Robots for Customer Care in Dubai

Robots Begin to Replace Humans in Customer Care Service in Dubai

Robots Begin to Replace Humans in Customer Care Service in Dubai

Finally, robots have replaced human manpower, and its starting point is Dubai, the most popular tourist destination in the world. DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) recently publicize the enrollment of five robots as employees or staff at its customer happiness center. This hiring of robots in the UAE job market instead of humans has started a new trend in the market. DEWA has recruited robots to be a part of its mission to enhance customers’ experience and contribute more to quality services at its customer service center.

On the contrary, the critical benefit of Robots in different customer care services in Dubai will be their flexibility in work. Since they are capable of doing multitasking and have a high-level value on their performance, they are beneficial in every way. It is not only about hiring robots for their flexibility and communication skills to interact with humans. It is because their work is more cost-effective compared to humans. They also do data collection; whenever they interact face-to-face with humans working as a customer service assistant. They collect data for companies to update their skills and bring more interactive marketing skills in the future.

Let us learn why customer care services companies in Dubai are investing in Robots.

  • Less operating cost: Companies reduce their direct and overhead costs, making a huge difference in their industry’s expenses. The expenses that occur due to extra building assets and electricity will now be reduced to some extent as robots don’t need to use companies’ premises while working as customer service outsourcing agents. 
  • Time saver: The operating speed of the robots is faster than humans. Robots appointed in different customer service sectors will work swiftly to perform answering calls, send texts and share emails, to help companies work at a faster speed. They can accomplish several tasks in a short period.
  • Productivity: Every task performed by a robot as a customer service provider is of high quality. They rarely make mistakes and are more focused than human workers. They can increase productivity with no breaks, holidays, and off days.
  • No worry about the skilled staff: The ongoing work in the customer care services in Dubai demand highly qualified and competent staff. Even the highly qualified staff need training and skill improvement sessions that the company provides them through different tutorials depending on time requirement. Finding and training skilled manual workers is becoming hard and expensive for companies, and they are adopting robots as an ideal cost alternative. Once programmed with all the necessary commands for the process, robots get ready to work 24/7 decreasing the cost of recruitment and pieces training.

We have to say that Dubai has set a new benchmark for other cities globally by introducing Robots as customer service experts. Now we will see more robots in other different sectors of Dubai also in the coming days.



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