videos, audio, and animation, they are real attention-grabbers. However, in-banner ads don’t move or float and can be ignored more easily. Expanding ads do expand in response to user actions like a click. They can be pushdown ads, multidirectional ads and floating ads. Expanding ads catch users’ attention easily. They also animate across the page for a short duration but don’t spoil the user experience.

Interstitial Ads - Icon

Interstitial Ads

This is a full-page ad and covers the publisher’s interface. Usually, mobile apps use these ads during transition points and remain active for a few seconds. An example is an ad that pops up on a video game app when a "Play Again" button is clicked. Such ads usually don’t have an exit button initially but show one after a few seconds. As Google has strict guidelines on providing uninterrupted user experience, these ads need to be employed with care.

Lightbox - Icon


Lightbox ads are interactive rich media ads that expand and give users a great user experience. They are effective in capturing the viewer’s attention. Just like floating ads, they first appear small on the sidebar of a page, and once the user clicks on it expand. Users get to interact with the ad through multiple actions.

Rich media ads - Volga Tigris

The difference is worth it

Rich media ads, as mentioned earlier, feature interactive and engaging multimedia elements including audio, video, or animation as against other static ad formats with only text and images. This is a worthy difference, though.

Rich media ads - Volga Tigris

The Right Planning

Only with the right balance of media elements can you make your rich media ad effective. What matters is the creativity and relevance of images, videos and copy, and a compelling CTA. If you get it right, rich media ads can enhance customer engagement and increase conversions.

Rich media ads Planning - Volga Tigris
Ad creation tools - Volga Tigris

Ad creation tools

Several online tools are available to help you create a rich media ad.

A popular tool is the Google Rich Media Gallery. Here, you can create refined rich media ads for free using templates, and can be customized as well. You can also utilize video marketing tools such as Idomoo and Wistia to create impactful rich media ads.

Ad creation tools - Volga Tigris


What is a rich media ad?

Ads that have interactive multimedia elements are called rich media ads.

What are the advantages of rich media ads?

They are highly engaging and can help in increasing conversions and sales.

What are the different types of rich media ads?

Banner, interstitial and lightbox

Which is the best agency in Dubai for rich media ad campaigns?

There are many agencies offering rich media ad campaigns. You need to select an agency that is professional, and have a team with the right skills and experience. Volga Tigris is one of the best in this segment.

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