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Direct marketing strategy consistently establishes a direct connection with your target audience.

Direct Marketing strategy is a dynamic concept. Advancement in technology always reflects in marketing techniques too. There is no point in putting your products on the market and expecting customers would come and purchase.

In other words, you need to engage in an ultra-careful direct marketing campaign.

Volga Tigris, the leading direct marketing company in Dubai, operates its direct marketing strategy independently to directly communicate with target audiences.

Our team of professionals can help mobilize your direct marketing campaigns using a variety of proven direct marketing techniques.Through multiple marketing channels like, direct mail, email marketing services, social media marketing services,Telemarketing & SMS marketing Services.

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Our Direct Marketing Strategy

Volga Tigris works with you to produce accurately targeted direct marketing campaigns that increase response rates and boost return on investment. As a direct marketing company, we use online and offline personalized direct response marketing that seeks out your target audience in Dubai.

We follow and implement wide direct marketing strategies that can yield greater results. Our 360-degree approach delivers your organization’s key message using your client’s preferred communication channel. Whether it is through email, SMS or social media, we will deliver your messaging in their preferred manner.

Direct marketing strategy that launches campaigns across mobile, web and print channels from a single source. Our strategy guarantees continuity in message and brand for maximum impact and better results.

We work in partnership with you to boost each side of your direct marketing campaign. Each campaign is modeled to effectively attract your target audience. Our hands-on approach allows us to work closely with you so that we can address issues. All of these are part of our commitment to provide you with the best direct marketing solutions for your business.

Volga Tigris Direct Marketing Strategy Offers:

  • Increased response rates
  • Cost-effective and creative direct marketing production
  • Postage savings
  • Guidance and support at every stage
  • Improve your client relationships
  • Get profitable and repeat sales
Volga Tigris provides a wide range of services in Direct Marketing for B2B and B2C, including Direct Mail, Data Management, Printing, Discount Postages, Membership Services, and Consultancy.

Contact us for a tailored and cost-effective proposal.

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CRM & ERP Service

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software are powerful tools for a business to use. CRM handles the sales, marketing, and client service data. It handles activities like recording client interactions, sales pursuit, pipeline management, prospecting, and creating/evaluating promoting campaigns. On the opposite hand, ERP handles the back-end processes and internal data.

It takes care of tasks like order placement, tracking, billing, shipping, accounting, and provide chain details. Volga Tigris is providing integrated ERP and CRM solutions to clients across Dubai. Our solutions are capable and customizable to fit your business’s unique requirements.

Direct Marketing Strategies Industry Market Segmentation by Application Include:

Business to Business

In B2B direct marketing, one business is providing products and services to another business. We provide a B2B direct marketing team that understands the specific marketing requirements needed to attract customers in the business world. One of the major issues with B2B marketing is targeting the decision-maker. By developing strategies and services specifically for this sector, Volga Tigris can help you reach the appropriate decision makers. Making your message stand out from the crowd, we have the experience to create your mail piece.

Business to Government

B2G is that the sale and selling of products and services to federal, state or native agencies. We provide B2G direct marketing team that understands the specific marketing requirements needed to attract customers.

Business to Consumers and Others

In B2C direct marketing refers to the process of selling products and services directly between a business and consumers who are the end-users of its products and services. Consumer selling needs an absolute understanding of clients activity habits and preferences and how best to reach that customer with a view to both retain and grow their loyalty to your brand.

Why VolgaTigris , the leading direct marketing company in Dubai?

It is a great way to present information about your company’s products and services through a variety of platforms. On contrary to usual advertising, the information comes directly from you to customers that may have a high stake in what your business is selling.

It’s a direct or offline form of marketing that engages work together with your ideal audience. However, this strategy needs a certain level of precision and skill sets to be successful.

We can provide our clients with data-driven services that aim to improve their ROIs within their timeline.

Our team of professionals can help mobilize your direct marketing campaigns using a variety of proven direct marketing strategies.

We are expert in strategizing outreach and promotional campaigns that impact a client’s target audience while gathering interest in their products and services. Through multiple marketing channels like, direct mail, email marketing, social media marketing or mobile SMS marketing, we enable you to reach your prospected customers.

Direct marketing Strategies Industry Market Segmentation by Product:

Direct Marketing Campaigns

Our direct marketing campaign team specializes in integrated automated marketing components within a personalized, end-to-end marketing platform for your company’s directives. We optimize campaigns through multi-channel system. We provide direct marketing services through email, SMS, mobile, mail and also bring engaging through social medias.


Telemarketing involves contacting potential customers over the phone to sell merchandise or services. It's capable of generating new client prospects in massive volumes and is additionally a great tool for following up on direct marketing campaigns. However, teleselling involves designing and using correct and well-researched client information to product profiles.

Direct Selling

Direct selling is an effective direct marketing technique to grow a flexible and low-cost business. Direct selling involves a sales employee selling products or services on to customers through directly, typically at a customer's home or work. Traditional direct selling ways embrace door-to-door sales, party plans and enhance network marketing....

Social Media Marketing

Direct marketing on social media isn’t almost about forwarding messages out into the void. On social media and Social Media Campaigns, brands need to interact in valuable conversations with their audience. This implies that you’ll get to reply to any queries your customers have regarding your ad and provide them with further information wherever necessary. The positive side is that many social channels build marketing easier by permitting you to form highly-specific ads in step with demographic knowledge like location, age, or maybe client hobbies.

Test or SMS Marketing

Text messaging or SMS marketing as a communication tool is worth in certain instances. As a pure promoting communication text messages don't seem to be a trusty supply unless as a communication enhancing a shopper order or expertise from a longtime client/supplier relationship. Using SMS or MMS messaging will suit best for certain profiles however ought to be used solely as communications . Text messages are sent to customers concerning online access, or to provide another route to receive watchword access thus adding an extra level of security.

Email Marketing

If you like online marketing over offline choices, you can additionally choose email marketing option. The crucial factor to recollect here is that you just have to be compelled to create your subject lines and introductory text as compelling as attainable to make sure that your audience clicks through to your content. Calculate your click-through and engagement rate using email marketing tools and bear in mind to A/B test at every campaign rigorously. Anything as tiny as a selected adjective in your subject line can drastically change how readers resonate along with your emails.


Distributing well-designed leaflets or flyers through letterbox drops and handouts will work well for an area business whose products or services influence to a broad audience. It's a straightforward, cheap and effective manner of reaching customers in direct marketing.

Call Centre

Our experienced team of customer service representatives is specifically trained to act as your voice & represent your brand. We have an array of inbound & outbound communication experts available for your businesses. We can provide call center services & telemarketing campaigns.

Direct Mail

Probably the known style of direct marketing, mail involves using catalogues, letters, and alternative content bent your customers through the mail service. The great thing regarding direct mail advertising is that it offers your customers one thing tangible to carry in their hands.

Benefits of Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is one of the foremost fashionable and effective marketing tools to ascertain an on the spot references to an audience. Direct marketing has its attractiveness, notably to companies on a shoestring budget who can’t afford to purchase TV or web advertising campaigns.

Especially as the world becomes increasingly connected through digital platforms, social media becomes an effective way to market to customers. The effectiveness of a direct marketing campaign is simpler to measure than different kinds of advertising. The company can measure its success by what percentage customers make the call, return the card, use the coupon, or click on the link.

Volga Tigris provides a wide range of services in Direct Marketing for B2B and B2C, including Direct Mail, Data Management, Printing, Discount Postages, Membership Services, and Consultancy

What is direct marketing?

Direct marketing is a promotional technique that includes presenting information about your business, product or service to your targeted client without the utilization of an advertising middleman. It is a targeted type of marketing that presents information of potential interest to a customer that has been prepared to be a feasible purchaser.

What are the two types of direct marketing?

Social media marketing is a powerful direct marketing tool for businesses of large and small. Email marketing is another effective type of direct marketing to generate leads through email address. Sending well-crafted email messages to prospected customers can generate more leads and sales.

What are the two goals of direct marketing?

The sole goal of direct marketing is to convince the recipient to make a move. While getting a sale is the ultimate goal, a few clients won’t be prepared to purchase on-the-spot. Another objective is to raise awareness. Even if a campaign doesn’t make a sale,creating awareness is still positive.

What are the methods of direct marketing?

Online marketing is a major direct marketing method. The company's products are marketed on digital media through company websites and emails. Other methods include direct mail, telephone marketing, catalog marketing, etc.

Why is direct marketing effective?

Direct marketing offers you the chance to promote your products and services directly to the clients who most need them. A decent direct marketing effort will assist you with building associations with new clients; give clients convincing content they can share with expected clients.