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Advertising is an evolving process. Customization is the key to advertising today, and that’s why we see advertising changing from being static and linear, to dynamic and exponential. Dynamic retargeting advertising is a powerful tool for branding and conversion optimization and is today an essential element of any business’s digital strategy.

The advantage

Dynamic retargeting is the process of advertising a product or service to a particular customer. The ad is shown to the potential customer at the most appropriate site and time, to ensure maximum attention and engagement.

There is no guarantee that all potential customers on your site will make a purchase. Products may lie in their wish list or shopping cart and may not move from there. Or some technical error could abort the transaction. Dynamic retargeting helps businesses to inspire such customers to complete the purchasing by positioning the ad across Google’s display network.

Dynamic retargeting - Volga Tigris
Dynamic retargeting ads - Volg Tigris

The strategy

Retargeting can bring the best results if done in tandem with inbound and outbound marketing. Dynamic retargeting ads can achieve what various marketing efforts involving content marketing, AdWords, and targeted display fail to do: actual conversions. However, retargeting is not recommended for generating traffic. Thus the best strategy utilizes the combined power of retargeting ads and traffic-driving digital marketing efforts.

Volga Tigris: your partner for dynamic retargeting ad services

We offer the most effective dynamic retargeting strategy for your business. Rest assured that our dynamic retargeting campaign would help you enhance the success rate of your marketing campaign by improving conversions at a lower cost. We create ad groups and design ads, etc. to drive conversions. We anlayse your customers’ shopping behaviour for better targeting of products. Our ads are scalable, and we help with real-time bid optimization

Dynamic retargeting ads - Volg Tigris

Get noticed via Dynamic Re-targeting

By improving your brand recall value, and wooing customers for repeated visits and conversions, our dynamic retargeting ads ensure the best ROI on your digital spend.

Dynamic Re-Targeting - Volga Tigris
Be-Visible - Volga Tigris

Be Visible

Never should your brand be outside the customer’s radar. By tracking your website’s visitors or mobile app users digitally, our dynamic retargeting ensures best visibility for your brand.

Dynamic Retargeting for better conversions

As many as 72% of online shoppers are found to desert their shopping carts. Dynamic retargeting ads are customized according to audience preferences to generate sales by bettering conversions. Re-targeting can result in a 26% rise in the number of users who return and complete the checkout process after abandoning the shopping.

Studies reveal that 70% of website visitors retargeted via display ads stand a better chance of conversion on a website. According to a CMO analysis, re-targeting can increase conversion rate by 147% when employed along with prospecting.

In fact, retargeting is the most efficient marketing strategy to make the most of the traffic gained through various digital marketing efforts. As the leading digital marketing agency in Dubai, we can offer you the best dynamic retargeting ad solutions.

Be-Visible - Volga Tigris


What is dynamic retargeting?

Dynamic retargeting is the process of showing previous visitors relevant ads about products and services they already viewed on your site. It helps you increase leads and sales by attracting previous visitors back to your site or app to complete the purchase.

Why should I use dynamic retargeting ads?

To increase sales by encouraging customers who have abandoned the checkout to complete the purchase process.

Which is the best digital marketing agency for dynamic retargeting?

Volga Tigris offers the most advanced and effective dynamic retargeting services at competitive rates.

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