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Let’s face it. Today, any business that wants to be successful has a website of its own. In the world of the Internet and the pandemic, your brick-and-mortar store is not enough to achieve your dreams. So, whether you’re starting up something or are an existing business and you haven’t thought of a website, it’s high time to make this realization.

If you don’t know what a website is, it is the most crucial element found on the web for business. It contains a homepage which is what a person’s eyes fall on as soon as he lands on your website, and then several sub-pages, all of which tell more about your business.

What is the biggest benefit of having a website? Well, this one should be obvious. Your chances of gaining customers are greater because now customers enter your store with one click and don’t have to go through the painful process of pulling on jeans and heading to a store.

So, that’s about what a website is. So, is that it? Well, no, there’s something more you need to know, especially if you are someone trying to grow your business through your website, and that thing is SEO (search engine optimization).

What is SEO? And Why SEO?

Not ready to take the trouble of learning something more and digging into this term that all other businesses are taking so seriously? Then, get ready to get drowned amidst the sea of your contenders. You admit it or not, in the world of business, a website without an SEO is the same as having no website.

Okay, now what is this SEO? Even if you didn’t know, the very word search engine could give you an idea of what it is. To cut short a long explanation, it’s merely that effectiveness in which someone finds your page when he types something related to your business on the Google search engine bar.

And trust us, today, businesses are doing all that there is to do to ensure this with blogs, articles, short descriptions, and you name it, and this is what you should be doing too unless you don’t care and are merely running your website for timepass. In other words, SEO is what generates traffic to your business and gets you more visits.

So, we’re hoping that you’re now serious about this thing called Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Then, let’s move on. We first take a look at how this all works. A good understanding of the process will give you a good headstart on this new element.

The search engine can be seen as a library or rather the librarian, whom you walk up to and inquire about some information you want. Now, while a librarian walks to a section, the librarian walks to the algorithm that considers the points you have said and finds the best possible material according to the kinds of words you used and sentences you phrased.

Now, if all these words and phrases are found on your website, chances are that this librarian called Google will pick your website and present it to the person asking for the material. So, do you now understand where all those many long blogs and other stuff on websites appear? High time, you start filling yours too. And with the number of people out there with a passion for blogging, there is no dearth of writers for you to use.

But then, let’s be honest, if all that your website’s content is doing is getting people on the page, to generate more customers for you, you can’t enjoy the satisfaction of the fact that you’re operating ethically, are you? So, that takes us to the next step. Come, follow us:

What Makes For Good SEO?

These are probably some of the advanced questions someone now well versed in SEO may ask. Well, while you may need an entire course for this, here, we just tell you some of the most important things to keep in mind.

The URLs –

Well, this is not something to do with the content, so don’t worry your creative team about it. Yes, your tech team has its role to play when it comes to your SEO. The crispness and the use of HTTPS are some things to keep in mind when it comes to your URL.

The Images –

No, we are not asking you to add a lot of beautiful images. You could have black and white images for all you want, but as long as they are fast and easy to load. No one wants to open a site that is going to take minutes to load, and if this sends many people clicking away, chances are your site will soon stop appearing at the top.

The Content –

Because the content is King, and we will be going through it in detail below.

How Fast Can We Appear On a Search Engine?

And how do I get inquiries from the open market? So, to answer this, we take off from what is said above. Now, let’s look at how to dress that King!

Headings –

Remember your headings and subheadings are not something to be taken for granted. Choose well-planned headings as keywords here are likely to be more effective in generating traffic to your page. So, you see, this is something to tell your writers, the more the subheadings, the better, and they make your article easy to read too, but this part they would know already.

Honesty  –

Ask any internet surfer to know how frustrating this can be. You know someone wanting to learn how to make chocolate cookies, tries to find a recipe on the web and then lands up in cookie stores.

So, if your website is not about teaching people how to make cookies, you better stick to “how to buy cookies” or “best chocolate cookies”. No matter how trending and tempting “chocolate cookie recipe” sounds, unless you have a blog teaching visitors how to make them.

Again Honesty-

I am bringing the chocolate cookie again. Well, we all know that SEO is all about numbers. You determine the main words that customers are supposed to type that could refer to your brand, and then you use it only a set number of times on your website, not more, not less.

But that doesn’t mean you, con readers, into scanning through your entire rephrase article on chocolate cookie, just because a chocolate cookie is a word you need to use at least six times through. Let’s be honest! Give them some information and let them learn something new. Who knows, they will keep coming back to you, and so buying your products too?

Final Words

The world of SEO is an ever-evolving one as writers have even come up with books on how to create content, after their world of experience and even bloggers sharing their stories online.

So, if you think this one article of mine is all you need to get started with SEO, then come out paradise. SEO is a broad concept with a wealth of knowledge that someone, running a business, has to constantly get himself updated with. Are you willing to do what it takes?

If not, then don’t worry, you have us as your SEO agency in Dubai to help you. We perform SEO services in Dubai for clients from various fields. So, reach out to us with any needs as we are one of the best when it comes to your SEO in Dubai.



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