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Virtual Reception Services In Dubai - An Overall

The business management scenario has been experiencing challenges day by day. This paves the way to changes, rather updates, from what was practiced previously.  Entrepreneurs and high-profile executives have started exploring ways to optimize cost without compromising on quality and comfort. That’s where the necessity of virtual services begun. The idea of current virtual service would have originated from the concept of old business centers. The virtual business service is available at your fingertips whereas we had to walk into a business center earlier. 

There are many administrative services available virtually these days. We will talk about one of the most critical functions among them i.e. Virtual Reception via this blog.


What is a virtual reception?

A Virtual Reception, in the most basic form, is a remote receptionist service system that answers phone calls on your behalf. Virtual receptionist companies involve the outsourcing of reception jobs to an individual or a group of virtual phone receptionists (dedicated or shared) employed by them and offer a call answering service. It works typically as calls to your business number (landline or mobile) are diverted mostly through virtual phone service to a team of virtual or outsourced receptionists. Then they are answered by an experienced customer service professional. How they respond to a call is all personalized to your business and how you would want to interact with customers.

The major reasons for choosing Virtual Reception services are detailed below. 

Benefits of virtual reception service

  1. Time: Major benefit of the virtual reception service is that saves your precious time. Also, they will be able to filter the calls. This will not only help you to prioritize your calls but also eliminate unsolicited calls. As a result, virtual reception service has become an important aspect of many businesses. Therefore you will be able to dedicate your whole time to your business and expect more productivity.
  2. Money: By opting for virtual reception service you will be relieved from incurring costs on recruitment, salary, and other employment benefits, overhead and infrastructure cost, stationeries, and supplies that need to in the case of a regular employee. The cost of a virtual receptionist is significantly less and you won’t have to worry about providing benefits. Most of the virtual receptionist pricing is based on pay per hour unless you choose a specified dedicated virtual receptionist service. 
  3. Recruitment: If you employ a regular receptionist, you will have to go through the recruitment process of advertising or contacting HR recruitment agencies, analyze applications, conducting interviews, and training them on joining. If the receptionist leaves, you will have to run the whole process again. The virtual reception service will eliminate the hassle of recruitment and training since they provide you a team of well-nurtured professionals, who are easily adaptable to your business terms. 
  4. Availability: Virtual Reception service offers live receptionist services, available all days, round the clock without any interruption of service during weekends or holidays. You also need not worry about the support even if a live virtual receptionist takes a break or even goes on leave. A regular front office receptionist normally works only during the established business hours, avail leaves sometimes without even providing prior intimation on some occasions. 
  5. Language: Language is an important factor especially at this time of globalization. Many Virtual Reception service providers offer various language options in addition to English and the local language. This is possible since they employ virtual receptionist or online receptionist who speaks different languages. This will avoid the languages becoming a barrier to your callers. Recruiting and employing a receptionist who speaks multiple languages is not only complicated but also a costly affair.
  6. Stress-free: In a regular scenario, if you are traveling or on holidays or even attending a meeting or engaged in seminars and the calls are unanswered, it will not convey a positive professional image of you or your business. A virtual reception service provider can handle such a situation professionally making sure that your customers' concerns are addressed even if you’re not in the office.


Activities or Role of virtual receptionist

The role of a virtual receptionist is not limited to just attending and forwarding calls. Listing down some of the activities of virtual receptionists:

  • Live to answer the Phone call 
  • Share information with callers
  • Takedown and relay messages
  • Updating the address directory and call registers
  • Screen calls and priorities as per the instruction. 
  • Schedule appointments
  • Transfer or route calls
  • Help customers if required

Things to note while using a virtual reception service in Dubai

Having a virtual office is legal in Dubai as long as it is tied to a legitimate physical office. The first thing is to verify whether all required registrations and approvals such as Trade License, VAT registration, Lease agreement, permission from the concerned departments for recruitment/employment, providing such services, etc are available in order with your virtual reception service provider and they are currently valid. Also, it is good to see if the promoters and the company are maintaining a good track record of abidance by the Dubai rules. You may also consider reviews that are available online and also through your contact circle about the service quality. 

Verify whether a virtual receptionist service provider can provide all the services required by you and have all facilities/infrastructure that they claim to have are in place. The core facilities required are:

  • Easily accessible
  • Well trained professionals including in the reserves
  • Language fluency and availability of agents speaking the local language and English 
  • Uninterrupted high-quality telephone / internet connectivity
  • Hardware: Latest Telephone systems / adequate infrastructure
  • Software: Online systems to record and track call details and conversations
  • Call recording / IVR facility
  • Real-time Reporting facilities
  • Hours of availability
  • Response time
  • Awareness about Dubai / UAE, its culture, customs, and the laws
  • Random check to ensure they are following the scripts and adhering to the SLAs. 


How can you implement virtual reception in Dubai?

Implementing virtual reception services in Dubai is currently possible without much hassle due to the availability of state-of-the-art technology and professional manpower. 

Listed down are few suggestions which would help in implementing the best virtual reception service in Dubai.  

  • A Business Plan and Marketing Strategy
  • A simple, catchy name but related to the business 
  • Follow best business practices
  • Use the right tools and people
  • Services & Rates based on deliverables and business-oriented
  • Make it all legal: Ensure compliance with all legal requisites and obtain permissions
  • Advertisement through online, offline, social media, and personal circle
  • Most important: Keep the client happy as they will bring more clients and more business. 
  • Awareness about Dubai / UAE, its culture, and customs.

Taking assistance from virtual receptionists’ service has become a necessity to become more productive and achieve greater goals in business. 

Virtual Reception Service is very much available in Dubai! Contact Us for further details. 


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