Social Media User statistics 2021

Social Media Statistics UAE 2021

The Social media is something like fish to water for the population in the UAE. On average, the UAE population spends around 3 hours on social media daily! According to Crowd Analyzer report, English is the most preferred language.

Amazingly, The UAE has topped the global rankings in the digital wellbeing indicators with 99% of its population of 9.94M using social media. It has also been observed that the approximate yearly growth of 1.6% internet users hasn’t reflected in the case of social media users in UAE as the numbers are unchanged from the previous year. It is exciting to know as per the Forbs report that the UAE is “the highest number of social media accounts per person globally,” with an average of 10.5 accounts per person.

The studies show that the surge appeared in the social media usage during the lockdowns has now fallen and stabilized. Lockdown habits are therefore unlikely to leave a permanent mark on engagement.

Though Facebook remains the world’s most popular social network, statistics shows Youtube occupies the position in UAE with 87.4% users. Facebook comes to the second position in popularity (79%) and the rest of the platforms such as Instagram (67.1%), Twitter (52%), LinkedIn (51.5%); Pinterest (30.2%) and Tumblr (18.7%) follow.  

While considering user’s age group, it shows the most dominant user age group is 25-34 with 47.4%, followed by the age group of 35 to 44 with 23.6%. The 18 to 24 age groups comes into the 3rd position with 16.5% and the rest of the pattern are: 45 to 54 – 7.6%, 55 to 64 – 2% and the super young category of 13 to 17 has 1.6% share while the super elders, 65+ contributes to 1.3%

Gender-wise studies indicate that 69.6% users are male while women’s share is 30.4%.

The top women users are from the age group of 25-34 with 14.5% and followed by 35 to 44 with 7.2% and 18 to 24 with 4.9%. The middle and older age group (45+) contributes 3.1%. Whereas the share of youngsters’ (13-17) are 0.7%. 

The share of male users goes like, 32.9% from the age group of 25-34, 16.4% from 35 to 44, 11.6% from 18 to 24. The middle aged group (45-54) also has a considerable share of 5.6%, while 2.2% users are from 55+. The teens (13-17) claim 0.9%.

When the usage pattern of messaging apps is concerned, WhatsApp occupy the top position with user base of 80.2% tops the list. FB Messenger occupies the second position at 64.4%. Despite frequent disruptions in service, Skype remains third in popularity with 33.6% users, while Snapchat, which is really popular among teenagers, has 33.4% users. Standing fifth in the list of social media chat apps is WeChat with 24.1% users. Viber has 20.7% user base in UAE and entertainment cum messenger App, Tiktok has 42.4% user base.

Platinum records music is securing the first spot in the list of most popular YouTube channels in UAE. The channel is having over 6M subscribers while 2.99B views. AlArabiya occupies the second position having 7.61M subscribers and 2.32B views. The Hussain Al Jasmi who is greatly popular among Arabian music lovers occupies 3rd position. The channel is having 3.84M subscribers and 1.57B views from 450 videos! Other toppers are Arabian Fairytales 3.6 M subscribers and 1.092B viewers. Visit Dubai has 0.30M subscribers and 1B views. Al Aan TV having 1.58M subscribers and 0.97B views. Star Academy Arabia with 1.01M subscribers and 0.90B views.

Anwar Jibawi (@anwar) having 336.3K followers (out of 8.4M) from UAE is the topper in the list of Instagram influencers. He is followed by ghaith_marwan with followers of 127.2K from UAE (out of 2.6M), ahlamalshamsi having 1.4M followers from UAE out of 12.9M

The credit of most viewed page in Facebook goes to the TV news channel, Sky News Arabia.

On an overview it is observed that social media plays an inevitable part in the daily life of the UAE population with their most favourite interests such as Music, Shows, Sports, Movies etc.



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