The better the engagement with customers, the better the results in terms of brand promotion, traffic and sales. With customers using multiple screens and platforms, a cross-platform campaign has become an essential marketing strategy for every business. An effective cross platform campaign integration is primarily driven by a powerful cross platform content strategy.

A cross-platform approach to marketing is based on the fact that today the same person is engaged across several screens. If the campaigns are not designed to work across platforms and channels, there is a possibility of a “customer disconnect” when a customer searches for products/services from a particular brand on multiple devices or channels. Cross-platform campaigns can give valuable insights into customer behavior, and such customer data retrieved from one screen or channel can be used to improve interactions on other screens and platforms.

cross platform campaign agency - volga tigris

Best Cross-platform campaign agency

Volga Tigris is uniquely positioned to design an integrated marketing campaign across multiple channels and platforms. We can ensure that you can effectively engage your target audience on diverse channels, and help you increase leads and sales. An integrated cross-platform approach to marketing campaign is needed to create brand awareness and customer engagement on a larger scale than what is possible with single platform campaigns.

As a leading digital agency, we can integrate the perfect cross-platform campaign into your marketing strategy. An effective cross platform promotional strategy must consider a judicious mix of the right marketing channels.

cross platform marketing campaign - volga tigris

The Benefits

Volga Tigris offers the perfect, results-driven cross-platform marketing campaign solution to you that helps you gain multiple benefits. They include reduced risk of losing business, enhanced customer reach and engagement, efficient use of inventory, higher ROI on marketing spend, and optimized advertising budget.

Cross-platform campaigns looked at from a social media perspective means marketing campaigns that run across social networks. It is crucial to have content customized for specific platforms to ensure better engagement, conversions and sales.

cross platform marketing campaign - volga tigris
cross platform campaign- volga tigris

Different audiences, different preferences

The key point to note with regard to cross-platform campaign is that each platform has a unique type of audience. As such, every business needs to have a multi-platform content strategy for marketing.

Obviously, cross-platform campaign integration is very complex and needs a great deal of planning and strategizing to get it right.


Different platforms serve different purposes. While Instagram and Twitter can be good for building brand awareness, Facebook can be ideal for conversions. Also, while some platforms are visual-oriented, some are text-based. A cross-platform strategy can ensure that the right content is posted on the right platform where it makes sense. Thus, a cross platform campaign ensures better results in terms of reach, engagement and leads. Also, you can leverage the data insights from cross platform campaign integration and improve it further.
The first thing is to ensure that the content fit the channel or platform and customers experience a smooth transition across channels.
Volga Tigris qualifies to be the top cross platform promotional agency, with its digital marketing skills and technological expertise across platforms. The agency is highly competent to create the best cross platform content strategy.