Social Media Marketing Trends in UAE 2022

Social Media Marketing Trends in UAE 2022

Digital marketing is the latest marketing strategy that companies worldwide, irrespective of their core domain, use to improve their brand value and spread the word about their products and services. That said, not only does digital marketing help you increase your audience, but it will also improve your brand value at a significant scale.

Social media is one of the most effective digital marketing methods today. They have a vast customer base, and therefore it will help you reach more audiences with minimum effort and achieve business growth. Not just that but today's social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, medium, Reddit, etc., have extra features that will help you create great and engaging content. With unique video and graphic formats available to you, creativity has no bounds.

But the social media ranking depends not only on your content but also on your user engagement, and these social media trends change from time to time. Here are a few vital Social media marketing trends for 2022.

Artificial Intelligence

social media marketing in UAE

The field of social media marketing acts as a voice that represents your products and services. And by using artificial intelligence, the process is much more optimized. By applying AI algorithms to Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, Twitter marketing, and LinkedIn marketing, you can analyze complex data within a short period, thus creating a connection between vast chunks of data and your company's brand value. Various aspects of social media already use AI. A few of them are keyword research, money transactions for eCommerce connected profiles, customized notifications, email marketing, etc.

Agile Marketing

We all know what an agile method is. It is a way to develop the first draft of an idea, release it to the market, take user reviews, optimize the picture (or add new features), and remove the updated version as a sequel. Usually, people use the agile method in software development lifestyle, but you can also use the same principle for social media marketing.

Agile marketing is a social media strategy that uses data, analyses them, applies test cases to the final idea, and then makes the necessary changes if and when required. With the help of this strategy, you will have the liberty to test various ideas on various components.

Live Streams

While scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, you would have seen celebrities doing an online stream of their concerts or anything for that matter. And those live streams have around a million viewers based on the audience base the star has. The same goes for other Instagram components like reels and IG TVs. They capture the attention of maximum users as they are short videos with relevant content. The social media posting of such content started in the earlier pandemic of COVID 19, and with the popularity they gained, it's never going to be extinct. Statistics show that customers tend to engage with short content like reels more than Instagram or Facebook posts. The more engaging and interactive the content is, the more views you get and the more reach your profile will have.

Hyper Target Advertising

Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram stories and came across irrelevant advertisements? It is a bit annoying, right? But at the same time, you also come across a few beautiful ads that you don't seem to be able to control yourself from riveting. That is what Hyper-target advertising is all amount.

As the name suggests, if, as a marketing head, you can get your audience to get hyped up based on your advertisements, then you hit the jackpot. But that is a complicated process because nothing short of perfection can retain customers from the start to the end of an advertisement. Not just that, but as a part of hyper-target advertising, you can also conduct a few social media activities that will help people engage with your services so that they know what you provide.


Not everyone (irrespective of age and gender) is interested in the same kind of content. One might be more towards fun content, while the other one is more inclined towards educational ones. Therefore, you must advertise the right content to the right crows. Snapchat business, TikTok marketing, and Pinterest marketing are the best example of the trend. You always observe that the explore page of Pinterest has posts that are relevant to your previous searches.

Similarly, in Snapchat, you often find yourself viewing the content from the channels you subscribe to and are interested in watching. That is what personalization is all about. By using this method, you are focusing your efforts in the right direction, and therefore, it is easier for you to retain your existing customers.

Data Security

Data is everywhere. No matter what application you browse, the platform will store your data in the cloud as soon as you log in. Therefore as a company head, you must maintain the privacy of your customers and stay as protected against hackers as you can. That's where data security comes into the picture. With the proper cryptography techniques, you can maintain your audience's privacy (or data hiding) and, in turn, gain their trust.

Now that you are familiar with the digital marketing trends, it is up to you to start putting in the relevant efforts to increase your brand. With the right content, social media is a god-given gift to improve your audience base. You can approach an excellent social media marketing company so that they can help you with their expertise. Volga Tigris is one such social media marketing agency in Dubai. For more information, please get in touch with us.


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