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Social Media Marketing Action Plan For 2020

Social media marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others have billions of users across the world, obviously, every brand ought to do its best to impress the audience with high-quality content.

So what makes an effective social media marketing strategic plan? Besides being clear, concise, and measurable, it additionally requires creating a social media plan for the year and how you will accomplish them.

As per many reports, almost 80% of small businesses in developed countries utilize social media for marketing, sales, and customer service.
The competition is remarkably agile and proactive, so it is dependent upon you to follow the latest social media trends and beat your closest niche rivals.

Let us see some of the social media marketing action plans for 2020.

Re-examine Your Social Media Channels

As your business is already dynamic on the web, so the primary thing is to think about the social media channels you are utilizing once again. The reason to rethink your channel is simple – there are many social media channels at present accessible on the web, yet everyone draws in an alternate kind of audience. On the off chance that you are not utilizing the correct networks, you may be losing a ton of potential audiences. So as to do that, you should know your target audience group and make a profile of your common client.

Which means, whom you are targeting through social media channels? Is it a middle-aged male, a senior citizen, or a school-going boy or girl?

The findings are crucial because the buyers’ personas utilize different channels and demand completely different social media marketing strategies. This is the reason you need to understand as much as possible about your target audience, including highlights like age, location, personal interests, gender, online behaviour, values, and beliefs. All these details are easy to know through social media and website analytics. The following are the largest social media networks.


This is the largest platform with more than two billion users who differ by style, age, interests, and many other characteristics. It is suitable for any kind of business because it attracts a wide range of purchasers.


Being the largest photo and video sharing platform, this channel is best for product-focused companies targeting youth audiences.


If you want to sell services that need enough explaining, then YouTube videos are a simple way to inspire users to engage.


This platform functions admirably for B2B businesses and high-level customers.

Reconsider Your Social Media Action Plan

If your social media marketing strategy lack a clear purpose you better need to create a list of plans, which should be:


The main tip is to make an entire set of highly explicit plans. Let your plans incorporate something exceptionally explicit such as growing the number of followers by 20%.


You have to make social media marketing goals simple to quantify and gauge. In this way, you can follow progress by observing the numbers grow or decline.


Objectives must be practical.


A social media marketing plan ought to rotate around goals that are applicable to your business and your bottom line.


Set the time span in which you might want to achieve these goals. You can hope to see the first results in one month, three months, six months, or even a year, however, we don’t suggest you go beyond yearly goals.

Evaluate The Existing Content

Your social media channels might be content-rich as of now, so you will have all that could possibly be needed materials to break down all posts. You have to do that so as to sort out how your fans respond to various kinds of content. It will give you significant feedback that you will utilize to improve and update your content strategy for 2020.

Generally, social media users opt for visual content over textual posts on the ground that the previous is simpler to understand and digest. The human brain can handle visual data much faster than plain text, so you ought to be able to draw in more fans using videos and images. Do whatever it takes to intrigue the audience as long as it doesn’t meddle with the authority of your brand. The content creation play area is large enough for everybody, so you need to make use of it sufficiently.

Fabricate A Unique Style

Your way of writing or design makes a major part of social media marketing. Every audience group has profoundly specific needs or inclinations, so your posts should fit these needs. We strongly prescribe you manufacture a unique style and make your content viral. It will assist you with standing apart from the pack of copycats and becoming the base of faithful followers gradually but consistently.

Keep It Consistent

Every day millions of photos are shared on Facebook only. The numbers are colossal and the best way to leave your mark is by being steady and publishing fresh content every day. There is no set rule to follow here, but you have to publish a minimum of one post daily on every network. Our recommendation is to make a content calendar utilizing online scheduling tools.

A typical solution among marketers is Google Calendar, an easy platform that you can use to schedule posts, add notifications, plan events, and so on. Such a tool makes it simpler to screen daily activities, however, you can also use it to plan special posts for occasions, events, birthdays, and so on.

Rouse User-generated Content

Regardless of how extraordinary your planning may be, making content reliably will consistently be a difficult and tedious task. In such a condition, you can tackle part of the problem by delegating at least a small segment of work to other people. You can do it by urging users to create their own brand-related posts. UGC encourages you to reduce workload, but it also gives a great contribution to the general credibility of the brand. Studies show that 85% of customers find visual UGC more persuasive than brand photos or videos.

Contests represent the most effortless way to inspire UGC. Customers love competing and winning special prizes – regardless of how big or small. You should take advantage of this strategy and welcome fans to share interesting brand-focused content in return for small incentives or public affirmation.

Continue Testing And Experimenting

Social media marketing isn’t latent yet powerful and flexible, so remember to brainstorm alternative options from time to time. Another significant recommendation is to measure the results of your campaigns as per the goals set in your strategy. If everything goes as planned, you can continue the same methodology.

However, on the off chance that assessments uncover that the methodology isn’t giving the normal outcomes, you will notice it quickly and have to react and enhance your social media marketing strategy. Social media platforms give you a phenomenal opportunity to construct relationships with your customers and turn them into loyal consumers, but it requires a lot of work and strategic planning.


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